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Book Review 33: Hard Gold by Avi

This is in a series of children’s books called I Witness. I looked on the Internet, and other than the book I read last year by Avi called Iron Thunder, I haven’t seen what other books are part of this series, or if there are any other authors. But like Iron Thunder, this had lots […]

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Book Review 28: Cicada Summer by Andrea Beaty

Not a big fan of this book. It was okay, but not the best in my opinion. The main character Lily, has no mother, and her brother died in a carbon monoxide accident as well. Since her brother died, Lily has quit talking, making herself invisible basically. Soon a new girl named Tinny moves into […]

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Book Review 26: The Seer of Shadows by Avi

So, I’m now officially immersed in the Mark Twain possible nominees for 2010-2011 as I’ve finished my first book. The Seer of Shadows sounded like a really good book, it’s about ghosts, and picking them up with photography. The book was okay, not as good as I was hoping, but still pretty good. The main […]

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