Weekly Wrap-Up #157 – February 18th, 2024

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So where to start with Sunday? Well first it was a day of blogging and spending time with my dogs before going to my brother’s house to celebrate my niece’s 12th birthday and, of course, to watch the Super Bowl with our Kansas City Chiefs. And oh what a game. My Chiefs like to keep their fans on the edge of our seats, people like me pessimistically thinking that every little thing that goes wrong means we’ve lost. That OT, wow, I guess I didn’t completely understand the new rules because when we got the touchdown I was like, wait, did we just win? It was a late night, so much excitement running through my brain that I didn’t get a great rest.

Monday the sub for my library clerk came for her first day. She seems really nice and was good to work with so far. Just having her there for what she could do a little for the first day was nice, not to mention an ACTUAL lunch break away from my desk!!!! We also got the email first thing in the morning that we would be getting a “red snow day” on Wednesday, meaning we get the day off so people can celebrate the Chiefs Super Bowl win and go to the parade if they want to. After school I was messing around to fix my reviews so they were in some kind of order on the reviews by author page, and somehow messed up all my blog settings, background colors, etc. I got some little things fixed, like my header and some colors at the top, but also messed up my social media icons that I’d just figured out. So if my blog looks weird or different, that’s why. 🙁

Tuesday was a day with stuff in the library in the morning again. The library clerk sub was there again and we’re getting more for her to do by the day. I’m slowly getting her into the things she will be able to do. Just having her there and getting to take a break is awesome! In the evening I had a Zoom meeting for the Missouri Association of School Librarians membership committee that I am on this year.

Wednesday was such a sweet day to sleep in! And then I set up the tv to record the Chiefs Super Bowl parade so I could go run errands while it possibly wasn’t that busy out? The rest of the day I needed to do some cleaning so that when my friend’s daughter came to stay with my dogs this weekend the house wasn’t as much of a mess as I’d let it get with just me here. There were jets flying overhead while I ran out to get lunch, then I went home to watch the parade and rally on tv. Unfortunately the celebratory day was ruined when there was a shooting right after the rally finished.

Thursday was another busy day at school, but it is so nice having someone else there with me. The sub is slowly learning all the things, and it is awesome! I was also excited to have some of my favorite shows back. And I did the final cleaning before the person was coming to watch the dogs while I was out of town, as well as packing.

Friday was crazy weather wise, because while it was just cold when I drove to school in the morning, a couple hours later the snow was coming down! But because the ground was warm and it quit after a few hours, there wasn’t anything really left by the time I was leaving work at the end of the school day. I left straight from work to drive down to Branson to stay at my mom and stepdad’s cabin for the weekend. It was a quick easy drive and I was pleased to see that I remembered my way in the back of the neighborhood so I didn’t have to have them come use their little card to let me through the front gate. My mom had chili ready to eat when I got there and we just hung out and relaxed.

Saturday morning my mom had to go do an interview for a possible board position at their campground/neighborhood for their Branson cabin. It was cold again there, but I got to sleep until about 7:30 or 8 when their dog was up and wanted to come see me in my bed. It was a wonderful night of sleep with only waking up once really, compared to when I am home with my own dogs. My mom didn’t get the position on the board, so we ended up spending the day looking for a new more comfortable chair to put in the living room with her and my stepdad’s furniture so when people visit they can sit in the same room and talk or watch tv together. We went to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Flaming Margaritas and it was yummy! I had a pineapple margarita which really just tasted like a regular margarita. My stepdad had one named after the magician that is big down here, and it was really good! I’ll probably get that if I go there again.

Books Finished

First was an ARC I requested from the publisher, and I read and loved it, posted my review on Monday. Second was an e-galley prequel novella I read for a blog tour on Thursday. Third was a book for my TBR Challenge that I fit in when I had a DNF again.

New Additions to My Library




This is actually an e-galley audiobook, for the author’s review team. I plan to start listening to it on my way home from Branson on Monday.

Bookish Stuff:



The publisher sent me a link to this on Edelweiss and since I loved her last book so much I went ahead and downloaded it.

Free E-books:

First was a freebie from an author’s newsletter. Second, third, and fourth were free on Amazon. Fifth and sixth were just some added scenes for some books by authors that I like and have maybe read the books they go with.

Physical Books:


What I’m Watching

Well of course on Sunday it was the Super Bowl, and Wednesday was the parade they had here for our Super Bowl champion Chiefs!. Then this week my tv shows started their new seasons finally after the writer’s and Hollywood strike last year, specifically Young Sheldon and the US version of Ghosts. I really liked both new episodes of those!

