Weekly Wrap-Up #154 – January 28th, 2024

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Sunday was cold, but still a little warmer than the days before. I got some blogging done, did the WTZ read along chat, which was a lot of fun! Glad I’m participating. Went to my brother’s for dinner and watched the first half of the Chiefs game there. Drove home at half time and came home to the Chiefs being in the lead again! It was a back and forth scoring game, but glad in the end my Chiefs won!

Monday morning had been predicted to be ice and some snow and rain mix. When I took the dogs out about 2 am, and there wasn’t anything, I figured it would be a normal Monday at school. However right before 5 am I was woken up by the phone call with our district canceling school or doing a remote day. So I guess it was a little worse further east and south of where I actually live, because the districts that surround where I live all still had school. I’m also doing my local library’s winter reading challenge. And they changed to just reading 5 books to get the mug, I completed that Monday.

Tuesday we were back in school, although the districts around where I lived canceled school. It was the first day of the testing for the English language learners in the library which meant I had to sit outside the library to keep other students from going in while the testing was going on. My library clerk was out because her son was having surgery again, so basically I was also having to go into the library when I had to check out loaner laptops or books for classes, etc. It was not a fun day. Here’s a picture of my “desk” setup out in the hallway as well as the view of the foggy morning from my seat.

Wednesday warmed up a bit. I was actually able to go between school and my car with no coat when I got out at 2:30 pm. But we had another crazily foggy day! And I got to sit outside the library again all day. Ugh. I went and had my annual mammogram, and this was the quickest and easiest one I’ve ever had! And since I’d been craving Red Lobster for a while, and Thursday was payday, I went and had dinner after. They didn’t have the special flavored shrimp I’d wanted to try last month, but since crab legs are my favorite, I splurged on that.

Thursday was another crazy foggy morning/day. But in the afternoon we got some rain that kind of washed it away and also washed away almost all of the snow. Of course all this weather means there is getting to be a lot of pot holes on the road!

Friday I finally got to be back in my library! The fog was mostly gone for the day, but it was rainy and cloudy all day. It was warmer though, so I was able to leave the coat off again on my way back out to my car after school. However, there was another leak in the library, the ceiling tile with the light right by our circulation desk again. And then there were several fights throughout the day. Ending up with one that was so bad they pulled students to separate places. Actual police came to school, and later I heard one of the kids had a gun that had fallen out of their bag in the scuffle. I also heard one of the security guards might have gotten punched. They took one of the students to the library office where they sat with handcuffs I believe until after the students left on the buses for the day.

Then I got a text from my library clerk that she was going to have to take next week off too because her son needed another surgery because things weren’t going the way they should with just the one. I’m just so tired of working alone in a large school library. If I was in a small town, I would expect to be alone in the library and doing all the things along with technology by myself. This isn’t how it is supposed to be in a district like this. In fact it was one of the things I asked about in the interview before I took the job, if I had a clerk. And of course I feel guilty for being upset because I know it’s not because she is just skipping work. She has good reason. But I also feel like they need to replace her or get a sub or move her to a job in the district that doesn’t have to work with students every day so she’s not relied on. I had promised myself I’d stop writing such long Sunday posts, I know no one reads all this. But then I decided that I do go back and look at them myself, and since blogging was originally supposed to be like journaling, I’m keeping them like this so I can go back when I need to look at what was going on in years past.

Also Friday night my brother’s less than a year old puppy chewed up my nephew’s albuterol inhaler and had to spend the night at the emergency vets. The one good thing is that the inhaler was only a quarter full, because otherwise he probably wouldn’t have made it.

Saturday I tried to sleep in. Bad dreams and my mind just stressing and then feeling guilty over stressing made for bad sleep. Had coffee as usual with my dad, stepmom, and sister. Drove out to Nebraska Furniture Mart afterwards and looked around at couches. The cheap one I bought about 3 years ago is already not doing well with the back cushions feeling like springs or something inside has broken or deflated. And it is hurting my back. Found one I liked, but will wait a bit to see if I want to put it on credit or just deal with what I have. My brother’s dog was doing better and got to come home.

Books Finished

The first two were e-galleys for blog tours and reviews posted this last week. Third was a freebie e-book I had that I started reading at school in between other books on my phone, then when I finished one book I just decided to continue and finish this one before I started the next on my list. Fourth was one of my TBR Challenge reads.

