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Back to joining up with the Waiting on Wednesday Posts, and the Can’t
Wait Wednesday posts hosted by Wishful Endings.  This week there are five on my list.

From my ARC list for August 6th:

I have an ARC of this one that I got through a trade a while back.  Need to get it read this week!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Nothing much happens in
the sleepy town of Shy in Avon-upon-Kynt. And for eighteen years,
Emmaline Watkins has feared that her future held just that: nothing.

when the head of the most admired fashion house in the country opens
her prestigious design competition to girls from outside the stylish
capital city, Emmy’s dreams seem closer than they ever have before.

the first “country girl” to compete, Emmy knows she’ll encounter extra
hurdles on her way to the top. But as she navigates the twisted world of
high fashion she starts to wonder: will she be able to tailor herself
to fit into this dark, corrupted race? And at what cost?

Sound good?  Add to Goodreads HERE

Now, I won’t say I begged for this ARC, but I might have.  I love this author, and this series is good so far!  I’m a little sad I don’t have a contact at Freeform/Disney any more, in case this series goes on!  I’ll be reading my ARC of this sometime later this week. Might even be starting it as this post goes live!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

the latest reality TV show on the hunt for the next big-hit serial
killer. But don’t worry—no one is actually going to murder anyone, as
real as the fake gore and pretend murder may appear . . . uh, right?

Becca Martinello is about to find out. When her perfectly normal soccer
mom dies in a car crash, a strange girl named Stef appears to let Becca
know that her deceased mom was none other than one of Alcatraz 2.0’s
most popular serial killers—Molly Mauler. Soon, Becca ends up on Who
Wants to Be a Painiac? to learn the truth about her mom’s connection to
Molly Mauler, but things turn sinister when people are murdered IRL.
Will Becca uncover dark secrets and make it out of the deadly reality
show alive? Or will she get cut?

Sound good?  Add to Goodreads HERE.

This one sounds like a pretty deep story. 

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Best friends are forged
by fire. For Winona Olsen and Lucille Pryce, that fire happened the
night they met outside the police station—both deciding whether to turn
their families in.

Winona has been starving for life in the
seemingly perfect home that she shares with her seemingly perfect
father, celebrity weatherman Stormy Olsen. No one knows that he locks
the pantry door to control her eating and leaves bruises where no one
can see them.

Lucille has been suffocating beneath the needs of
her mother and her drug-dealing brother, wondering if there’s more out
there for her than disappearing waitress tips and generations of barely
getting by.

One harrowing night, Winona and Lucille realize they
can’t wait until graduation to start their new lives. They need out.
Now. All they need is three grand, fast. And really, a stolen
convertible to take them from Michigan to Las Vegas can’t hurt.

Sound good?  Add to Goodreads HERE

I’ve been seeing this one around a lot on the blogosphere, and of course that cover is beautiful!  Plus, it seems to be a retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses fairy tale, and I love that story!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

In a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed.

lives a sheltered life at Highmoor, a manor by the sea, with her
sisters, their father, and stepmother. Once they were twelve, but
loneliness fills the grand halls now that four of the girls’ lives have
been cut short. Each death was more tragic than the last—the plague, a
plummeting fall, a drowning, a slippery plunge—and there are whispers
throughout the surrounding villages that the family is cursed by the

Disturbed by a series of ghostly visions, Annaleigh becomes
increasingly suspicious that the deaths were no accidents. Her sisters
have been sneaking out every night to attend glittering balls, dancing
until dawn in silk gowns and shimmering slippers, and Annaleigh isn’t
sure whether to try to stop them or to join their forbidden trysts.
Because who—or what—are they really dancing with?

Annaleigh’s involvement with a mysterious stranger who has secrets of
his own intensifies, it’s a race to unravel the darkness that has fallen
over her family—before it claims her next.

Sound good?  Add to Goodreads HERE

 This one just sounds really unique!  And once again, a beautiful cover.

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

When 16-year-old
poetry blogger Tessa Dickinson is involved in a car accident and loses
her eyesight for 100 days, she feels like her whole world has been
turned upside-down.

Terrified that her vision might never
return, Tessa feels like she has nothing left to be happy about. But
when her grandparents place an ad in the local newspaper looking for a
typist to help Tessa continue writing and blogging, an unlikely answer
knocks at their door: Weston Ludovico, a boy her age with bright eyes,
an optimistic smile…and no legs.

Knowing how angry and afraid
Tessa is feeling, Weston thinks he can help her. But he has one
condition — no one can tell Tessa about his disability. And because she
can’t see him, she treats him with contempt: screaming at him to get out
of her house and never come back. But for Weston, it’s the most amazing
feeling: to be treated like a normal person, not just a sob story. So
he comes back. Again and again and again.

Tessa spurns Weston’s
“obnoxious optimism”, convinced that he has no idea what she’s going
through. But Weston knows exactly how she feels and reaches into her
darkness to show her that there is more than one way to experience the
world. As Tessa grows closer to Weston, she finds it harder and harder
to imagine life without him — and Weston can’t imagine life without her.
But he still hasn’t told her the truth, and when Tessa’s sight returns
he’ll have to make the hardest decision of his life: vanish from Tessa’s
world…or overcome his fear of being seen.

100 Days of Sunlight
is a poignant and heartfelt novel by author Abbie Emmons. If you like
sweet contemporary romance and strong family themes then you’ll love
this touching story of hope, healing, and getting back up when life
knocks you down.

 Sound good?  Add to Goodreads HERE

Now, actually, I had two more in my planner, but neither seem to be actually coming out, as their lack of covers and any more info on Goodreads seem to say.  Both are Entangled Teen books, so I am hoping this means they are just putting the release off, but not too long.  When I hear more about them, I’ll be sure to share, but they are Sky-Kissed by Pintip Dunn, sequel to  Star-Crossed, which I loved; and Immortal by Gennifer Albin, an author I’ve looked forward to reading more by!

Final Thoughts:
Have you read any of these yet?  Are they
on your TBR?  And hey, while you’re here, you should go try to win some
of my ARCs from Cleaning Up My TBR Post
HERE. The US only giveaway is open till Friday at midnight, there are even some 2019 ARCs that can be one of your two choices.

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32 responses to “Lisa’s Looking Foward To #25 – August 6th, 2019

  1. Murder Funding sounds creeptastic Lisa! I really want to read House of Salt and Sorrows, because I've heard it's an excellent fairytale retelling, and I love retellings. 100 Days of Sunlight needs to be added to my TBR! It sounds like a story that I'd love! Thanks for sharing so many awesome books Lisa!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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