Month: November 2009

Book Review 50: Bringing the B..

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Finally I am done with the Mark Twain nominees. This was an interesting change from the other books. The main character is Tirio, who is from an unknown tribe in the Amazon called the Takunami tribe. This is pretty much all fiction, the author says she made most of it up, only the fact that […]

Twilight series thoughts

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As I’m waiting on the last book on my Mark Twain list to either show up in the library, where I’m 2nd on the list, or else I ordered it into the store I work at, I went ahead and dove back into New Moon in preparation for the movie release next week. Of course, […]

Book Review 49: thank you, Lu..

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This was a pretty good book about girls and their friendships. I have to admit at first the whole, Lucky Stars, being capitalized and said constantly was kind of annoying. But I got used to it. I also at first had trouble because the girls were so young to me, 5th grade, and totally behaved […]

Book Review 48: Keeping Score..

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This was a major tear jerker. And to think the fact that it was a sports themed book made me not want to read it. And again, as I commented on another book from the Truman list I believe, some of the “accents” were a bit annoying. This is about a family from Brooklyn. The […]