Top 10 of 2020: Captivating Characters (Favorite Characters)

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Top 10 of 2020:  Captivating Characters (Favorite Characters)

Top 10 of 2020 is hosted once again by Kimberly Faye Reads, and this year she has four co-hosts: Sarah (@dragonflyreads) | Kate (@kate_reads_), Mollie (@molliesbookshelf) & Jenica (@firewhiskeyreader)

This one is always hard for me because immediately my mind goes to my book boyfriends first. But since I usually re-do the favorite couples day to book boyfriends, I didn’t want to do that. So I tried to pick either side characters, heroines or recurring characters in series for this one.

First is Charlee Cox, our main character in Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn. She was so funny, and I just laughed at everything she did and said. Funny characters are usually my favorites I think.

So, originally I was just going to say Cletus Winston, and was excited that I could share a “picture” of him with his paperdoll. That’s Cletus on the far left of the picture there. Cletus cracks me up so much in every single book in the Winston Family series by Penny Reid, whether it is his own book or one of his siblings’ books. But I decided to just share the whole book and say that all the Winston characters got one of the spots in my Top 10. If you want to meet Cletus, here are the reviews of the books I read this year:

So Emma Hart’s books almost always have the crazy grandma or grandpa in them. And these extra relatives always add an extra layer of fun to the story. So my second choice for this top 10 list is another cast of characters like before. My reviews for these titles are here:

So this book has showed up on a list already this week. But I loved the main character, Keely Collins. Probably because she is a proud Hufflepuff like I am! If you haven’t checked out my review yet, you can go HERE.

Okay, so the picture above is technically from a book that I read last year. However, the main character of that book, Jason Orson, shows up in many of the other books by this author in this series and another of her series as well. So I had to put his picture above because I loved reading and having him show up in the stories. The books I read this year that had a Jason spotlight are:

While he wasn’t the main character in this book, Roth will always be a favorite character of mine, and he totally showed up and stole the show for the moments he appeared in this book. Let me tell you the cliffhanger in the end of this one totally made me so eager for the next book. I hope next summer is when I’ll have my answers! You can check out my review for Rage and Ruin HERE.

You saw this book yesterday on my top 10 new to me authors, and it will be one of my top, if not the top book I read in 2020. But I loved the main character, Calliope. First of all, she loved dinosaurs like I do. And I just adored this book so much! So yeah, check out my review for Flirtasaurus if you haven’t yet.

So Tink has been in the whole Wicked trilogy as well as these little novellas that go along with it. I also wanted to share a picture of the actor playing Tink in the Wicked movie that was filmed this past year. Can’t wait to see Tink! My review of the book he was in this summer, is here: The Queen.

So for the Pucked series, Randy Balls was one of my favorite characters, so I guess it makes sense that his son, BJ, would totally grab me as well. It was probably how he was always falling asleep no matter what scene we found him in. I’m totally looking forward, or at least hoping and praying that the author will give us a book for him in the future. Here is my review of Little Lies.

Our main character, Hastings, is one that I had to mention. First off she is a romance writer, so I loved that about her. But what made her even more unique and endearing was the fact that she had Tourette Syndrome. It was so fascinating to read about a character with this. You can read my review of Say It Ain’t So HERE.

Final Thoughts:

Do you know and love any of these characters? Who are some of your favorite characters from this past year?

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    • Lisa Mandina

      I have! I used to love Sophie Kinsella, but have fallen a bit out of love with some of her more recent books, or they just haven’t caught my interest as much.I need to go back and read a few I’ve missed the past few years. Thanks for stopping by!

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