Good Girls Gone Bad by Jillian Medoff

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A bargain chick lit book. I have a whole big shopping bag full of them. Over the summer, I kept one in my master bath to read during bubble baths only. I’m thinking that will be over for awhile as I want to spend all my time reading the books for the Gateway List and other books, and just read them straight through not having 3 or more books going at one time.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure when or if I would get into this for sure. I mean, they end up killing, by accident, Janey’s ex-boyfriend, or at least that is what the premise of the story is. It’s about a group of women who join group therapy to try to help their issues. Most of the women are pretty obnoxious. Janey is our main character, and of course there are lots of things about her I connect with.

Some things that stuck out to me are where she talks about being invisible to guys like her ex-boyfriend Tobias. She talks about guys who are interested in her are ones who believe in conspiracy theories and have large science fiction collections. Which isn’t a big deal to me, as I’m into these guys, the problem is that most of them, at least th eones that like me are really overweight. And I know it sounds shallow, but as someone who is constantly working on my own weight, I just am not attracted to someone who doesn’t care. I don’t get the “cute” nerd’s attention.

She also talks about how she’ll fantasize while she’s in line somewhere, and it is very elaborate scenarios that she concocts. I do the same. When I’m stuck somewhere, like the cashwrap, or even when I’m out walking, I tend to construct whole elaborate fantasies of meeting a guy, like David Cook, and our whole meeting, into a relationship, all the way down the line. So much like me.

Later in the story they convince Janey to go out with a guy she met through a personal ad. She says she doesn’t know how to date, which again, that is me. She talks about how she will begin fantasizing about their life together, wedding, kids, divorce, all things my mind will do to me to as soon as I begin to like a guy.

Janey also fantasizes about suicide, because her mom committed suicide. I don’t fantasize it, but her reasons for thinking about it, have popped into my head at moments of being really depressed. So I connected with her there as well.

It was better than I thought it would be. And there’s a part at the end that I was so mad for what the girls did to Janey that I had tears. So this is not a “light” fluffy chick lit, but a more emotional, thinking one.
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