Coming Up Next Week on My Blog

The first and third are ARCs from the publisher, one I hope to post the review of this Monday and the other this Saturday. The second one is an e-galley from the author as part of a blog tour, and I should be posting on Wednesday.

I also have a blitz coming up this week.

Final Thoughts

And just like that February is more than half over! I’m enjoying a weekend with my mom and stepdad at their cabin in Branson as this posts. How has your February been so far? I couldn’t get the cool TikTok video the Chiefs made to embed, so I got a picture from their Instagram to share our fun this past week!

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24 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #157 – February 18th, 2024

    • Lisa Mandina

      She was up for a board position at the campground where she has a membership/ownership. But she didn’t get the position and she’s okay with that, because now she can just enjoy it! It has been cold and then warm and then it is cold and warm again here! Up and down with temps.

  1. What a lovely week! I’m so glad to hear you have the sub. You got a school day off to celebrate and relax. Now a weekend with the family in Branson. It’s great the snow wasn’t a problem. Hope to see you this afternoon.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    • Lisa Mandina

      I ended up getting back to the cabin at 3 pm our time and was thinking I could make it, but then realized the chat was at 2 pm. Sad to miss this time, but next time I should be able to make it for sure!

  2. Glad your new library helper is working out! That’s a relief to hear. Glad you’re finally able to take an actual lunch break too! Also glad to hear you weren’t at that parade! We had heard about it happening afterwards as I forgot what we had on instead at the time. We have a few family and friends who live in KC too who luckily weren’t there. Scary stuff. It’s getting to the point where I pretty much fear leaving the house! But I still go out. It’s just a scary world we’re living in these days.

    Nice new reads! I still need to read Poston’s romance novel from this year. I liked her first one okay, I just needed more ghost-iness. Lol. Last year’s sounded cute and since she came to St. Louis I went to the signing, but this new one really catches my eye since it involves books in a sense! Lol. Hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      I mean I work in a school where we’ve had at least 3 guns brought this year alone, so I just don’t even think about the danger half the time, I feel sadly like that’s my life. I really liked the last Ashley Poston book, and this sounds good too! Can’t wait to get to it!

  3. So glad you are finding your new assistant such a help. Your visit to see your mum looks like it went really well and that you had a chance to relax. I hope the coming week is a good one, Lisa:).

  4. I didn’t know about the OT rules either! Guess I’m a little behind the times ha. And that’s so nice you have anew library clerk who can cover. Give you a little bhreathing space! Congrats to the champs!

    Greg recently posted: Song of the Week
    • Lisa Mandina

      I didn’t realize it was a touchdown that was needed, but I knew both teams got a chance with the ball with the new rules.

    • Lisa Mandina

      It really put a damper on the celebration to know that people got hurt there. So glad that most of them are recovering, sad that one woman was killed.

  5. That’s great news the new library clerk started work and she can help you out now and you can actually take lunch breaks. Sorry to hear about your blog troubles, I hope you can get it all fixed soon. That’s nice you got an extra day off, too bad the celebrations got ruined by a shooting. Sounds like you had a nice visit with your mom and stepdad. I hope that new audiobook you got is a good one and I look forward to your reviews of your current reads, they look promising.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’m listening to and enjoying the audiobook! I think I’ve kind of just given up on doing too much changing of my blog from how it ended up. Just hoping I don’t ever do whatever I did again! lol

  6. Yea for your clerk sub – hopefully she’s long-term so you won’t be without or have to train someone else. I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. Since I didn’t have a team in the game, I was just hoping for a good game to watch. I ate lots of food and visited with my friends. The exciting news on my end is that my daughter picked her future college and we put down the deposit and got the swag. I’m so glad the decision has been made and I’m very excited for her.

    • Lisa Mandina

      She’s supposed to be there the whole time my clerk is gone. So it’s been nice to think that I’m training her to do those little things. I was glad my Chiefs were in it, but also sad that I had to watch the game instead of skip it, lol. Yay for your daughter picking her college! That’s so exciting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I love being a librarian, when I get to actually do that part of the job! This time of the year is busy and it seems like it just gets busier and busier as the year goes by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I don’t even know what I clicked that messed my blog up. It still doesn’t look like it did before, but I can’t seem to get it back the way I want no matter what I change. So I’m just dealing with it for now!

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