Weekly Wrap-Up #114 – April 9th, 2023

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As usual I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer).

Happy Easter if you celebrate! My brother pretty much goes to his in-laws for Easter now, so there’s not a lot of celebrating these days without my niece and nephew.

Last Sunday was another beautiful day. We ended up having “picnic” food at my mom’s for dinner. My 5 year old nephew loves a picnic! So we made sandwiches and had chips and sat out on my mom’s back deck.

Monday was back to school. It wasn’t a bad day. I did get my National Poetry Month display set up. My clerk worked on a new display for the bulletin boards behind our desks. Here are the pictures of our finished displays. First are the pictures of my poetry display. The little posters are where my teachers and other staff sent me their favorite poems and I made Canva posters for ech one.

It’s hard to get one complete picture of the one behind our desk because there is a big column right in the middle. But here is a shot from the left and a shot from the right.

Tuesday was about a normal day as well. We did find out one of our tech people took a job at a local university and will be leaving in 2 weeks. I don’t know that the pay is that much more there, but he will be able to take classes for free. So it’s easy to understand why he’s leaving. I did realize when I got home from work, that the book I’d been reading doesn’t actually publish till next Tuesday, so I needed to be reading other books first. So I started a new book. Storms were possible, but other than some wind and a really quick thunderstorm that raced through from about 1 am and was gone at 1:30 am, that was it. Fortunately, we keep missing out on the really bad weather that others are getting I guess.

Wednesday, another mostly normal day. It was kind of like a Thursday since we had Friday off of school. It was winter temps in the morning, and cold spring in the afternoon. I went and picked up the title for my new car so I can get the license plates/registration done. That evening though, I heard from my mom that my stepdad went to the ER.

Thursday morning my mom told me that my stepdad was going to have a scope in the afternoon because they had found a mass or something in his bladder maybe? Not sure of all the details. But by the afternoon he seemed to be doing better and the mass was gone, so they ended up canceling the procedure, and saying he should get to go home on Friday. School was a busy day, but basically the last day since we got Friday off.

Friday I had off of work, so I actually went and played with the one puppy left, although my friend Inktomi who stayed with me last weekend for a few days still hasn’t gone home. The people changed their mind. I wish I could handle 3 dogs all the time by myself. Then it turned out they decided my stepdad wasn’t doing as well as they thought, so they changed their mind about doing the procedure and said they would do it Friday at 7 pm. Well my mom and stepdad waited and waited, he couldn’t eat because of the procedure, which is a problem with his cancer medicine too. They still hadn’t heard anything until about 8 pm, when they were finally told they’d be waiting till Saturday morning. Which sucked because the hospital kitchen was closed so he couldn’t order any food.

Saturday morning they did finally take him for the procedure at 7:30 am. My mom called me after it was over and said they think it was just scarring tissue from where he’d had to have surgery last year or whenever that was. They think they’ve got it all taken care of, but he has to stay at the hospital till they’re sure. My mom and I left around lunch time because they’d given him the pain meds and he was probably going to sleep for a while. My dad and stepmom and sister were meeting at a local Mexican restaurant, so I went to spend a little time with them. While I was there my mom texted that they were releasing my stepdad. So I went and got them some dinner later in the evening once they were home so they could just stay there and relax.

Books Finished

The first one was an e-galley I was supposed to finish last week, but if you read my post about how my spring break wasn’t quite the time full of reading as I’d hoped. Second was an e-galley for a review on Monday. Third was an ARC that I posted a review of on Friday.

New Additions to My Library




Technically the first one was just a pre-order with my monthly Audible credit, so I don’t actually have it yet. The second two are free on Audible.

Bookish Stuff:



I loved the first book so much that when I saw this was up on Edelweiss I went ahead and downloaded it to read! But I won’t get to it till later this year since it doesn’t come out till then. Second book is in the SmartyPants Universe coming out later this month.

Free E-books:

First is a novella from the author’s newsletter. Second is actually all three of the books in the series that I got the two audiobooks free on Audible. The author offered all three e-books through her newsletter as one combined ebook.

Physical Books:

Got the first one from the publisher. I’m assuming it is for the Gateway library committee. It is one that I did a DNF on though. So I’m going to just donate it to my school library. Others might enjoy it even though I did not! The second one was my Book of the Month selection.

What I’m Watching

Loving this season of Survivor. I thought the next season of The Amazing Race was scheduled to start this week, but haven’t seen it and when I looked online they said now maybe not till fall. Getting back into my rewatch of season 5 of The Walking Dead, and also started throwing in a few episode rewatches of Brooklyn Nine Nine when I might have only had a half hour of time to watch something. After seeing a preview for season three of The Chosen, I decided to give that a try. I enjoy historical realistic retellings a lot of times, and even though I don’t really go to church these days, I did spend my 1st-8th grade years at a Lutheran school, so religion will always be part of my life. The first episode was good.

Coming Up Next Week On My Blog

So the first one is a finished copy the publisher sent me that should have been read this past week, but as I mentioned that spring break reading slump! The second one is an egalley for a blog tour on Thursday. The last one is iffy. The tour is one that a bunch of the books have ended up being promo only, and while I signed up to review this one, don’t know that it will be a review.

