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Check out my stop on the blog tour for Kickflip Summer by Danielle Jacks! 

Kickflip Summer
by Danielle Jacks
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 15th 2020


All I want is one last summer of fun with my best friend, Toby.
Blue Oaks Theme Park seems like a perfect place to work while blowing off some steam. It’s our last summer before university and we want to make every day count. The thing I didn’t consider was being attracted to my new boss.
But it’s just one summer. One quick fling. What harm can it do?

Returning home is something I can’t avoid. My dad wants me to start getting serious about my future, while I want to spend the summer teaching kids skateboarding.
As always, he gets his own way, but when a cute brunette – literally – knocks me off my feet, I’m finding the theme park interesting in a whole new way.
A summer romance. Totally insubstantial. I can handle that. Right?

Two people brought together by chance. Both finding something they don’t know they need. A sweet romance about finding a home in the heart.

Excerpt 2:
Small twigs crunch under my feet as I move from the main path into the small woodland. My concentration stays with my phone until a squirrel jumps from a nearby branch. Stopping to admire the small creature, I hear a second pair of footsteps echoing in the distance. My heart begins to race when I don’t see anyone approaching. Studying the trees, nothing looks suspicious. I loop back around and hide behind a large trunk, waiting to see if anyone appears. My breath hitches as someone begins to move towards me. To steady my nerves, I count to ten, waiting for the person to move closer. I leap out from behind the tree and push the rock hard body against the bark. My eyes wander up his face, lingering on his lips before I meet Bear’s brooding eyes. The surprise on his face would be comical if I didn’t feel so on edge.
“What are you doing? You almost gave me a heart attack!”
My adrenaline is still working overtime.   
“Whoa, you’re strong for a little thing.” He smiles with amusement.
I hold him tightly in place, although he could probably push me away if he wanted to. We stare at each other, neither one of us willing to back down.
“I’m not sure that was a compliment. Why are you following me?”
The stiffness in his shoulders loosens. His face is unreadable. “It’s not safe for you to be walking around these woods alone.”
I’m a modern day woman and capable of looking after myself. Besides, why would he care what happens to me? We haven’t known each other that long and we’re only co-workers. “Strange men like you could be following me, you mean?”
He frowns. “For all you know, there could be a serial killer lurking in these woods.”
“Or a potential stalker?”
We stare at each other without speaking for a second. Why is he so confusing?
“Sorry for looking out for you.” His words almost sound like an accusation. I haven’t done anything wrong.
“It’s the middle of summer and as light as midday. Besides, I’m a big girl. I can look after myself. What have I done to make you think otherwise?”
 “I bet all murder victims say that.”
He’s trying to make me laugh. My eyes soften, although I keep my expression neutral.
“When was the last time anything remotely interesting happened here? The only thing that’s scary is the theme park rides, and they are built for thrills.”
His lips tighten. As we stare at each other, I slowly become aware of where we are. The surrounding forest begins to breathe again as the tension leaves my body. I ease away, allowing him to regain his balance.
“Why didn’t you just ask if you could walk me home?”
“I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.”
I roll my eyes. “Get over yourself.”

About the Author
Danielle lives in Yorkshire, England, with her husband, daughter, and tortoise. She enjoys reading, long walks, and crafting. Her dreams include writing stories, visiting magical places, and staying young at heart. The people who know her describe her as someone who has her head in the clouds and her mind in a book.
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22 responses to “Blog Tour with Giveaway: Kickflip Summer by Danielle Jacks

  1. James Robert

    Thanks so much for both the book description and giveaway as well. I enjoy hearing about another good book.

  2. Debra Branigan

    This sounds like a very enjoyable read. The cover is cute and will attract YA readers. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to the author on the novel.

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