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The Hazards of Working at a Bo..

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It’s been awhile since I did one of these, partly because I haven’t been working that much, and partly because I’ve been really busy. So this volume will actually include both nights I worked this week, but only 3 books, as again, with our lack of employees lately, I don’t have as much time to […]

2011 Debut Author Challenge 7:..

Posted April 29, 2011 by Lisa Mandina in / 2 Comments

I was not aware of the 12 Dancing Princesses Fairy Tale until I saw it one day at the bookstore where I work and picked it up and read it really quick. It was a good story. So when I read the premise for this book Entwined by Heather Dixon I was eager to see […]

City of Fallen Angels by Cassa..

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The 4th book in the Mortal Instruments series is the first book I’ve bought on my own Nook that I didn’t already own. (Twilight of course had to be the first, and soon I’ll own the whole Twilight series on my Nook so that I can read it whenever and wherever I am without having […]

2011 Debut Author Challenge 6:..

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Before I get started on my review, let me first say that at the 2nd session I attended at the MASL conference today I got reinspired to try to do book reviews for teacher and library magazines. Wish me luck, and don’t let me just forget and not bother with it! I do know that […]

Plague by Michael Grant

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This is the fourth book in the Gone series by Michael Grant, which I was introduced to last year when I was a reader selector for the Truman books. This is a really great series, and this last book I think was one of the best ones. The town is still kind of trying to […]

2011 Debut Author Challenge 5:..

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Another ARC. And I kept hearing great things online about it, how picking it up and not being able to put it down. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the coverwork, it doesn’t really draw me in. It’s cool looking, don’t get me wrong, just wouldn’t have grabbed me or made me […]

The Hazards of Working at a Bo..

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I have so many books from working this past Wednesday, and then last night, I am going to split this blog into two parts to save myself some time. So check back, hopefully later tonight for the rest. First is going to be Eliza’s Freedom Road by Jerdine Nolen. Now this is really a young […]

The Past Midnight Series #1-2 ..

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When I checked out the Nook again last week, I was unsure what book I wanted to read first. So I went to my Goodreads page to my young adult books to read area and searched through. I wasn’t really getting excited about any of them until I came to one called Past Midnight by […]

The Hazards of Working at a Bo..

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Saw several books on Tuesday night that I would be interested in reading. Even actually saw one in the young readers that sounded pretty good. First is Timeless by Alexandra Monir. Our main character is named Michele Windsor, who is from a famous blue blood family. She discovers her great-great-grandmother’s diary, and as she reads […]