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Review: For Sale by Owner by Marlene Bateman

Book info: Title:  For Sale by Owner Author:  Marlene Bateman Genre: Romance with a touch of religion, specifically LDS Published:  October 3rd, 2016 Source:  Won on Facebook from author My rating:  3 stars I received this book from the author through a giveaway on Facebook.  Overall it was a sweet story.  While it is a […]

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Review: Bigger and Badder by Jackson Kane

Book info: Title:  Bigger and Badder Author:  Jackson Kane Genre:  Contemporary romance Published:  October 2016 Source:  E-book from author for review My rating:  4 stars I just recently found this author, but I found him first as a cover model.  I’d been following him on Facebook for awhile, and when the opportunity came up to […]

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Rant and Asking for Ideas?

Okay, I need to talk to people who will understand, I think, what has got me so irritated at the moment. Now, I know many of my readers are NOT Twilight fans, and probably hate it with a seething passion.  But I know many others of my readers are fans of the story, or if […]

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The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

This is Jay Asher’s 2nd book, and I’m still a huge fan!  This is the first book of Carolyn Mackler’s that I’ve read.  While the topic is way less serious than Asher’s first book Thirteen Reasons Why, it was one that intrigued me as soon as I heard about it.  Two teens in 1996, Emma […]

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My 5 Favorite Things About Blogging

Continuing in the 3 year Blogoversary celebration, I’m using an idea I saw on Red House Books blog when they had their blogoversary last month.  Mine is a little different, I think hers was about her least favorite things about blogging.  And maybe I’ll do something like that later this month.  But here are my […]

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Narc by Crissa-Jean Chappell

I really enjoyed the book Total Constant Order by this author, in fact I made it a staff recommendation at the bookstore where I work too.  So I was so excited when I got to meet her at BEA this summer.  And I also got an advanced readers copy of her latest book, Narc, autographed […]

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