Month: December 2010

Zombies Vs. Unicorns – J..

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This is a book I’d been hearing a lot about because of the authors that I follow on Twitter. I guess the idea for the book started out by an argument between these two authors, Justine Larbalestier and Holly Black, about which were better, unicorns or zombies. This led to several short stories being written […]

The Flappers: Vixen by Jillia..

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I found this sitting in the stack of ARC’s at the bookstore a couple weeks ago. I took it home, but wasn’t quite in the mood for it until I finished the Mortal Instruments series. It wasn’t too bad of a book. I enjoyed reading about the time period. Basically we follow 3 girls that […]

Waiting On Wednesday – C..

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Waiting on Wednesday is a Weekly Event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine So, as I just blogged, I am now a fan of the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. There’s not a lot I know about the new one, because I hadn’t been following Cassandra Clare on Twitter as she was posting […]

The Mortal Instruments Series ..

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Okay, because I’m so behind on blogging, and I read all three of these books right in a row, I’m going to do a blog about all of them at the same time. I follow the author of these, Cassandra Clare, on Twitter, and I have been reading all her fans comments and the books […]

A Hollywood Ending by Robyn Si..

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My latest chick lit read. It was okay. It’s kind of hard for me to relate to a movie star main character, but I did enjoy the setting of her moving to London. It’s always fun to think about moving to a foreign country and falling in love. It was a bargain book, so cheap, […]

Paranormal State by Ryan Buell

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I’m so behind on blogging! I actually have 4 other books to post about AFTER this one. Oh well, I’ll try to get one tomorrow, and two on Tuesday as I don’t work at all on Tuesday and should be done grading for my online teaching job for the next 2 weeks by then. So, […]