Weekly Wrap-Up #174 – June 16th, 2024

Posted June 16, 2024 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 30 Comments

I’m connecting up once again with Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer.

Sunday was a mostly quiet day, sitting around the house, blogging, doing some laundry, dishes, etc. Of course I had to go to the grocery store to replace the food I’d lost thanks to the power outage that lasted 8 hours Saturday morning.

Monday was a pretty slow day at the library. Other than my principal is probably going to have me box up hundreds more books for auction. Although he’s said he will help. Still kind of ridiculous. But that’s life. Trying to figure out why I never got my last $25 reward gift card from my Barnes & Noble Mastercard. Talked to the people 3 times, before maybe it got fixed? I don’t know. We’ll see. Temps up to 90 degrees. There was also a big red-tailed hawk in a tree in my backyard when I got home from school so I was very wary and keeping an eye on my dogs the whole time we were out. Not that I’m not always out with them since they are so little. Other birds, like the normal robins I see in my yard, were landing on the branches by it and chirping at it. It stayed there for like an hour, then the next time we went out it was gone. I was worried maybe it got the bunny that’s been in the yard lately, but then I saw the bunny later in the night.

Tuesday was kind of slow at work. No tech at all during the day. My principal and his secretary spent the day moving books around. I had mentioned I could help, but I’m glad they didn’t say anything because I was finally able to get started on some of the stuff I planned to do during summer school. It was another hot day. I also decided to do the Bookly Pro subscription for the year for $29, and see if I like it. I tried to export my Goodreads files over, but couldn’t seem to get it to work.

Wednesday was another hot day. The principal and secretary did a little more moving and boxing, mostly her as I didn’t see him but once in the morning I think. I got some more weeding and other book fixes done. In the evening I got my hair done, and then had an AASL Zoom meeting. The meeting started out seeming to be more for newbies who weren’t already involved, so I didn’t stick around long.

Thursday was also very hot, flirting with over 100 degrees with the heat index temp. Which meant possible storms in the evening. Found that the secretary and principal had boxed up some brand new textbooks so I had to go unbox them before they got shipped to auction. Got some more weeding and other library things done. I’ve decided I’m going to combine the mystery and suspense genre sections, and then move the sports fiction section to have a larger area. Which will also mean moving my Classics, but that will give that a little bit bigger space where the Sports section was, and it will put it next to the HIstorical fiction section, which kind of makes sense to me and students who might be looking for similar reads. I went to my mom’s in the evening to help her with some packing up things from my stepdad’s medical supplies, then she and I went out to dinner.

Friday was a hot day, and a kind of busy day at school. The principal got the custodians and district buildings and grounds people started taking the bookshelves apart in my back storage room, and it looks like I can get four of the moved to my main library area so I can re-do one of my displays like I want. But we’ll see. I got more weeding done. Had issues with the football players when they came back from their first class in the morning and sit in the library for about 10 minutes before the second class starts, had to call down the football coaches that were in the building, and so that was fun. I had planned to mow when I got home, but it was so hot that I decided to postpone that to either Saturday or Sunday morning instead since my front yard doesn’t look bad yet. Instead I started the second half of Bridgerton season 3.

Saturday we did get a bit of rain in the morning, and I just wanted to sleep in anyway, so I didn’t mow. I met my dad, stepmom, and sister Anna for our usual “coffee date” at the coffee shop down by my sister’s new house. There weren’t any tables there so we took our drinks and food back to her house. Not that she has much furniture there as she is getting all the painting and stuff like that done before she has to be out of the townhome she rents with her fiancee and his adult son. My dad and stepmom were going to stay and paint, I didn’t, left to go do my own errands and just be home because it was miserably hot out!

Books Finished

All of these were e-galleys from the publisher, although the first one I think I requested because I love the author. All three reviews were posted this past week.

New Additions to My Library




All of these were from the Audible sale, all of them for only $16!!

Bookish Stuff:




Free e-books:

Saw the first one listed as a freebie over on Books of My Heart last Sunday and when I went to see it on Amazon it was still free, so I grabbed it! Second one was listed on Bookbub as a freebie, also on Amazon so I got it too.

Physical books:

So I got some surprise gifts from the Top 10 Tuesday post earlier this week! One from Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag, and one from Lillian at Mom With a Reading Problem. Thank you both so much!!! I gifted three people some e-books, including these two!

What I’m Watching

Well the second half of Bridgerton season 3 came out this past week, so I will have started that this weekend! Also finished watching the first season of Maxton Hall. I need the next season! I also wish I could read the book it is based on, but it isn’t available in English, even though I see it has been translated to a bunch of other languages from the original German. So of course that means more Outlander rewatching.

What’s Coming Up on My Blog Next Week

First one is an e-galley for review started last week, second is another e-galley for review, and third is the last White Trash Zombie book and I should have that review posted on Friday to prepare for the final discussion on Sunday! I might fit in a Beat the Backlist book, or I might move on to another e-galley I have for review next week depending on how the week goes.

