November is for Novellas Challenge #7: Tooth and Nail (Benny Imura 3.5) by Jonathan Maberry

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Now there are actually several other novellas earlier in the series, many of which were free, I just need to get them onto my Nook and read them!  But this is one that is near and dear to my heart, even before I read it.  If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about how I got to help name this one!  In fact, as I was reading, and I got to page 3, where I saw this:

That’s me that it says special thanks to first!!!  And let me say, I am so glad this is the novella I get to have my name in, it was soooo good!  Totally left me hanging at the end, wanting to keep reading!  I haven’t read book number 4, so now I’m probably going to have to check it out from school and go ahead and read it so I can see what happens and if anything else from this short novella will make its way into the story.

In this story we meet up with Benny and Nix and Lilah and kind of with Chong at the Area 51 Sanctuary that we left them at in the last book.  They’re training, but Benny is having trouble dealing with their trainer.  We also meet a group of girls that are all that is left of a once larger group of survivors.  We meet them as they come across the reapers, Saint John’s group, who are traveling to try to find the towns that Benny and his friends came from.  They’ve met another one of the Zombie card characters we’ve heard about Iron Mike Sweeney.  They think they’ve killed him in trying to get answers about the towns.  Only when Brother Marty goes back to check, he’s gone.  The whole time Saint John and Brother Marty talked to him, they both felt there was something very strange about the man.  He had red eyes first off, so right away weird.  It also seems the reapers have made it to the Sanctuary as Benny finds when he goes off on his own after a frustrating training session.  And something that is really cool?  I haven’t read the Joe Ledger series, but he shows up in this book, as well as I believe he was in book 3.
A really good in between story.  Can’t wait to read book 4 now, although I’m almost scared to, as I’m not sure I want the story to end!  And because I have to share it every time I read one of his books, here is my photo of when I met the author at BEA back in the summer of 2012.

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