Weekly Wrap-Up #25

Posted July 18, 2021 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 32 Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up #25

Once again I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer).

Hmm, once again another week has gone by in a blur! I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. In fact I only had one day that I actually did any writing this week. It was supposed to be a writing date with a friend, but we hadn’t seen each other in person in a while, so I only got 1000 words written by the time we settled down to that part of the afternoon.

It was hot again this past week, but then it decided to rain on the day I had planned to mow, so my mowing had to wait till Saturday.

With my writing, I decided that I needed a better printer at home. For one thing, so I can print out a bunch of pages at a time. For another thing, I want to be able to print pictures at home too sometimes. And also so I can print color pages for work, etc. I had one of those Epson Ecotank printers that I bought right after I first moved into my house two years ago, but I’ve never really been satisfied with it. It’s definitely not photo quality, and it can’t do a lot of pages very quickly. I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, and found one I’d been looking at online for a lot cheaper because it was one they were discontinuing.

I’m also excited for back to school supplies! Had to buy this dinosaur notebook that I saw at Target too. I’ve been thinking about what I might do for the teachers when they come back to school. I was going to have my former student who started her own small business making cookies do some book cookies for me. Unfortunately when I reached out to her, she said her husband is going to be deploying soon, so they’re trying to spend as much time together before then and she’s not taking any orders till September. I’ll probably just get some candy I guess instead to put in little bags with little cards then.

I got 2 e-galleys and an audiobook finished this past week.

If you are a Tara Sivec fan, or have heard about how Passionflix just finished filming the movie of her book Seduction and Snacks, then you might know that Love and Lists is kind of the next generation in that series. It is the son Gavin from the first books. It was hilarious! Tasty Mango was good and my review for that posted earlier today if you want to check it out. 5 Rounds was good, and I’ll be posting my review as part of a blog tour on Monday.

New Books:

I didn’t buy any books this week! Yay for me and my checkbook! It was payday on the 15th though, so I might have bought some more tickets, as well as raffle tickets in the Book Bonanza raffle. If you’re interested in that, there are great prizes and the money they raise all goes to a great cause. This year it is buildOn whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. You can go HERE to check that out.

ARCs for Review:

Only one this week. But it was one I had reached out to the publisher and specifically requested, so yay!

E-galleys for Review:

I’m actually hoping to get a physical copy of Our Violent Ends later this year, but the publisher went ahead and sent me the Netgalley digital version for now.

Free E-books:

What I’m Binge-Watching:

Not a binge-watch, but I did go to the movies and saw Black Widow. It wasn’t bad.

I’ve been going back and watching the first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I also started the Fear Street Netflix series, just the first one so far. and I’m not sure I like the drug use in it, but I liked the little bit about B. Dalton bookstore at the beginning. I’m also not sure why they think certain things since stuff started before the girl touched the bones of the witch, but what do I know? And to be fair, I didn’t read the books, they actually came out after I was out of high school I think, so not really my time.

And it they are doing a new type of American Horror Story, calling it American Horror Stories. The first two episodes went back to the murder house, and weren’t exactly what the show was, but still were interesting.

Last Week’s Posts:

Reviews: Pause by Kylie Scott and Tasty Mango by JJ Knight

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Final Thoughts:

How was your week? Did you get any good books? Are you binging any tv series you’d recommend?

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32 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #25

  1. Enjoy your new supplies. I used to love office supplies, but I don’t really use them any longer. I will have to replenish my pen supply when I go back to the office. I hate the pens they buy. That’s wonderful you requested and got a physical ARC from the publisher. I hope the book is fantastic! I think Sivec’s books are funny. I am listening to one right now. She’s on the raunchier side, but sometimes I am in the mood for that humor.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I have to stop myself from buying more. I have tons of blank notebooks. I’m going to try to use them for my writing as I hopefully get to doing more of that. I do love Sivec, but yes, so raunchy!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I think I’d had them in the past. And we had the bigger ones like I bought at my school where I worked. I just decided this was what I needed at home. I am about halfway through Totally Folked, loving it! Yeah, I’m on the blog tour too!

  2. A writing date sounds like fun but catching up sounds more important! I used to have journaling dates with a friend, I should bring those back.

    As much as I love stationery, Back to School sections still traumatize me!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It was good to catch up for sure. I plan to get a lot more writing done this week just going to the local library and sitting alone. Ah, that’s sad that they traumatize you! When I was a classroom teacher I always ended up buying sets of stuff like markers and scissors to keep in the room so I didn’t have my middle school kids having to leave the classroom all the time because they “forgot” something. lol

    • Lisa Mandina

      Same! I guess at my new library they keep the calendar on Google calendars or something? I know everyone likes those, but I’m a paper in front of my eyes kind of girl, so I went ahead and bought one of those big desk calendars to help keep myself organized. Have fun with your planner!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I love notebooks, and even though I don’t need anymore, couldn’t resist a dinosaur one. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I wish you lived closer to me! The one I’m getting rid of I know I can’t make any money off, and I wanted to give it to my niece, but my brother says she doesn’t need it. So I guess I’ll be just donating it to Goodwill. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time! And nice printer! I need a new one too, mine keeps glitching. That one looks nice…

    Take care and have a good week!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I know! But since I’m starting a new job, I’m so ready. And actually, the beginning of the school year is always one of my favorite times of the year to be honest. Yeah, it is a nice printer. It was a little over $200, but that was a good sale on it, and I wanted a fancier printer. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Aaah school supplies and stationaries! Gosh how I love those. Maybe that’s why I became a teacher come to think of it…! Love your dinosaur book!

    Totally Folked seems like a fun read.

    Hope you will have a good week!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hooray for the new printer! It looks like a nice one. And office supplies… I have to restrain myself because I would go crazy. LOL I have a weakness for notebooks/journals and pens/markers. Yay for the physical arc! That’s always fun to receive. 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      I do okay with pens and pencils these days. But notebooks are my weakness! lol Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Notebooks and journals are my weakness. I’ve finally gotten where I make myself use them – even the pretty ones! I haven’t watched Fear Street but I’m curious! It looks fun. Have a great week!

  7. That’s nice you got to catch up with a friend and got a bit of writing done as well. That’s great you got a new printer and even got it at a discount :). I hope you’ll enjoy your new books and have a great week!

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