Weekly Wrap-Up #79 – August 7th, 2022

Posted August 7, 2022 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 32 Comments

Once again I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer).

I’ve now been back at school/work for two weeks. Monday was actually a good day. The district maintenance people came over and started moving all my bookshelves back into the library! So it was really starting to look like a library again! Still so much to do. It was so hot out though.

Tuesday was another busy day! We got all the shelves, mostly, put back up and arranged how we wanted. Tables were brought back in as well. But once we got them set up, one of the administrators came in and said we had to move them for registration next week. Even though we’ll have new teachers coming in this Thursday. Oh well. Also all the boxes are still piled up. And they are all mixed up with nonfiction and fiction, etc. The boxes say what is inside them, but they’ll have to be moved. And I have to start at the beginning of both the NF Dewey and Fiction author last name, can’t just start putting books on shelves since it isn’t boxed that easily. Oh well. Lots of steps this week. Monday I got over 11,000 on my Fitbit before I took it off when I got home. Tuesday night I had over 10,000 around 1 pm I think, then I went and did some shopping and errands after school and ended up with over 13,000 steps for the day!

Wednesday wasn’t quite as busy with moving things. I did more at my desk and they got our circulation computers mostly set up so we have that again at least. Didn’t get quite as many steps as the first two days of the week.

Thursday we started doing more small things like getting some displays out, without books of course since they’re all in boxes that I can’t really get to at the moment. In the afternoon the new teachers met in the library for a short time.

Friday was a quiet day in the library. But my assistant and I got a lot of signage up and bulletin boards and other decorations. Next Monday and Tuesday are schedule pick up days, so we won’t get to actually do library work, but that’s okay because all the stuff will be taking place in the library so it’s not like we could do anything anyway.

Saturday was sooooooo hot!!! I’m so ready to be done with this heat! Especially knowing we are not close to fall weather yet. We always have this heat till at least September as long as I can remember. Labor Day weekend always seems to be miserable, so I know not to think it’s fall before then. But I did go visit my friend who is a dachshund breeder to play with puppies in the morning before it got too warm. Here are some pictures of that.

Books Finished

Finished an ARC of the first one for a review this past week. The second was an e-galley for a blog tour last week. The third was an audiobook the author gave me and I need to put a review up! The fourth was an ARC from the publisher that I reviewed this past week as well!

New Additions to My Library


So I now have 3 copies of the first book. I had made a double trade for a more expensive book off someone’s Amazon wishlist so I could get the Buffy ARC. Unfortunately the day I got the other two copies of the first one in the mail, she’d already sent these out so it was too late to see if she’d do a different book. 🙁


So I’m listening to the first one for a review tour. I can’t share the audiobook cover yet because they haven’t announced the narrators yet. The second one was purchased with my August Audible credit.

Bookish Stuff:



The first one for a review this Tuesday. I actually got it before last week’s post but forgot to add it! Even though I’m so packed full of books to review over the next couple of weeks, since I read the first two I have to know how second book’s trilogy ends! The review should be a week from this Tuesday. The second book is the next in the Pucked series offspring NA series by Helena Hunting, or H. Hunting for this series. That review is coming up at the end of the month.

Free E-books:

The first two were for signing up for authors’ newsletters the rest were free on Kindle.

Physical Books:


What I’m Watching

Same weekly shows of Evil, American Horror Stories, and continuing with season 2 of Travelers after the first season had a MAJOR cliffhanger season finale. Friday night always feels like it should be a movie night, so I decided to watch Love & Gelato on Netflix. Now I want to try the pastry they were talking about, Maritozzi. There is an Italian bakery not too far from where I live that I might have to see if they sell it! While I’ve read the third book in the YA series, and not this first one, I loved the movie. I realized I had a huge smile on my face at the end. I highly recommend it if you like sweet rom-coms!


  • Summer 2022 Seasons of Books Giveaway Hop – This giveaway goes clear until September, and I will also have a few smaller giveaways after I go to Book Bonanza pulled from the rafflecopter before September too!
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  • Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: Coming Up Cuban by Sonia Manzano – ends in 2 days!
  • Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: Bloody Fool For Love by William Ritter
  • Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: The Honeys by Ryan LaSala
  • August 10th is my 13th Blogoversary and I got the celebration started this past week with a giveaway HERE!

