Month: April 2015

A to Z April: Z Reviews: Zac..

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Can you believe it?  April is over!  And I completed the A to Z Challenge with this post!  And believe it or not, I found two books I read that started with the letter Z that I hadn’t reviewed yet.  The other Z book I had already reviewed.  One of these is more middle grade, […]

Review: Undertow by Michael B..

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First, thanks to Netgalley and HMH Books for Young Readers for approving me to read the egalley, then of course I was able to grab an ARC at the bookstore where I work, and so I ended up reading that.  I have to say I was hooked pretty quickly.  And while it had some similarities […]

A to Z April: Y Reviews ̵..

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At first I only had one book I thought I could talk about, but then I went back and realized that one of the two I’m talking about today I read before I started this blog.  So I can share it.  And the common theme? Both actually have to do with saying “yes”. First is […]

Cover Reveal: Implanted (Asce..

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BOOK & AUTHOR INFO: Implanted by Heather Letto (Ascension #2) Publication date: June 2015Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult Synopsis:After a narrow escape from the city of Impervious, Fran’s heart aches for the ones she left behind. Will her brother ever connect the dots? And, what about Pete? Could he, along with the remaining Rebels, have survived […]

A to Z April: X Reviews ̵..

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As you might have guessed, finding books for the X reviews was one of the hardest for the whole challenge.  I had about 6 to choose from and 3 were ones I had already posted reviews here on the blog, so I didn’t want to do them again.  So the ones I’ve chosen are the […]

A to Z April: W Reviews ̵..

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There were a lot of books that begin with the letter W, and there were 3 that I just couldn’t give up when I tried to narrow it down.  So today you get three mini-reviews! First is Watchers by Dean Koontz.  I know that I’ve already talked about one book by Dean Koontz, Strangers, but […]

Review: Crimson Bound by Rosa..

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First, thanks to Edelweiss and Balzer and Bray/HarperTeen for allowing me to read an egalley of this book.  I actually have an ARC of the book before, Cruel Beauty, and for some reason I hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.  But after reading this one, I’m really looking forward to getting it out and […]

Cover Reveal: The Gatherers (..

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BOOK & AUTHOR INFO:The Gatherers by Ashley Ehlers (Harvesting #0.5) Publication date: April 25th 2015 Genres: Horror, Young AdultSynopsis: Ashley and Jason weren’t the only ones to have an encounter with The Harvesters that day…. Coleen hasn’t been the happiest with her father remarrying, especially to the mother that gave birth to her enemy, Virginia. […]

A to Z April: V Reviews ̵..

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I must admit I was surprised that I didn’t have more books that started with V.  But most of the ones I’ve read actually have been since I’ve started reviewing.  And some I’d kind of already mentioned with other books by the same author.  A couple I thought about talking about were ones that I […]

A to Z April: U Reviews ̵..

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My two book choices today couldn’t be farther apart in what type of story they are. The first is a YA Science Fiction/Dystopian story, a series that I LOVE!  The second is a classic realistic fiction story about an inner city school and what a teacher who works there deals with while trying to do […]