the Hazards of Working at a Bookstore Vol. 2.5

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Okay, since I worked last night, and am working tonight, I thought I’d better go ahead and post for what I found last night, since I found 5 books. Not sure I’ll find any tonight as I’m working at the cashwrap, but you never know.

First this time is Cleopatra Confesses by Carolyn Meyer. I’ve not read any of this author’s books, but as I am always curious about Egyptian history this sounds like one I’d really enjoy. As you’d guess from the title, this book is about Cleopatra. She is chosen to be the next queen by her father, but when King Ptolemy is exiled she must learn to rely on herself and do what she thinks is best as queen.

Second is Possession by Elana Johnson. This is another dystopian novel, and as you probably are guessing from many of my past blogs, I am really into these. In this world, our main character is Vi, and she knows that you don’t walk with boys, let alone kiss them. But there is one boy that makes her want to break the rules, Zenn. And he has been chosen by the Thinkers as Vi’s match, so why can’t they kiss? The Thinkers want Vi to become one of them, so they brainwash Zenn. Which causes Vi to want to join the rebellion, where she meets Jag, who is also attractive, if in an annoying sort of way, and everything Zenn is not.

Third is Siren by Tricia Rayburn. This is a story of 2 sisters, Vanessa and Justine Sands. They have a tradition of vacationing in Maine where there are some boys they are friends with, the Carmichaels. Vanessa is the younger sister, who of course wants to be more outgoing like her older sister, and maybe get one of the Carmichaels as more than just a friend. Her sister washes up on the shore after going cliff diving, and Vanessa is sure there is more to it than just a drowning. The reason why is there are more and more victims, all male, washing up on shore with huge grins on their faces. Caleb, the older Carmichael has gone missing, so Venssa and Simon must figure out what is going on.

Fourth is Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari. I saw a blogger that I follow just recently reviewed this, so I’m even more interested in reading it now. Anyway, this is an end of the world type story. All kinds of disasters have occurred, floods, droughts, diseases, and 99% of the population is now gone. The main character is Lucy, and she is trying to survive in the now wild Central Park, even as what are called Sweepers are trying to clear the streets of all plague victims. She meets a mysterious boy named Aiden and joins his gang of survivors. But there is something special about Lucy, the Sweepers want her in particular.

And finally is a non-teen book, a humor book, called That’s What She Said by Justin Wishne and Bryan Nicolas. Okay, this saying was made popular by the Office, or at least for me it was.
And I still find myself saying it, or when other people say it, but not meaning it that way, I can’t help but jump in and point it out. Along the

lines of another book I just bought recently, Damn You Autocorrect, this book just cracked me up when I looked at a bit of it. So it will probably be the next humor book that I purchase.

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