Coming Up Next Week on the Blog

So I thought it might be fun to add this section in since a lot of other blogs do it, and that way you can check back for fun reviews.

All of these should be reviewed this week! I also have several cover reveals coming this week.

Final Thoughts

How was your week? Can you believe it’s August already? Did you read or watch anything good? Get any good books? Have anything exciting coming up this week?

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32 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #79 – August 7th, 2022

  1. Love and Gelato looks so great. I remember yesterday during an improv scene where we kept getting mention of time travel prompt like your mention of the travellers book.

    • Lisa Mandina

      The Travellers I’m talking about is a tv show, don’t know if it’s based on a book or not. But time travel is interesting!

  2. You had a busy week! I am so done with the heat, too! I think we’ll get some relief middle of September. It seems like there are definite changes with each season here if the averages are anything to go by. I’ve only lived here for 2 months now, so we’ll see. Love and Gelato looks fun! I’ll check it out. Stay cool, Lisa, and happy reading!

    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted: Giveaway: 6 Books! Romance & Romantic Suspense
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I’ve tried to stay inside as much as possible. Have cut mowing back to once every two weeks. Which works since things aren’t growing as much.

  3. Lucy Checks In really does sound like such a great read. I will take a closer look and probably add it to my TBR. The toppling pile …

    Our School Library isn’t registered and we are a private school of only about 270 students. When I started the library, I was looking at Dewey, but I have no real idea how it works. So my library is stacked according to age, language and then authors. The kids picked it up quickly and five years later we are still going strong.

    Good luck with your week and I hope there will be more time for reading!

    Thanks for visiting us earlier.

    • Lisa Mandina

      That’s interesting about your library! We get most of our books these days already cataloged with the Dewey numbers, so that helps! I always wish I’d had more classes with cataloging though. I think I’d enjoy being a library cataloger. Especially if it meant I could not be dealing with the patrons all the time, lol. I mean I love that part too, but sometimes I need the break!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It’s getting there. I hate that the first two days this week I’ll be working registration and not able to do anything else in my library before the teachers come back on Wednesday. Hoping Lucy Checks In is good!

  4. Hard to believe school is back already! Where did summer go?

    Those dogs are so cute.

    Ooh you’re on S2 of Travelers. I am too for my rewatch- so fun! And I want to watch Love & Gelato too- loved the book!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #464
  5. I just love those dachshund puppies!! I want one. :). I’m glad things are working out for you at work, and you’re getting the library back together. It’s hard to believe it’s time for school to start already.

    Wendy recently posted: Stacking the Shelves #52!
    • Lisa Mandina

      I know! I want a puppy too! But since I’m alone I can’t do three. So it is nice to have a friend where I can get my puppy fix, lol.

  6. Ooo…puppies!!!! 😍😍😍😍. They are so cute. Sounds like the library is getting there and will be ready for the students when school is back in session. Hope you have another productive week!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Well, I don’t know if I’ll have books all put up, have the first two days this week I can’t do anything with them. But I’ll get it done eventually!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Ah! Dachshund puppies are the best! I would love another puppy, but by myself I can’t handle 3, especially stubborn dogs like doxies are! lol

    • Lisa Mandina

      Well, I had to keep bugging the person I traded with. And I ended up buying her something off her wishlist, but it was totally worth it because I just had to have the ARC to match my ARCs of every other recent Buffy book, lol!

  7. Aww! Puppy time looks like fun! Though I did visit with my grandmother yesterday and my aunt visited who has a puppy who was very hyper. I like dogs fine and all, but I guess ever since I was bit by a dog as a kid, I’m always hesitant to be around other people’s dogs. The puppy was very hyper just because there were so many new people around. I would pet her then tell her to go see “so-and-so!” Lol.

    Yay for getting the Buffy ARC! I knew you were looking for one and was crossing my fingers for you! I can’t wait to read that one either! The first one was an absolute delight!

    Hope you enjoy all of your new reads! Thanks for visiting my StS yesterday!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I understand the being nervous around other dogs. I’m mostly good since I’ve been around them my whole life and even been bit by my own dogs at times. But they were dachshunds, so not big bites, even though I did have to get stitches for one! Yeah, I’m so happy to have that ARC! Thanks for returning the visit!

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