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Review: Beta by Rachel Cohn

So I finally got around to reading this ARC that I got at BEA 2012.  And now, I’m really hoping that when I go to BEA this summer, maybe I’ll get the sequel?  Because this book totally left on a major cliffhanger!! This is a story about a futuristic Earth.  The whole world has been […]

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Cara Lynn Shultz – One of My Rockstar Authors

When I was planning ahead for my big blogoversary celebration month, I really was wanting to do lots of different types of posts.  One thing I really wanted to do was see if I could get any authors to feature on my blog.  Especially any that I’d actually met in person.  And of course, Cara […]

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My 5 Favorite Things About Blogging

Continuing in the 3 year Blogoversary celebration, I’m using an idea I saw on Red House Books blog when they had their blogoversary last month.  Mine is a little different, I think hers was about her least favorite things about blogging.  And maybe I’ll do something like that later this month.  But here are my […]

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Clear Your Shelf June Giveaway Hop

Wow, with just getting back from BEA, I almost forgot I’d signed up for this!  So, to get this done, I have two books I’m going to make available.  I will have two winners.  The first winner will get to choose which of the two books they want, and the other book will be for […]

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