The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer

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Well, I wanted to go back and read my review of Eighth Grade Bites, the first in this series, but I can’t find it on my blog. So it’s possible I read this back when I was still blogging on either Live Journal or My Space. Neither of which I really use anymore. I remember thinking the first book was good, but not just extremely sucked in by them. But when it won the Truman award last year in Missouri, and then I started following the author on Twitter, I have had it on my list to finish reading. And THEN, I found out that the author is supposed to be at the Missouri Association of School Librarians conference this spring, that I am going to, I KNEW I had to read the books. And boy, once I picked up the 2nd one, Ninth Grade Slays, I was hooked! The story really picked you up and got you involved.
I ended up just buying the boxed set of the first 4 books. And zoomed right through the 3 I hadn’t read yet. In ninth grade, we get a trip to Siberia for Vlad to learn some vampire lessons. We also learn there are actually vampire slayers, and one of them is in Bathoria to hunt. And Vlad is who they’re after. It’s shocking when we find out who the actual slayer is.
In Tenth Grade Bleeds, again, we get sucked in again. This time we learn that Henry, Vlad’s drudge and best friend, wants to be released. And Vlad must once again go up against D’Ablo. Again, a very good story, I couldn’t put it down wanting to know what was going to happen with Henry. And Vlad is thinking it is not safe for him to be around Meredith, his “true love” anymore, because when he gets close to her, he thinks about feeding.
In Eleventh Grade Burns, Vlad’s uncle Otis must go to trial. And there is a strange vampire named Dorian, who wants to drink Vlad’s blood. In this story, the slayer from ninth grade is back, and he is intent on killing Vlad this time. At the end of the book, there is a huge cliffhanger, leaving us wondering if Vlad’s parents are really dead or not.

And finally, Twelfth Grade Kills, I had to check this one out at the library, as it is only in hardcover and I don’t have the money to buy it till next weekend. But again, sucked right in. It’s Vlad’s senior year. And now Otis may be cleared, but Vlad is now having to stand trial, and the only way to save himself is to prove that he really saw his dad, that his dad is really alive. But finding his dad may not be quite the wonderful end that Vlad hoped for. Not to mention that because the slayer has not killed Vlad, the whole Slayer Society now intends to come and completely wipe out the entire population, both human and vampire, of Bathory.
After a week or so of being involved in this world, it’s kind of sad to now be out of it. I know the author is writing The Slayer Chronicles now to show the slayer’s side and life. And I eagerly await this. I’m so excited to meet Heather Brewer as well, and tell her how much I loved her books. And while I did recommend them before, now that I’ve read the whole series, I will be recommending it left and right to teens at the bookstore.
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