Breaking Dawn Movie Review

Posted December 17, 2011 by Lisa Mandina in / 3 Comments

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a book blog, but as Breaking Dawn is a movie based on one of my favorite book series, I think this works. I personally felt this was the best of all the movies so far. I do have a few complaints, as anyone would. First, one thing I loved in the book was the banter between Jacob and Rosalie, the dumb blonde jokes, and then when Rosalie made the bowl into a dog dish to bring Jacob his food. That was left out, and I was a bit disappointed. Second, a lot of people laughed at the part where the wolves were talking, but I didn’t think that was bad. I mean, come on, we’re talking a movie about vampires that sparkle and werewolves that can communicate telepathically. How else would they do that? I was okay. One part that made me cringe was when Emmett and Jasper came to take Edward to his “bachelor” party. The way they laughed and shoved each other around down below Bella’s window was kinda dorky and stupid seeming. Also, I know Alice is supposed to be the “fashion” queen, and I know I’m not really a fashionista, but at the beginning when she’s got on shoes that are a lighter color than the hose/tights she is wearing? I can’t stand that look, it looks dumb to me. And the other part that really made me cringe was at the wedding the way they were showing Alice and Jasper dance as if it was really stunning and impressive, but it was only a little jump they did. Really? Kinda dorky.
Other than those complaints, I loved it! I know people have complained there wasn’t much action, and I can see their point, but the movie ended at the EXACT point I wanted it to. Although not sure the dress Bella is in is really what was descrbied in the book, so may be a little disappointed in how the next movie starts. But we’ll see. I’ve seen it 3 times, and know I’ll see it at least 2 more times. If not more as usuall. And now, well, I’ve got to wait until next November to see the next one! Which sucks because that means I’ll have to go to New York again to see it. 🙂
Anyway, I’m looking forward to my Christmas break from teaching and actually getting some reading done! So that I can post more book reviews on here.

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