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While I’m glad there isn’t much tv going on, because I don’t seem to have much time to watch it, I’m also ready for all my shows to be back. I got five miles in today. Worried if I would because the clouds just looked really scary all night, but we didn’t get anything. Then I went to visit my step-mom in the hospital. She had a routine surgery, doing fine, but she’s going to need help when she goes home because my dad has to go out of town for a few days right after. So I’m going to have to find some time to go visit her. Of course, in another week, my mom is having back surgery, so I’ll be visiting her in the hospital too. I think I’ve set a goal to NEVER have surgery. I’m guessing at this point I’ll probably never have kids, so I think I hope to not ever have surgery either. Although, my hip/back/sacroiliac joint keeps bothering me, who knows what we’ll have to do about this. Plus, my shingles are acting up again. Probably the stress of the pain as well as being back to school. Today went the same as yesterday. Good morning, not so good afternoon. If only winning Powerball tonight could really happen. I’d be done teaching the end of this week. If they were nice, I might give them a couple weeks to find someone. If I won, these are the things I was thinking I’d do for other people: I’d give my friend Jo and her husband the money for a downpayment on a house, I’d give all 4 of my parents, my two sisters, and my brother 2 million each, I’d donate half a million to the cancer charity David Cook helps as well as the same amount to lung cancer research, I’d help lots of people. I’d also buy/build a house that I wanted. I want a ranch with a basement and a library with built in shelves. I want a flat yard so I could mow myself, and be able to fence the yard. In a nice neighborhood with sidewalks or walking paths.

Okay, I’ll probably write more tomorrow, maybe, I’ve got a party to go to in Excelsior Springs, and I should try to go visit my step-mom, so I may not get to walk tomorrow. Which means I’ll only have walked 10 miles this week. Oh well. I’ll do better next week.

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