I don’t actually have many reviews scheduled for this week, so hopefully I’ll get caught up. Plus I go to the conference on Saturday, which I’m looking forward to 3 nights in a hotel room by myself with lots of reading time, mixed in with the library conference where I’ll get hopefully a lot of great ideas and inspiration from fellow Missouri school librarians.


Don’t forget that I do now have the nice little box on the right hand sidebar so you can check out giveaways all the time! My new monthly giveaway started this past week and it is HERE. Remember if I get over 100 entries in that monthly giveaway I add more winners, and last two months I had over 100, so that was two winners each month this year so far.

Scotland Tour Tidbits

The final spot on the 3rd day will be after a quick stop at our cabins to freshen up, and then we will be going to the Torphichen Inn for a Scottish dinner show. It’s not related to the tv show, just has the fun theme of a dinner show! HERE is a link to the website for the tour I’m going on, talking about this venue. I guess I’ll get the chance to sample haggis, even though it sounds gross, I’ll take a bite at least! There is supposed to be Scottish music with a live band, three courses of traditional Scottish food and drink, and they’ll talk about the history of the town.

Final Thoughts

How was your week? Did you read or watch anything good? Get any good books? Did you color eggs or have an Easter egg hunt? I did go see puppies, only one left, this week, so enjoy a picture of little Banshee on my lap sticking her tongue out to give kisses! I think my Argyle, and Inktomi are in the background.

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34 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #114 – April 9th, 2023

  1. Sounds like a pretty normal week! Scary about your stepdad but glad that it seems like he’s doing okay! Although I totally feel for him for not being able to eat all day and then they just cancel the procedure. I wish they could’ve figured things out sooner for him so he wasn’t starving all day! I’ve been mostly lucky that most of my procedures were pretty early in the morning. I was usually fine without food for the most part, it was always the lack of being able to have a drink that hurt!

    Nice new reads! I got The Hunting Moon as well this week! I’ve quite a few other reads that are scheduled ahead of it, but I was still excited to get it since I read The Luminaries as an ARC! At least I still should be able to get to it before November! I made myself a list of all my review books so I can keep better track of them mentally since I can physically see the list! Lol.

    Hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yes, I have to keep my review books all set in my blog planner in order to keep myself on top of them too! I also got The Luminaries as an ARC and loved it, so had to just go ahead and download the e-galley. My stepdad is home and seemingly doing better. My goal is to stick as close to him and my mom this week before I go out of town to just do what I can to help them get the rest and break they need!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I don’t know for sure, but wonder if it had something to do with them not wanting to deal with something with the holiday weekend coming up? I hate to think that though! I usually keep track of things that need to be read, but accidentally put one book down before others needed to be read. oops!

  2. It certainly seems to have been a hectic week, Lisa! Very glad to hear that your stepdad is doing okay and steadily recovering – though it’s a shame he had to wait quite so long for the procedure. That must have been wearing! Love the adorable pic of the dogs – thank you for for sharing! And I’m going to be looking out for arcs of The Hunting Moon as I thoroughly enjoyed The Luminaries. I hope you have a more restful week:).

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yes, The Luminaries was so good! Can’t wait to get to the second book. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Happy Easter! I’m sorry to hear about your stepdad though! I hope all is well with him. It is hard when they keep moving procedures back and then the patient doesn’t get to eat, which like you said can be an issue sometimes! that happened to my mom too.

    I’ll have to check out the Chosen.

    Greg recently posted: Song of the Week #154
  4. I hope your Stepdad is doing okay now. It’s so stressful when those we love have medical challenges. Have a great week ahead and I hope you enjoy The True Love Experiment as much as I did!

    • Lisa Mandina

      He was better, but then went back to the hospital on Monday, along with my mom being stressed and going in herself on Wednesday. Just looking to make it through the week now.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Stepdad went back to the hospital on Monday. It’s been a week. Hoping things just get better though.

  5. What an ordeal for your stepdad (and your mom). I can’t believe they had him waiting all day for a procedure that never happened – and then it was too late to get something to eat. Poor guy. I hope he’s feeling better at home now.

    • Lisa Mandina

      He’s back in the hospital, although seems to be doing a little better this time. Unfortunately now my mom is in the hospital too from not taking good care of herself and the stress of dealing with it all.

  6. I just love that poetry table! So adorbs. I actually love poetry and need to read it more. I am glad that you had a good week there. I do think that they have done a wonderful job with Chosen. It just gets you in all the feels. I love it. And its free for everyone and just film once they have enough donations to continue and I really like that too. Hope the family gets healed and feeling better this week!

  7. Happy Belated Easter. We had a busy weekend. My son was home from college for 5 days and it was my daughter’s 17th birthday. We went out to dinner to celebrate. We also went to family on Sunday for Easter. So I didn’t get much reading in with all the fun.

    My daughter and I love Brooklyn 99 and it’s also a show we go back to when we only have 30 minutes. We also rewatch New Girl and Modern Family for the same purpose.

    I hope you have a good week ahead!

    Jen Twimom recently posted: #FitReaders Check-In: April 7, 2023
    • Lisa Mandina

      He was better, but then went back to the hospital, and then my mom today. So it’s been a week.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Well they really did send him home too soon, because we ended up sending him back in an ambulance Monday morning. Weather has been nice though here too!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Thanks for visiting! Things are okay I guess. Still a lot up in the air and some big changes in life coming for my parents and my own life at this point as well.

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