Final Thoughts

And we’re halfway through June, which also means only two more weeks of summer school for me, yay! Next weekend I am supposed to go down with my mom to her Branson house to help her decide what things she wants to keep. She is also going to meet with the realtor that does most of their little neighborhood to decide if she wants to sell furniture with the house, or have a sale in some other way. My mom decided the house was her and my stepdad’s thing and she doesn’t really want to keep it just for herself. Which I think is good. I am going to try to get her to do some more traveling with me and she can spend the money on that instead of a mortgage for a house to just go sit in. And when we go to Branson, if we continue to go very often, we’ll just stay in hotels or cabins.

Juneteenth is this week, and we get that day off of summer school. Although I may end up trying to use it to get some doctor appointments taken care of.

How has your June been so far?

Oh yeah, I’ve been listening to the new NKOTB album on Spotify at least once a day to get prepared for the concert on June 25th! I’ve still got to learn the little dance to this song!

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30 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #174 – June 16th, 2024

  1. Sounds like a busy week! I have not been a fan of these higher temperatures. Today promises to be the worst of all and I keep telling myself it’s spring! This is nuts! But this is also 1000% normal for St. Louis! A little envious that you guys got rain as we did not get any this week. I think there might be some that comes later this week, but I saw that earlier so it will probably change by time we get to it. That’s weird about your B&N MC not sending the gift card right away. I know I’ve only ever had 1 issue where mine didn’t turn up the day it said it would and I panicked. It did eventually come, I have no idea what happened since my USPS informed delivery told me it was coming one day and it didn’t show up for almost a week later. Hoping that they get that cleared up for you soon! I know how stressful that situation can be! Glad to hear the principal helped out a little with moving all those books! That would’ve been a daunting task to take on alone.

    I ended up going to my storage unit yesterday to look for books and yeah, that’s a rough thing to do all alone! Really hoping I can find a place soon as I don’t know how much more my boxes can take with me moving them back and forth. What’s also bad is that I don’t/can’t keep them in the same order. As when I look for things I keep that box up front so I can return my books when I’m done. So yeah, things have definitely changed since I originally put then in there when I rented it out! I do at least have 1 stack of maybe 6 boxes that I can leave in the back since they are all signed copies! Lol. Although I did belatedly realize I have them next to totes that are a mixed bag so I would need to move them if I need to get into those. That’s a problem for another time though!

    Nice new reads! All totally new to me ones but I hope you enjoy them all! I never did figure out what was going on with my Amazon account. I mean my address is right, I have my wishlist set to public…I’ve no clue what’s wrong with it. But I appreciate you trying! <3

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, the heat is normal for here too. But like you I am not a fan of it! I guess it will be officially summer this week anyway. The storage space thing is a pain! I hope you can find a house soon! They say interest rates might go down right before the election, but I know that isn’t the only issue with finding a house. Hope you have a good week as well!

  2. Card promos can sometimes be more trouble than their worth, which is why I’m definitely not one to keep track of them. 😭 I hate having to contact so many people just to get the rewards I’m promised, lol.

    And so sorry it’s so hot where you are! It’s so difficult to get anything done when you’re trying so hard not to melt. The rainy season’s about to start where I live, and it’s still quite hot, but I can tell it’s about to get a bit cooler bc it’s getting humid here.

    Hope next week’s more relaxed for you! Can’t wait for summer school to end for you as well. 😀

    • Lisa Mandina

      The B&N Mastercard is really the only one I mess with because it is a $25 gift card to B&N, so that one is worth it. Does the rainy season get humid too? It’s that heat and humidity together that is the worst in my opinion! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Busy work and summer heat! I feel like we all have so much stuff to handle and keep running, etc. That’s why I bought a home on the lake and no cabin in Minnesota. I didn’t feel we could handle 2 places. Plus then as you said, you can vacation different places instead of just the one place. It’s going to be a struggle for a couple months with the heat but so far the humidity hasn’t been as bad as I expected. Just finished WTZ and can’t wait to talk about it. So sad there aren’t anymore.

    • Lisa Mandina

      My mom’s Branson cabin was a place she went with my stepdad, and now she feels like it just isn’t a place she would want to go sit by herself. It’s not big enough for more than her and maybe me or one other person because it’s really only one bedroom with a sleeper couch. Yeah, the humidity is not fun. One good thing about the heat is that the grass will not grow as fast and I can cut back from once a week to maybe once every two weeks for mowing. I am loving the last WTZ book, can’t wait to discuss!

  4. Sounds like a lot going on for your library. What does the auction money go toward? My son and just finished bridgerton second season and oh i loved the ending so perfect there was a story line i could of done without i did not feel it added to the story. I don’t have an issue with the relationship but i do think it was added just cause of pride month and not really a part of the overall story but to each there own. I have a whole slew of books i gonna try get through this week thankfully two that i had on my list i was able to finish yesterday one was the first vera novel i did that on audiobook while i was in my craftroom and the other was a julie kagawa middle grade about dragons which was amazing and a 5 star so i need to get those reviews up this week. I started the second book of legacy of orisha series and hope to get book 3 done before release date if not i got it on preorder during the audible sale. Audible sale was very dangerous hubby and i added a ton of audibooks to our account. Have a great week.

