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Five Young Adult Mini-Reviews

Posted August 26, 2017 by Lisa Mandina in / 12 Comments

Again,  keep getting behind!  I feel like I’ve been doing more adult romance reviews lately, and realized I had these five to share, so here you go! Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves: Published:  March 28th, 2017 Source:  ARC received from publisher for honest review My rating:  3.5 stars This book definitely started out really […]

Two YA ARC Mini-Reviews: It S..

Posted May 23, 2017 by Lisa Mandina in / 2 Comments

As I’ve mentioned many, many, many times, I am behind on reviews. But one of my goals this summer is to get caught up on that.  Fingers crossed.  So today, I’m sharing two mini-reviews of some ARCs that I was sent by publishers.  I want to keep my contacts with those publishers on good terms, […]

Let’s Get 2016 Over With..

Posted December 28, 2016 by Lisa Mandina in giveaway / 2 Comments

Week 4 starting now, and will end earlier since Sunday is the first of 2017! Okay, 2016 has really started to end the year with a bang! And not a good one!  Since my last giveaway, we’ve lost both George Michael and Carrie Fisher!  People are going about trying to save Betty Green now.   We’ve […]

Let’s Get 2016 Over With..

Posted December 7, 2016 by Lisa Mandina in giveaway / 2 Comments

Okay, 2016 has been an interesting year.  We’ve lost so many big names this year, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, and Prince just to name a few.  I’m so glad that I got the chance to see Prince in concert once in my lifetime.  There has been such craziness with politics, I won’t go into specifics, […]