Month: February 2011

Book Blogger Hop February 25th, 2011

So I found this on another blog I follow and thought it would be fun to do as well. It’s sponsored by Jennifer at It’s a place for bloggers and readers to connect and share our love for the written word. And each week there is a question, and here is today’s question: Do […]

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The Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMann

I’ve walked past these books in the teen section at the bookstore I work at for years. The covers always drew me in, and I did pick them up, and thought they sounded interesting, but just never got around to reading them. I once again have the Nook checked out from work, and so, decided […]

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Another Pan by Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Wow! I haven’t gotten to blog in forever! Hate being so busy. Finally got to finish this book when we got it into the store and I was able to check it out. When I first started reading it, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, it didn’t sound like as good of a […]

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The Hazards of Working at a Bookstore Vol. 1.2

So, I worked at the bookstore again last night, and got to be upstairs in the Kid’s Department, my preferred position in the store, but of course, since it was a weeknight, I was basically the whole 2nd floor as well. Found 3 books to share last night. The first is a book I was […]

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