Best of the Bunch: July 2020

Posted August 7, 2020 by Lisa Mandina in discussion post / 8 Comments

So, first I got this idea from Sam over at We Live and Breathe Books. On the first Friday of each month, she shares her 5 star books. So I started to do that. Then I realized that I really have a lot of 5 star reads because I tend to DNF books I’m not enjoying, and so end up really liking most of what I read. As I was debating what else I could do, I remembered that Nicole over at Feed Your Fiction adds something to her monthly wrap-ups called Best of the Bunch, and thought I should maybe do that as a separate post since I always forget or run out of time when I’m doing my end of the month post. And I guess the Best of the Bunch is actually hosted by A Cocoon of Books. So let’s try this! Since I read a mixture of YA and Adult, I’m going to pick two.

In July my top two reads were Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon and Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Both were 5 star reads for me, and both had humor, the second one having a lot of emotional parts as well. I highly recommend both, and with Erin Mallon’s book, I have a new favorite author after just one book! I will probably be talking about this book for the rest of the year, pretty sure it will be my favorite.

So Flirtasaurus was so hilarious. While it is definitely a romance, it had what has to be one of the funniest sex scenes I have ever read in my entire life. And while that might not sound like something you would want in a romance, believe me, it’s so funny and so worth it. The author is an audiobook narrator, one of my favorites, so she has a lot of experience reading some of my favorite romances. I also pestered her a little bit about the book I think, and she sent me an autographed copy which I then had to put with all my dinosaur stuff. I mean the dinosaur stuff in the book is also what made me love it so much. I have always wanted to be a paleontologist, even got to be a part of a dinosaur dig right after college.

Today Tonight Tomorrow was a wonderful YA story about the end of high school. A final scavenger hunt tradition and two rivals seeing that maybe there was more than just a rivalry there. To me it felt just so real and the characters were so well written and believable. I also loved that Rowan, one of the main characters, was a lover of romance books, but she was dealing with how people dismiss that genre as a waste of time and low quality. I too love romance, but see people do that all the time. So it was really great how in the end the people she thought were putting it down didn’t really hate it as much as she thought, but also could see where she was coming from. The publisher sent some really awesome swag with that one when they sent it to me, although that didn’t sway my opinion. I just love when the swag is more meaningful and cooler after reading a book!

So those are my best of the bunch for July. What were your favorite reads last month?

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8 responses to “Best of the Bunch: July 2020

  1. It’s so fun to have a post dedicated to our faves of the month. Today Tonight and Tomorrow was featured in last month’s Five Star Friday post. The book was in a word, perfection. I already adored Solomon’s books, but this solidified her as a favorite. I have to check out Flirtasaurus. I am all about the funny books.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Flirtasaurus was so funny! That was my first book by Solomon, but I am definitely wanting to read more now. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It was definitely an awesome surprise! Flirtasaurus was so funny. I think Erin Mallon is going to be one of those hilarious rom-com authors that I can’t pass up! Kinda like Emma Hart is for me. Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Oh my gosh, I can’t even describe how funny it was! Other than to say that I was rolling, literally rolling around in bed with laughter, for almost 5 minutes before I could actually start reading again. Every time I picked up the book to start where I left off, one of the lines from the scene would pop back into my head and the giggle would take over again. Thanks for visiting!

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