Month: February 2012

In My Mailbox (1)

So, I’ve seen so many blogs that I follow do this, and I’ve never taken part.  Well, I actually got a book in my mailbox this week, and decided to participate.  I notice that it doesn’t have to be something you actually received in the mail, it could be something you purchased or check out […]

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Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is another time when I wish Goodreads would let us give half stars. This was good. Not quite a 4 for me, but really not as low as a 3 either. I did enjoy this book. When I had to put it down, […]

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Linky Follower Party Hop 2/19/12

Many of you have probably already heard that GOOGLE Friend Connect will go away on Feb 29 for any one that is not with blogspot, and rumor has it that it is being completely phased out for everyone soon.  BUT there is good news: There is a NEW awesome tool–Linky Followers It has so many amazing […]

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BBRAW 2012 Inspire Me!

Now I’m back on track! Although I wish I had more time, because I’d love to do an interview like one like one of the choices today, but oh well, I’ll just have to choose one of my readers to spotlight!  Here is today’s prompt: Today I have two spectacular choices for you! You could […]

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BBRAW 2012 A Memorable Reader/Moment

So, I’m already a day behind, and I did actually have time yesterday I could have blogged.  I’ll blame it on the snuggly puppy that was on my lap that I didn’t want to disturb.  So I’m going to do two posts today, starting with yesterday’s prompt: Today commemorate a specific reader or moment in […]

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Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

Okay, first, I want to let everyone know that my opinions on this may not be yours.  And I appreciate that, I am the first person to say everyone should be allowed to have and express their own opinion.  I just hope that if you are offended in any way by what I say, you […]

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BBRAW 2012: An Introduction and Thanks!

I got this idea from Miss Remmer’s Reviews.  I think it is a great idea, especially as I’m working to build my following.  I know that it makes me feel good when I reply or respond to another blogger’s post, and I get even more excited when I get a comment on a review that […]

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