    Jan farnworth recently posted: Sunday Post 632: Book Clubs and Arcs
    • Lisa Mandina

      The auction is a district thing, I have no idea what they do with the money if they get any. Yeah, I feel like there was something maybe added that wasn’t needed. I’m also wondering about when we get Francesca’s story about this Mikayla. I haven’t read the books, so not sure, but that sounds a lot like the cousin Michael the synopsis of her book talks about as a love interest. We’ll see what happens. Yeah, I had almost $50 worth of books in the Audible sale but made myself put a bunch back!

  5. Its starting to get hot here too. Today we have an excessive heat warning, and its the coolest day of the week. But, we also aren’t suppose to get any rain-which is good because the humidity isn’t terrible, but bad because it hasn’t rained in a while. All the fire warnings will be up this week for sure. Hopefully the last two weeks of summer school go by fast!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: June 16th
    • Lisa Mandina

      We’ve been fortunate enough so far this year to get a little bit of rain here and there and haven’t had the fire warnings yet. We’ll see how long that last though, with 4th of July coming up and there is usually warnings then from being too dry. Yeah, technically I only have 6 more days left of summer school since we have Wednesday off, and I took the next Monday off, and we end on that last Thursday of June. Yay!

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty decent week. I’m glad you got some help with your library books and shelves. I had a busy work week, but it was nice to get back into a routine after all my family left. The weather was really nice, so I was able to get some walks in, as well.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Last week wasn’t too bad other than the heat for the most part. I’m sure it’s nice to get back into a routine, even as nice as it is to see family.

  7. Those temperatures sound brutal – especially if you’re working in them. All last week, the temp was down in the early 60s and on Friday in a cold wind and lots of rain showers, the high was 59 degrees. Though today it’s going to be warmer – in the mid-60s. I can’t imagine coping with such weather… Your mother is lucky to have you help her moving and downsizing. It must be a tough thing to do. I hope it gets cooler for you sometime soon. Have a good week.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I mean, other than mowing I don’t really have to work outside in them, so that’s nice at least. I’m jealous of your temps though!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a hawk around here that wasn’t just flying nearby. I’m still hoping he didn’t get the bunny as he was back last night! I’m enjoying The Art of Catching Feelings so far!

  8. I didn’t know NKOTB had new work out..
    It is so so soo hot here as well. Sweltering.
    My kids have their last week of school happening right now.. more of a ‘need to meet our quota of days’ then nay actual school work. Looking forward to the end of it all.

    hena recently posted: Recent Reads
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I think it came out a week or two ago? I like all the songs I think! I’m sure you’ll be glad to have the kids home for the summer!

  9. You have been busy! I’m glad to hear that you’re almost through with summer school! I haven’t even started yet 😭 But it’s only half-days so it should be fine. Lol.

    That weather sounds awful! I hate the heat! Luckily it hasn’t been too hot over here yet, which is honestly weird. It’s been very windy though.

    • Lisa Mandina

      So jealous of half days! Since students for high school have to get so many hours of a class to have it count as a credit, we have to go a full day for them to get two classes. It kind of sucks. Oh well, I need the money! We’ve had a lot of wind this year too, which can help if you’re not just out in the sun with no shade.

  10. Hot seems to be a theme. We are having a dreadful week and the heat index today is 101 and may go even higher. Sounds like you are having a productive summer. I have read all of the Improbably Meet-Cute stories except for one and really enjoyed them. I have also already finished the last WTZ book. I loved it so much and am sad to see the series ending. Good thing you keep an eye on the pups. Mine are 65 and 110 pounds and I still rarely let them out back without keeping an eye on them. Hope you are having a great week!

    Barb @ Booker T's Farm recently posted: NEVER Let Strangers in Your Home!
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, that heat index is not fun! Today is supposed to be hot again, but there has been such a nice strong breeze that it doesn’t feel as bad, at least not this morning it didn’t. I’m loving this last WTZ book! Should be done listening tomorrow I’m so close to the end.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen hawks flying over my yard or actually sitting on a tree in my yard. And I’ve seen it twice more since the time I took the pictures!

  11. I hope you are finding ways to stay cool! I have heard of Bookly, but haven’t tried it. I really need to get a jump on Liana De La Rosa’s books. I have an earlier book of hers on my TBR. And one of these days I really will read one of the Ali Hazelwood books I have on my shelf! I am excited about One-Star Romance. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great week, Lisa!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Staying inside as much as possible! lol Bookly is okay, but I’m still waiting for them to fix the bugs in moving my Goodreads info over before I really start using it. I might start at the beginning of July just to have a “clean” start. I did enjoy One-Star Romance, I hope you get a chance to read it, and an Ali Hazelwood book soon!

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