Lisa Loves to Discuss #1: Do you listen to podcasts?

Posted May 14, 2024 by Lisa Mandina in discussion post / 14 Comments

This is my 3rd post for the year. You might also notice if you’ve followed my discussion posts before that no longer am I using a song title or lyric as part of the post title. That’s because I just didn’t have one running through my head as I thought about this, and that’s usually why I have those. I may not do that much anymore. So I’m going to call my discussion posts “Lisa Loves to Discuss” like the button I made and start numbering them.

So, I know that podcasts are all the rage. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve really ever listened to one? At least not other than bits and pieces of recordings that others might have shared. I got to thinking more about this topic this past week when someone I’m giving a ride to and from work as a favor, someone I don’t know but is friends with one of my work friends, mentioned about how she used to listen to audiobooks but now just listens to podcasts.

In a way I’m somewhat new to audiobooks. I feel like it’s maybe been about 10 year? or so that I’ve really started becoming an audiobook regular. And now it’s almost all I listen to in the car.

From what I know about podcasts, isn’t it people talking? In my head it makes me think of talk radio? I always hated any talking on radio. I almost always switched stations to find music. I rarely watch talk shows on tv either. Even reality tv can’t be just talking because I get bored and pick up my phone and scroll or my book and read. Probably the closest I would come to this type of thing is when I listen to memoirs, but even then I feel like the author has told stories about their life.

So, tell me, are podcasts more of a younger generation thing? I mean I’m 51, going to be 52 this year. Or is it more of a thing about people’s tastes, and some people will enjoy it, whereas it just isn’t the type of thing I will probably enjoy. It seems like a waste of time when I could be getting a story in some manner!

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14 responses to “Lisa Loves to Discuss #1: Do you listen to podcasts?

  1. It’s not something I listen to either. I tend to read my news. It may have something to do with what type of learner I am. I think visual is a big part so that’s why I read rather than listen to my news or instructions, or things like recipes or patterns. Some people are auditory learners though. (I took a week long course on this from corporate training on how people learn because I was a trainer)

    • Lisa Mandina

      I totally agree with the different types of learners. As a teacher I fully believe in all of that and see it in action all the time! So I’m guessing really it is more to do with my own preference on this, like you said!

  2. Back about 15-10 years ago, I listened to a few podcasts. My favorite was with Kevin Smith (movie maker, comedian). He’d interview people and there were so many jokes and laughs. He also had some serious topics. But then I got into audiobooks, and I stopped listening to podcasts.

    Today’s podcasts are so varied and different that I bet you would find something you enjoy. Some of them are still the “talk” format with interviews and such. The Kelse brothers have one that is also videoed and they talk football and with one another about their lives, for example. There are ones that talk about shows – like the actors and fans of the show break down each episode. And there are also serialized books that are shared in podcast format. And I know true crime is huge – think of the show Only Murders in the Building. With those type podcasts, each show is investigating an aspect of the crime as the story unfolds.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I do watch clips from the Kelce brothers’ podcast, because Travis is on my KC Chiefs, so I love him for sure! I do love Kevin Smith, but never listened to that. I think it is still to much like talk radio for me. I’ve tried watching a few shows that were about podcasters and tended to get a little bored I think.

  3. Beth

    I’m 45 and I love podcasts. If I start reading a book or watching a show and I want to know what other people are discussing about it or getting out of it that I’m missing, I find a podcast about it and listen. I also have several comedy podcasts I enjoy listening to when I’m exercising or driving to work or even falling asleep. There are spooky ones I only listen to in October and even serialized ones and educational ones I’ve enjoyed. I know they aren’t for everyone but I’ve found most people can enjoy them if they find the right one(s).

    • Lisa Mandina

      I think it is maybe having more to do with my learning style like Anne mentioned in her comment. Glad to hear it’s not just an age thing! lol

  4. I actually do like listening to podcasts, I find they can be quite informative and interesting. I mostly listen to podcasts about topics I am interested in like I follow this podcast about two neurodivergent people who talk about a lot of topics surrounding being neurodivergent. It’s been very relatable and informative and helped me udnerstand my own neudordivergence more. I also listen to some podcasts about writing and publishing as I find that an interesting topic.

    I usually pick podcasts for different moods or moments than audiobooks. I grab an audiobook if I want to get into a story or for longer moments often when I really want to get into one thing, but a podcast if I want something more informative or just listen to someone talk while I do a household chore or I want to listen something shorter. Both podcasts and audiobooks are a recent thing for me, only been listening to both for a few years.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I just know my mind wanders on listening to people talk. I even wanders when I’m listening to audiobooks, usually when they are very descriptive passages. I’m guessing like Anne mentioned in another comment it has to do with my learning style.

  5. Suzie B

    I actually just started listening to Podcasts this past year.. I bought a new vehicle that came with Apple carplay, and found that I could listen to podcasts through the speakers in my car. I have found that I enjoy listening to them (right now gardening podcasts, and true crime) rather than music on my commute to work. While it IS people talking, I have found that I am listening if the topic interests me.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I might try them. But since I have so many audiobooks I want to listen to, I’m okay not jumping into them right now!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I feel like it’s mostly the same for me. Too many audiobooks I want to listen to instead of trying them.

  6. I think for me it is like Anne said- I am just such a visual learner! I have tried podcasts that were definitely of interest to me, but much like audiobooks, I could not concentrate! I absolutely love the *idea* of them, I just… can’t seem to get into them! Though I do feel like I’d be more likely to stick with a podcast than an audiobook? Almost because of it being like radio, like you said, funny enough!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: May 2024 Wrap-Up Round-Up
    • Lisa Mandina

      Me too! It took me time to get into audiobooks, and I know my limit that it can’t be books that have tons of descriptions, that makes my mind wander, lol.

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