Audiobook Review: Lead (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott

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Book info:
Author:  Kylie Scott
SeriesStage Dive #3  
Genre:  Rock star NA romance
Published:  November 25th, 2014
Source:  Downloaded digital audio from public library

Once again I was not disappointed in a book by the author Kylie Scott.  I’ve enjoyed all her books so far, and while the second one, Play, was my favorite, none of them have not been good.  The first book, Lick, was one I read as a free ebook and enjoyed, although I do kind of want to go back and listen to it as an audiobook, not to mention listen for my favorite Malcolm in the book.  Because he is the reason I loved book 2, and in all the books I’ve read since, he still steals the show whenever his character is in a scene.  In fact, at 2% in, I was loving how Mal totally made the beginning perfect.  

This book is Jimmy and Lena’s book.  Jimmy wasn’t a member of the band that I had felt anything good for.  He’d been kind of a dick in the first two books, of course partly because he had been just out of rehab and had a pretty big chip on his shoulder.  Plus, lead singer, what else do you expect?  Lena got hired to be his sober companion/secretary.  While Lena is perfect in this position, she finds that she is definitely attracted physically to Jimmy.  But she knows he isn’t interested in her, and she has to keep it professional.  When Jimmy finds out how she seems to feel about him, he goes about trying to help her get over him.  It includes setting her up on dates with other guys, including Ben, the last member of the band that is single, as well as Reece, the guy that had been Anne’s boss/former crush in the last book.  Of course neither date worked out, many reasons, including the fact that Jimmy kind of sabotaged them both in a way.  Next Jimmy figures to get it out of her system, and his own, by having sex with her.  Which turns him into a normal jerk of a guy as you’d expect.  And at that point, Lena tries to find a new assistant for Jimmy, needing to get away from him.  But everyone, the other band members, and Jimmy, sabotage the meeting with the guy she’s found that would be a perfect replacement.  Other than the fact that Jimmy does have feelings for Lena.  But we meet and learn more about Jimmy and Dave’s mother.  And thanks to their mom Jimmy doesn’t think he can love, or that anyone can love him.  So he’ll have to figure out before it’s too late if what he feels for Lean is love, or if he can live without her.

As I said, I still don’t know that I ever really started to “like” Jimmy.  He’s pretty much an ass the whole book.  But the sex scenes, once we actually got to them, were pretty good.  As I mentioned with Mal, every time he showed up I was smiling the whole time he was there.  Another great book by Kylie Scott, and definitely one to be recommended! 

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4 responses to “Audiobook Review: Lead (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott

  1. Short of being candid here, I am glad to hear the sex scenes were good! That sounds odd to say as a blogger, but honestly some of the more mature (usually NA books) books that I read, those scenes feel super forced by the author and not written real well. And when they're too corny like that it's hard to appreciate the book!
    I loved your review of Lick and this one sounds just as good! Although I can understand where Jimmy might not be a fan favorite.
    Great reivew!
    Emily @

    • I definitely enjoy the sex scenes in this author's books. 🙂 But yeah, the corny ones are kind of irritating. I prefer them to be kind of funny/realistic seeming. And this author does that well! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Yeah, once or twice he was okay. The sex scenes for sure! But other than that, Jimmy was not the band member I'd want. I'm still all about Mal!!! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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