New Additions to My Library





Bookish Stuff:

First is the mug that was the prize for reading 5 books during my local public library’s winter reading challenge. I love it! Second picture is a beach towel with slight issues that was on sale on the Jennifer L. Armentrout website. And third is the llama from that website also on sale! From the series she is still not ready to finish according to the note she keeps putting out for people who keep asking about it. A series I love!


The first two are for the authors’ review team, and the reviews should be the first week of February. The last one is for a blog tour in March.

Free E-books:

I found a feed your e-reader sale on Tuesday for the first 5, and all of these were free on Amazon.

Physical books:

First picture is of the Patreon box for Avery Flynn for January. Second picture is the special edition book I won from Book Bistro Blog’s blogoversary giveaways over on Facebook.

What I’m Watching

Finished up the Monarch show. And with all the stress I decided to start rewatching Outlander from the very first episode again. And pointing out to my dogs sitting on the couch with me the places that I’d visited, lol. I tried to find something new to watch Friday night, but it was just more comforting to go back and rewatch.

Coming Up Next Week on My Blog

First is an e-galley from the author for the review team. Second is an e-galley I got from Edelweiss because I love the author. Third is an ARC I got from the publisher.

I also have a couple promo posts, and should be sharing my L-L-L-Little Review and DNF Report posts this week.

Final Thoughts

January is just about done! Only part of this week! It’s been a cold one, and I’m hoping with all the really cold days we had it will make the bugs be less of an issue this year. I think I’ll share my favorite meme of the week. And you’d have to have watched the Chiefs game last Sunday to understand, or have seen Jason Kelce take the attention away from Taylor Swift, lol.

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34 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #154 – January 28th, 2024

  1. Yeah the weather this week was pretty bad too. We had the icy rain on Monday, schools were closed, my stepdad decided at the last second to work from home and just as he was backing back into the driveway, his work sent the call that said to work from home! Lol. We had wet, foggy weather nearly all week too. It was nuts. Was super glad I didn’t need to drive in that! That’s pretty intense about the fight at school. I was just talking with my parents about this yesterday about how scary it is to go to school these days. The worst things that happened when I was in school were some morons who kept pulling the fire alarm in between lunches. It started p****ing me off because it was when I was supposed to go to lunch and I ended up losing almost half my lunchtime because of it. Luckily I was already bringing my lunch most days and I just made sure I brought on those days as I might have taken it with me on one of the last days the twerps were pulling it. Sorry to hear your clerk keeps needing to take off. I too understand the circumstances and feel for her, I needed surgeries sporadically throughout my school years too. Can’t imagine what kind of mess my mom walked back into when she got back to the office. I know for most of them, she had a boss who was SUPER understanding as I think it was his sister who had the same condition I do. But yeah, I wish they could at least find a temp for you. That’s rough that it’s all on you when you’re in a sizable district.

    Nice new reads and goodies! That mug is pretty snazzy! I don’t drink a lot of “mug-related” beverages myself but have more of them than I know what to do with! Lol. I miss that series of JLA’s too. I hope things can get better soon and she finishes it. I’m probably going to have re-read them as I held off reading the third book as I heard there was a cliffhanger and no news on the final book, but it was all before I wrote down my series notes for ongoing series. So even when I pick up the next book I have zero memory of what was going on! Hopefully I can find my house this year so that when that day does come, I’ll be able to easily access those books as they are somewhere in storage and I have sooo many boxes marked JLA! Lol!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, a series tracker is a good idea! I always hope I can go back and read my reviews to remember, lol. I think maybe this is supposed to be a better year for buyers in the real estate market? I hope so for you! I’m currently tempted to refinance to pay off some bills that have built up the last few years, but I hate the current interest prices compared to what I have. Have a good week!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I completely understand why she’s gone. I’m more upset that the school doesn’t think to get her a replacement for that long of time she’s gone. And also then to add more things to what need to be done. I intend to just take it easy this week at school and not do anything other than technology and checking books out as necessary. I’m enjoying WTZ 2 a lot!

  2. danielle hammelef

    I’m so sorry you don’t have reliable help in your school library, especially after being told you’d have a clerk. I agree that a sub should be hired, especially since the medical leave is being extended into next week. We had challenging weather here that closed school Tuesday due to ice and lots of dense fog like you experienced. I’m thrilled that the Detroit Lions are still playing–this has never happened in my life time! I think it would be cool to have a Lions/Chiefs match up for the Super Bowl.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’m hoping for a Chiefs/Lions match-up too, but I’m not confident in my Chiefs against a team as good as the Ravens today. We shall see!

