The Flappers: Vixen by Jillian Larkin

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I found this sitting in the stack of ARC’s at the bookstore a couple weeks ago. I took it home, but wasn’t quite in the mood for it until I finished the Mortal Instruments series. It wasn’t too bad of a book. I enjoyed reading about the time period.

Basically we follow 3 girls that are “flappers”. The first is Gloria. Gloria is a society girl getting ready to marry a high society man. Turns out though that her family is having problems, and she needs this marriage to help them. But Gloria wants to live free, be a flapper, go to speakeasies, and is actually attracted to the wrong kind of man for this time period.

Her best friend Lorraine is actually more of a trendsetter, drinking, gets the bob first, and dressing quite stylishly, or scandalously in this case. But Lorraine is jealous of Clara, and her jealousy will do their friendship in.

And finally there is Clara, Gloria’s “country cousin” sent by her parents to help make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Clara however was sent here due to her own bad judgement and dipping into the whole flapper scene in New York. We learn that her past is not one she is proud of, but in Chicago, Clara finally finds that she might fit in if she reinvents herself. At least until all the dirty secrets from her past come out.

I’m assuming the series will go on to follow where each of them go after this book. But maybe not. Maybe each book will follow three new flappers? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I may or may not continue with the series. It won’t be something I’ll buy, only check out for free. But I will recommend it to more mature readers at my school who enjoy the historical information and the romance.
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