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Now, you might think with all the books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, that this is a zombie horror story. You might also think that based on the other books that I read. But no, this is a nonfiction book. I am conservative, and vote mostly Republican, and the full title of this book caught my attention right away: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed my Generation. And what got me was how many of the Obama supporters did seem brainwashed. They couldn’t tell me what really about him they liked. In fact, some seemed to overlook the facts of what he didn’t support that applied to them personally.

When I picked this book up, it sucked me right in. Had my jaw dropping open as I read of some of the craziness the liberals were promoting, (not flushing the toilet when you only go “number 1”). How disgusted have you personally been when you’ve walked into a public restroom only to find the person there before you didn’t bother to flush. At the time I just assumed they were disgusting pigs, now I know they must be liberals fighting for the environment. But is it just me, or does that just scream filth and disease? Aren’t we trying to help countries who don’t have running water to help them with their disease prevention? There were parts where I was just nodding my head along with what he pointed out as the behavior of an Obama Zombie as I remembered all the people I knew who had acted just that way. And yes, there were times I thought, good point, but I don’t agree completely. And that, right there, is the difference between an Obama zombie, and someone trying to say I’m just blindly following the “right”. I choose to question and think about and do my own research on anything someone says unless I already know based on past experience/research what they are saying is true. In fact, I dare any liberal person who reads this blog to go and read this book and then come back to me and refute whatever they don’t agree with in this book, and not just argue based on their feelings and emotions as a liberal does, but back up their opinion with facts.

I did mark a few sections in the book I’d like to point out specifically, so here they are:

On p. 47 there is a pledge from Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that says he pledges to be a servant to our president. A servant? This isn’t a king, this is a politician who is supposed to be OUR servant, serving US in office. But then, socialism/liberalism does lead back to the days where government regulates us and tells us how to live and how to spend our money, so I guess this does work for them.

Another point made is that it is a good thing when terrorist states don’t like what you’re doing. This point is made on p. 72, and I can’t explain it as well as Mattera does, so go read it yourself.

On p. 76 he brings up a saying that we use in my Weight Watchers meetings almost every week, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If we’re not prepared for those people who want to destroy our countries, we are destined for more attacks.

Next on talking about global warming and the environment on p. 91, it is discussed about how 6000 “experts” were flown in from around the country to lobby Congress about how much American rely on CO2 in our daily lives. Yet they all flew in on planes. So basically as Mattera says, It’s okay for them to fly around the country to engage in activites that they believe in, but they are the first to condemn your own buying choices and lifestyle habits. I guess they were only following Obama’s example of burning through 9,100 gallons of fuel to parachute into Iowa to give a speech on Earth day about energy conservation.

Next is the whole thing about redistribution of wealth. One college student made up a petition to put this in another way to think about it. What if we redistributed grades. Some people at the very top of the GPA don’t need the extra points, so in the name of fairness and equality, lets allocate those points down the GPA ladder to those people who aren’t currently meeting the GPA requirements to graduate. Of course the students didn’t agree with that, it isn’t fair to take points away from people who earned it. However according to those same people it is okay to take money away from the people who worked hard to earn it? Huh?

There was a quote that was a huge eye opener to me, on p. 146 it is postulated that the total cost of all miliary wars in our nation’s history is $6.4 trillion. The war on poverty however, started in 1964 by Lyndon Johnson has cost $16 trillion. And nothing has changed! In fact more people are needing help from the government because of the welfare cycle this started. Read Ruby Payne’s book on Poverty and see how this works first hand. The numbers say that in 2007 it would have taken for all households in poverty in America to get out of poverty, $148 billion. That would eliminate poverty entirely. In 2007, do you know how much was spent to try to do this? $550 billion. Shouldn’t everyone be out of poverty now? Welfare spending has grown 300% in the past decade, where defense spending has only grown 126%. Obama says the war in Iraq is costing each household about $100 per month. Well, social services across the nation cost each household about $638 a month for 2010!! And actually, go back and look, while Obama says Bush slashed programs to combat poverty, he actually increased welfare programs by 68%, with 2008 spending over $700 billion. So guess in a sense I have a gripe with Bush as well.

And the last thing I marked to make a note of is kind of a trivial thing. But did you know that Jon Stewart is actually Jon Leibowitz? Why go by a stage name? Are you ashamed of your heritage? Yet aren’t liberals supposed to be more accepting of everyone? I won’t even go into the sections about how people who didn’t vote for Obama are called racist, although aren’t those people who voted for him because he was black kind of doing the same thing? And all the people who were being sexist against Palin, why is that okay? How does that fit in with Obama making all people equal? And not looking at race or sex or sexual preference? Which by the way, those websites I looked at when I was first thinking about all the candidates showed that Obama did not support gay marriage. So, hmm.

I haven’t really gone into what the chapter on global warming talked about, because as someone with a degree in earth science, who has talked to many geologists on this point, I pretty much agreed with all he said. While I feel we should still do things to take care of the Earth, I believe that we are spending a lot of money to do it in a way that hurts us. Also, didn’t realize that in 1974 (I was only 2 at the time) that Time magazine ran a story about the big environmental crisis that we were going into an ice age!! How funny!

Anyway, just finished this about 2 hours ago and had to get it blogged so I could pass the book onto my brother who is really eager to read it. And my brother isn’t much of a reader. I remember he read Bo Knows Bo for many a book report in middle school, because it was the only book he really ever read enough to talk about.
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2 responses to “Obama Zombies by Jason Mattera

  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I would agree with most of it, but the thing about Jon Stewart is a bit of a stretch. Many, Many, Many "stars" change their name & it has nothing to do with hiding their heritage.

    I will have to see if the library has it in stock.

  2. The comment about Jon Stewart is my opinion, not any opinion of the author. The author just points out his real name. I know lots of stars change their name, but liberals all talk about how accepting they are of all people, so it seems they'd want to keep their names and be proud of them. I know if I ever did anything like write a book, I'd use my name, and if I was married, I'd include my maiden name, I'm proud to be Italian.

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