Misfit by Jon Skovron

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This is another egalley I received from Abrams Publishing on Netgalley.com. This book will not be published till August 1st, but it will be on my staff recommendations as soon as it is. The main character is Jael. Jael has never really fit in at any school, but she’s moved all her life, almost every two years if not more often, so it hasn’t been that big of a deal. She lives with just her father because her mother is dead. Her father is a bitter ex-priest who used to perform exorcisms. Her mother was a demon. So Jael is a half breed. Because of her father’s days of being a priest, she has always gone to Catholic schools. Because of being a half breed, her life is in danger from demons who believe in pureblood only, kind of like Voldemort and his hate of mudbloods. But here, it seems that the few half breeds in the past actually could cause problems for demons. Some of them may sound familiar to you, Perseus, and Merlin. The Perseus connection will draw in some Lightning Thief fans I think. So until she’s turned 16, and her father gives her a necklace from her mother, Jael doesn’t know much about her mother, her father has kept it from her in an effort to save her, as well as out of his feelings of betrayal and sadness of the death of his wife. He tells Jael not to put the necklace on. But even having the necklace, Jael begins to have vivid dreams which are actually flashbacks to the history of her mom and father. And she begins to learn about her past, and what it means to be half demon.

As with all of these types of books, all Jael really wants is to be a normal teen, which she’s been unable to do with all the moving they’ve done throughout her life. She’d finally felt like she was somewhere she fit in, and now it seems she may have to move again to stay alive. I won’t give away anymore of the book, except for the first demon she meets, well, let’s say you’ll really like his character, I did.

I really liked this book. I love the different look at ancient demons and how they weren’t necessarily “evil” in what they were doing. I like the change in the view of hell, even how they go so far as to say it is not actually like Dante’s version. (That could be because I was unable to get through Dante’s Inferno I hated it so much). I really liked the story, liked the characters, and the look back at history. There was even a retake on the story of Samson, and I really liked it! I feel like the story really leaves off for a series of sequels. I don’t know if there will be, and I guess the fact that it hasn’t even been published means there are no hints about a sequel yet, but I’m hoping for it! I even sent a question to the author on his website asking him about this.

Great book! Read it when it comes out!
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