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Lisa’s Looking Forward T..

Posted January 13, 2019 by Lisa Mandina in giveaway / 17 Comments

You might have noticed this new post I started last weekend HERE.  I think I might add to it a bit, make it a little more like a Sunday post, or a weekly wrap-up post.  I don’t know.  We’ll see. But for now I am adding one extra thing, at the end I have a […]

Top 10 of 2018: Books I Meant..

Posted December 28, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in giveaway / 32 Comments

This was actually the first day theme for Kimberly Faye Reads event, but since I didn’t join in until after, I put it off for a day I’d already done what the topic for that day was, and today is supposed to be cover love.  You can check out my Cover Love post HERE.  I […]

Three YA ARCs, One YA Audioboo..

Posted September 17, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in Review / 6 Comments

Finally, finally getting around to posting a review on a book I read clear back in April, because I was waiting until I finished its sequel, an ARC I had, so I could review them together.  Then another book that I just finished reading this past week, an ARC that was top of my list […]

My First Attempt at ARC August..

Posted August 6, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in challenge / 4 Comments

Okay, this is the first time I’m trying this.  But with the plethora of ARCs I picked up at ALA, as well as the ones I was sent and already meant to read, I am going to try to blow through as many as I can this year!  And this month, even with school starting […]

Two YA Reviews: Little Do We ..

Posted June 11, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in / 4 Comments

I am a teensy bit behind on getting the reviews posted for these books. They came out this past week, and I meant to have them read ahead of time.  I’m hoping that the new plan I’ve set in place with my blogging calendar will help me to get things posted before the publishing date.  […]

Two YA Contemporary ARC Mini-R..

Posted May 13, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in / 8 Comments

I’m behind on getting these reviews up!  I couldn’t find the emails from the publishers that sent them to me, even though I know or could swear one was a specific request for me to read and review.  Oh well, I did get them done and want to share!  Even though both were published on […]

Two Young Adult ARCs from KCP ..

Posted April 15, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in / 4 Comments

Still behind!  And I think I’ve only actually done two reviews so far this month, and my goal is two a week.  So yeah, really behind!  Since I got these two books read basically one right after the other, I am going to go ahead and post their reviews together.  Also, these are the first […]

Discussion Post: Book Blogger..

Posted April 8, 2018 by Lisa Mandina in discussion post / 22 Comments

Okay, so I’m in my 9th year of blogging, and there are still a few things that I wish I had.  Or things that have changed since I’ve become a blogger. via GIPHY 1.  So, this past year has been great for me, I finally have some contacts with certain publishers, and over the past […]

Four ARC Mini-Reviews

Posted December 16, 2017 by Lisa Mandina in / 12 Comments

Getting behind again!  So here we go with some mini-reviews of ARCs I either won or were unsolicited. Men and Dogs by Marie-Eva Chopin and Alice Chaygneaud: Published:  September 26th, 2017 Source:  ARC from publisher – won through Shelf Awareness Genre:  Humor My rating:  3 stars Cute little book, although maybe something more to each […]