Discussion Post: Return to Sender or Do You Get Too Many Author Emails?

Posted December 18, 2023 by Lisa Mandina in discussion post / 24 Comments

I think in my last discussion post I said it was my 4th one, but that was wrong, it was my 5th, this is my 6th, and now I’ve reached my goal for the year for these!

I don’t know about you, but I get WAY TOO MANY emails altogether. But since I’m doing bookish discussions, I’m going to stick to talking about author emails. I get a ton from authors I either used to read in the past but don’t anymore, authors that I get free books through Bookfunnel from other authors’ newsletters which then means I’m signed up for the new authors’ newsletters. Do you find this happening? And then I end up with so many emails that I either just delete before reading, or get sucked into buying cool books that I still haven’t read anything by that author, but I love the covers! Lol. I’m weak when there’s a good cover. Also there are some giveaways where I get signed up too. I try not to be the person to unsubscribe after a giveaway, but sometimes I feel like I just probably won’t read that author so it’s a waste of time to keep getting an email I will just delete.

I’m hoping to maybe make a couple pages of the authors that I need to unsubscribe from their emails. (I hope to do it with other stores, etc. too). I feel like if I don’t keep track of what I’ve actually clicked unsubscribe from, sometimes they pop back up? Multiply like rabbits? lol.

I’d love to have more blogs that I subscribe by email too, since I don’t use some of the usual tools these days like the wordpress follow method for one. But I can’t always find a way to subscribe by email to some blogs. So I try to keep track of those in my blog planner to make sure I go comment on when I can.

So, do you get a lot of authors emails? Do you feel like you get too many? Do you ever go and unsubscribe from them? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Of course enjoy the video for my blog post title.

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24 responses to “Discussion Post: Return to Sender or Do You Get Too Many Author Emails?

  1. I get author emails, freebie emails and more. I have unsubscribed to author emails. I don’t subscribe to blogs I add them to my Feedly and also my favorite authors. That’s been working well. I sometimes have to subscribe to an author’s email for a freebie or giveaway but if I don’t enjoy the email I unsubscribe.

  2. I have a dedicated blog email that publishers have, if they want to pitch a book to me. I don’t use that for anything else. I do follow some authors newsletters, but only my favorite authors, and I use my other email for that. I never feel bad about unsubscribing to something I’m not interested in.

    And yes, I wish all bloggers would have a follow by email option, it’s how I blog hop. But sadly, there are many bloggers who don’t offer that option.

    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted: 2023 Reading Challenges – End of Year Check-In
    • Lisa Mandina

      Email is easiest for me rather than having another website to go check when I already am behind checking and commenting.

  3. I try to continuously pare down the author emails I get. Sometimes downloading a freebie (especially an anthology) means signing up for half a dozen author’s emails. That’s a lot! I try to stick with just the authors that I actually read and enjoy and want to stay on top of their news and releases.

    Btw, I switched over to Feedly earlier this year and now I swear by it. It has made it so easy to follow and read blogs. I love it!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’m trying more and more to just stick with the authors I already know. It’s why I’m cutting back on review tours as well. I know I have Feedly, but do I have to go to a website to check out those posts? Or will it email them to me?

      • Hm, I’m not sure if Feedly emails you for each blog update or not. That might be something in the settings but I don’t have that. I visit my Feedly dashboard where I can see all the new/unread blog posts in one place. I can click to view it, delete, or save it. I’ve found that it works so well for me. Kind of like one stop shopping. 🙂 Getting individual emails was overwhelming. I quickly found that having it all in one place on one page was what worked for me.

        • Lisa Mandina

          I need to go check it out and do some more figuring out about it. It’s just one more place to go and I don’t always remember to do that, lol.

  4. I don’t get a TON but I do get many. What bothers me the most is the ones that are for books in genres I really don’t read. On my blog it says that I’m not accepting requests to read books, but if they’re sure I’d love their book, they can try to convince me. I tell them to LOOK at the books I’ve read and rated highly. They obviously don’t bother because they send me all sorts of things that I wouldn’t read, even if I had room in my TBR.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I don’t get a ton of those, but yeah, I hate when they send emails for books that aren’t even what I read. I get tons of author newsletters though, and yes, I technically signed up, but probably can’t read them all forever!

  5. Like you and the others, here, Lisa, I’ve ended up with way more newsletter subscriptions than I can open, read, or keep up. Ever since an author mentioned that the larger mailing lists are a mixed feelings thing because it costs more- the more subscriptions, then I haven’t felt guilty at all unsubscribing from ones I don’t read or have no further interest in. Usually, I purge throughout the year, but really get in a purging fervor after the new year.

  6. Suzie B

    I am in the same boat – I dont WANT to unfollow, but the barrage of emails can just be too much! Im sometimes receiving 3 emails from the same blog daily.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I don’t even worry about the blog emails most of the time. It’s more the author newsletters that overwhelm me at times. Often convincing me to buy books that sit on my TBR shelf, lol.

  7. I do a few authors, but I have started to unsubscribe to a couple. I feel like the ones I do follow now, don’t email too frequently – one or twice per month. I’ve really started unsubscribing to stores. I don’t need two emails from Old Navy every day.

  8. Yay nice job hitting your goal! So, to answer your question, not really in terms of authors, because I am pretty picky about who I subscribe to, but publishers? Whoooole other Oprah. I have so many. So, so many. On multiple emails, publishers I have never heard of. And sometimes I like the stuff they send, so I don’t want to *fully* unsubscribe? Though I guess from the randos I really could. Like some other commenters said, the STORES are the ones who are killing me. And the political emails, because if you sign up for one, every Democratic candidate across the country is asking for $20. Like sorry, I cannot fund the City Council of Sheboygan WI race, guys. (But then I feel guilty unsubscribing, so here we are!)

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Winter 2024 Seasons Of Books Giveaway Hop
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I think I have a few publishers or bookish emails that I get, and I really should unsubscribe. Hoping to set aside time to do that this last week or so of the year!

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