Month: August 2009

Book Review 5:  Suck it Up by Brian Meehl

Book Review 5: Suck it Up by Brian Meehl

I knew this was about vampires, and while I’m really into that since Buffy, Twilight, and True Blood now, I’m very skeptical of all the other vampire books there are. I especially am not a big fan of all the “special schools” for vampires. I liked how Buffy and Twilight and True Blood all have […]

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Still on track with book number 3

This is going to be a quick blog, because tonight I need to finish book number 3 to stay on track. But I have less than 100 pages left, so shouldn’t be a problem. This is also turning out to be a really good book. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. Got to have dinner with […]

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Second book almost done

I checked out The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman last night at the bookstore, one of the Truman list. Didn’t get a lot of time to read it last night, and so wasn’t quite “feeling” it. Well, today, between waiting in the doctor’s office as well as using every other “opportune” moment to read, I’m […]

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1st book on the lists

I picked the first book to read from the Truman list because it is actually one I’d been thinking about reading for awhile, and it was one I knew we carried in hardcover at the bookstore so that I could check it out last night. It is called Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is […]

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Ready for fall tv to start

While I’m glad there isn’t much tv going on, because I don’t seem to have much time to watch it, I’m also ready for all my shows to be back. I got five miles in today. Worried if I would because the clouds just looked really scary all night, but we didn’t get anything. Then […]

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