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Welcome 2011!

Posted January 2, 2011 by Lisa Mandina in / 1 Comment

I see everyone else seems to be doing a New Year’s resolution/goals blog, so I’ll do one as well. I usually only do either book reviews or waiting on Wednesday blogs, but this will be out of the ordinary. First, I want to set some goals for the blog itself. I hope to make it […]

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Posted September 19, 2010 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

This was another of the Penguin YA advanced readers books I got back in August. Wasn’t sure if I’d like it. The cover is a little freaky for my taste. I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but be honest, it’s hard not to just a little. Anyway, this is another […]

Book Review 47: Stolen Childr..

Posted October 31, 2009 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

Peg Kehret’s books seem to always be on the Mark Twain list like every year, kind of like Mary Downing Hahn’s books do. While they’ve not been my favorites in the past, and I alwasy feel they tend to have some similar trends in them, I decided this was a really good book. The main […]

Book Review 40: Mary Ingalls ..

Posted October 21, 2009 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

Reading Little House on the Prairie books takes me back to younger days. Not as young as you might think though. I didn’t read the books when I was a little girl. To me, the tv show is what I think of. In high school, I remember being home during the summer with my brother […]

Book Review 19: Shifty by Lyn..

Posted September 23, 2009 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

After Gone I needed a “realistic” fiction type of book, plus, this book I couldn’t renew, it had a hold on it, along with some others on my lists that I hadn’t read yet. But since I knew this was next, I decided to go ahead and read it, and maybe I can return it […]