Release Day Blitz with Giveaway: Court of Memories – Why Choose Fantasy Romance (Forbidden Queen #2) by Dyan Chick

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I am so excited that COURT OF MEMORIES by Dyan Chick is
available now and that I get to share the news!
If you haven’t yet
heard about this wonderful book by author Dyan Chick, be sure to check out all
the details below.
This blitz also
includes a giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card, International, courtesy of Dyan
and Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, enter in the
Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.
About the Book:
MEMORIES Why Choose Fantasy Romance (Forbidden Queen #2)
Author: Dyan Chick
Pub. Date: December 24, 2018
Publisher: Illaria Publishing
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 202
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon
Magic comes with a price. If Cassia wants a happily
ever after in the Fae realm, she’ll have to join a brutal fight for a crown she
doesn’t even want.

Cassia is so close to the
life she always wanted. A changeling who was always out of place in the human world,
she is on her way to finding love, magic, and happiness with four Fae princes.
The monster threat against her life has been contained. For now. But they are
attracted to her power and her untrained magic, and it’s a race against time
before they break through again.
And the monsters aren’t the
only ones trying to kill Cassia. The Queen’s Trial is approaching, and her
power makes her a target and a threat to the other noble houses vying to be
With her enemies piling up
and only Four Fae Princes on her side she’s running out of options. There’s
only one rule in Queen’s Trial: Survive.
 About book 1:
Title: COURT OF SECRETS Reverse Harem Fantasy (Forbidden Queen #1)
Author: Dyan Chick
Pub. Date: October 15, 2018
Publisher: Dyan Chick
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 216
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon
Four Sexy Fae Princes. A Changeling Fae. A Secret that
could end them all.

When Cassia’s wedding is ruined by a monster attack, her whole life changes.
Destined for the dull and uneventful life of a Baron’s wife, Cassia always
dreamed of more. She never thought it would come in the form of three sexy fae

When she accidentally uses magic, Cassia discovers that she’s not human. She’s
a changeling, a fae hidden in the human world. She no longer belongs in the
human realm, but she won’t survive on her own in Faerie. 

Now, her only hope is the three sexy fae princes who saved her life on her
wedding day. On the run from the monsters that attacked her, Cassia must help
the princes hunt them down. Her life depends on them, and by the time this is
over, they might need her as much as she needs them. 

Court of Secrets is a full-length Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel


Book 1 of 4 
The door swung open, making the decision for me. Tristan stood at the
doorway, completely naked. Head to toe, nothing covered, naked.
“What are you doing?” My voice came out shrill and squeaky.
He smiled. “I’m in my bedroom, preparing for bed. The question is,
why are you outside of my bedroom at this hour?”
“At this hour?” I asked. “It’s barely past dinner, it’s a
perfectly respectable hour.” My eyes drifted downward, exploring Tristan’s
chest, defined abs, and surprisingly large manhood. My cheeks heated.
Forcing my eyes to return to his face, I tried to remember why I was
here. “You are awful. Why would you taunt Cormac about his sister on her
“I didn’t taunt him,” he said. “You were there. He
attacked me.”
I blew out a breath of frustration. “You’re a child.”
“As you can clearly see,” he gestured to his now slightly erect
member, “I am not a child.”
“Can’t you put on some clothes?” I asked.
“I thought you were here to live out that vision you had. Or is it
not time for that yet?”
My jaw dropped open. “That is not going to happen.”
Turning on my heels, I spun away from Tristan and walked toward the door.
“Any time you’re ready, Cassia,” he called after me.
Shaking from embarrassment and anger, I walked back down the steps and
back to the sitting room where I found Dane waiting for me. “Where’s
“He went to see to the horses since Cormac is disposed.”
“Good,” I said. I walked over to Dane and tugged on his tunic,
forcing him to lower his face. Then, I pressed my lips against his.
Dane wrapped his arms around me sliding them down my hips and under my
butt until he picked me up and pulled me closer against his chest.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my lips harder into his.
He walked forward, carrying me while he matched my kiss with hungry pressure. I
nipped playfully by his lower lip and he growled, then pinned me against the
He broke the kiss and stared at me. His breaths coming out shallow.
“You sure you want to do this? Because this time, I’m not going to be able
to stop. I’ve wanted you since we first met.”
My breath came out quick and shallow and I stared hungrily into his
hooded eyes. I could tell the same desire that had turned my blood boiling was
rising in him. “I don’t want you to stop. I want everything.”
Dane pressed his mouth against mine again, finding a rhythm with my lips.
As he adjusted his grip on me, he pressed me closer as he pushed me harder
against the wall. I could feel the bulge in his trousers pressed against my
rear and it sent a thrill through me.
I was hungry, starved for physical attention, and tonight it seemed only
Dane could satisfy me. I ran my fingers through his hair and he caught my
wrist, pinning it against the wall. He pulled back leaving my lips wanting,
while his intense icy blue gaze bore into my very soul. I whimpered, wanting
nothing more than to feel the heat of his mouth on mine again.
One corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk and a second later he had me
in his arms again, carrying me like a bride toward one of the closed doors in
the hallway beyond. He hesitated a second at the door shifting my weight so he
could reach the handle.
As soon as we crossed into the room he threw me onto the bed. The room
was dark, curtains drawn and no lamps lit. The only light was from the crack
underneath the now closed door. I heard the rustle of fabric and I knew Dane
was stripping his clothes. I reached for the ties on my tunic and wondered if I
should take my clothes off to be ready for him; but before I could make my
decision Dane was on top of me.

About Dyan:

My story is probably similar
to a lot of other writers out there. As a kid, I was creative, imaginative, and
loved to write. I’d write scripts for plays and make my sisters act them out. I
got excited about the writing prompts for standardized tests in elementary
school. I started writing my first (unfinished) novel in 5th grade. Then
started another one in middle school. For a long time, I was a closet writer. I
didn’t tell anybody that I had a hard drive full of abandoned stories. After
years of not finishing anything, I finally took the plunge and started taking
writing, and myself as a writer, seriously. My first novel, Heir of Illaria,
published January 23, 2017. Book 2 is right around the corner. It’s gone from
closet hobby to full on addiction. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully supportive
husband who doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about my characters
as if they’re real.
Giveaway Details:
  • 1 Winner will receive a $10
    Amazon GC, International.

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