  3. That’s too bad about the leak in the library. I was in the library this week too as I sat with a group of writers and they were reading their work outloud. a very familiar routine for me that I hopes last a lifetime:)

  4. I like the long updates make my life seem a little less boring though i do feel for you having to sub for someone else is not fun but hopefully her son will get better and you won’t be stuck in limbo forever. I hope you find some sunshine in the coming week. I love your bookish goodies they are pretty cool.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I have a feeling I’ll be alone again for awhile. I can’t imagine her coming back if her son is still as sick as he is. And I wouldn’t expect her to! I just hope they’ll get me someone to replace her while she’s gone. WE will see. We got some nice sun today!

  5. Yay! Snow day on Monday. 😀 I’m glad you got some reading in that day and finished your library’s reading challenge. I’m also glad it warmed up a big on Wednesday. Have a good week!

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Sunday News #53
    • Lisa Mandina

      I’m guessing this will be a rough week. But I’ll live. I’ve done it every year since I’ve been at this school as she always has someone in her family that seems to be sick for a long time.

    • Lisa Mandina

      It was a crazy week last week. Hoping that even though I’m alone in the library all this next week it will at least be a quieter week. We shall see!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Lol, I don’t think my life is interesting at all! But it’s been helpful for me to go back to past year posts and see what was going on at certain times. Especially as I’m trying to figure out exactly how many days I’ve worked each year without my clerk.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I understand her reasoning for not writing it yet, but I haven’t been able to read all her new stuff, so I’m just sitting and waiting on that one I guess, hopefully will have time to read her other books soon.

  6. Glad the puppy is doing okay. Puppies will put ANYTHING in their mouths. I’m always watching Zeke because he can find things I never seem to see. Sorry you are without a clerk and it does seem to me like there should be a sub. The mug is awesome. I’m always amazed when challenges like that are things like “read 5 books.” For bloggers and readers like us, that’s nothing right? Hope you have a better week and I’ve enjoyed interacting on Facebook! Go Chiefs. Since Detroit lost, the Chiefs will definitely be my pick. Although when I’m asked who I want to win the Super Bowl, my go-to answer is now Taylor Swift 🤣

    Barb @ Booker T's Farm recently posted: Claustrophobia Anyone?
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yep, of course as soon as the puppy was home he immediately was getting into things again. Learned nothing! When I posted in the library’s Facebook group that I was done at about 10 days, a lot of people were surprised I was done with 5 books already, lol. I’m disappointed the Lions didn’t win, I was rooting for a Chiefs vs. Lions Super Bowl!

  7. I read it all. 🙂 So yes, people are reading the whole thing! I’m sorry to hear about the lack of support at school. I hope you get a reprieve soon. Maybe can you ask for a substitute? And I’m sorry to hear about the puppy! I’m glad he’s doing better. Sigh. Dogs. They always get into things they shouldn’t!

    S. J. Pajonas recently posted: January 2024 Monthly Update
    • Lisa Mandina

      I did ask my Principal who is new this year on Tuesday about it, and it sounds like he is going to look into it! So fingers crossed. Yeah, even my older dogs still try to eat things in the yard they shouldn’t.

  8. Sounds like a full week with lots of weird weather from the cold to the foggy days. Sorry to hear about that not so fun day with the testing in the library. Glad you could treat yourself on some food you were craving. That day with the fights sounds stressful too and how you’ve been working alone in the library for so long while that’s not how it’s supposed to go. I hope there will be a resolution for that soon, so you don’t have to work alone so much. That’s a relief to hear your brother’s dog made it, sounds like quite the scare with it chewing on the inhaler. I do read your whole posts usually and enjoy reading what has happened in your week. I hope this week is a good one!

  9. OMG – I want more of Jason! He was fabulous! Congrats to your Chiefs. It was an exciting game.

    I LOVED BRIDE!! It was so amazing and I really hope the author pens more titles in this world. It is just fabulous.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I love the Kelce brothers! They are so much fun. I am almost done with Bride, should finish tonight. Love it so much! And it would be awesome to have more in that world.

  10. We had crazy fog last week as well. But, we have been having weird weather anyway! I’m listening to Bride now and I am so sucked in!! Sorry your clerk is gone so much. Schools are so understaffed and nothing is really being done. They can’t get subs so they just give up and make people do multiple jobs. Its so frustrating!

    Samantha recently posted: Random in Death by JD Robb
    • Lisa Mandina

      I loved Bride, I hope you end up loving it just as much. I’m excited I’m going to be able to ask for a sub if I can get anyone to take the position.

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