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As I’m waiting on the last book on my Mark Twain list to either show up in the library, where I’m 2nd on the list, or else I ordered it into the store I work at, I went ahead and dove back into New Moon in preparation for the movie release next week. Of course, once you begin, well, once I begin, I can’t put them down, and am now all the way through to Breaking Dawn. As I read New Moon, I also began listening to the Twilight movie soundtrack in my car again. The song Supermassive Black Hole reminded me of probably my 2nd favorite part of the movie, the vampire baseball scene. It begas as such a fun scene, just kind of no worries, good music, enjoy the craziness. I began thinking that I can’t imagine any scene in the New Moon movie fitting quite the same feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I have never in my life been as excited about seeing a movie as I am about seeing New Moon. I love the book, and the previews look like they’ve done a hundred times better than Twilight. I haven’t bought the soundtrack yet, waiting until I see the movie. The songs on it are probably not my “normal” type of music, but once I can “see” the scene in the movie that they’re from, I’ll love them for bringing those feelings to my mind.

Also, I’m totally Team Edward, that is who Bella belongs with. But I don’t understand how anyone can hate Jacob. He makes me smile. I just love him to death. In fact, I really couldn’t wait as I was re-reading New Moon until Jacob began being a big part of Bella’s life. And as for the actors playing Edward and Jacob, while I think Rob Pattinson is much cuter in the face, Taylor Lautner looks hot without his shirt!!! Can’t wait for that.

So right now I’m on pins and needles just waiting for next week. There’s a good possibility I may get to see New Moon on Tuesday night with my friend Kim and her mom, because her mom works for AMC and they have these special previews. Plus, I already have tickets for the midnight show a week from tonight. So by this time next week, I could be just about ready to see it for the 2nd time. I also have a friend I’ll be going with the weekend of Thanksgiving because she doesn’t want her friends to know because they’ll make fun of her, but she wants to go. So I of course agreed. I’d really like to do my once a week showing of the movie again, but now sure I can afford it this year. So broke right now, not even funny. I’m just really looking forward to tax return time. Guessing due to money issues I may not attend the MASL conference, can’t really afford it since I have to pay for it all myself. That’s kind of sad since I’m reading for both Mark Twain and Truman lists, but what can I do? It doesn’t seem like it’s been a very good investment for my money seeing as how I’m still not a librarian and don’t seem to be any closer to getting that type of job. Oh well.

Hopefully in the next week I’ll be back giving my final review for the Mark Twain books.

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