Weekly Wrap-Up #134 – September 10th, 2023

Posted September 10, 2023 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 26 Comments

One full week of September down!

Sunday I was still in Branson with my mom at her and my stepdad’s cabin. We did a little more shopping, and then put together a table she’d bought that my stepdad had been not refusing, but passive-aggressively ignoring putting together for her. I did it in a little over an hour. She wanted more of a little dining table for when people were visiting or if my niece and nephew were here and wanted to play games or something. Both sides fold up like the one you see in the picture, or both can stay down so it stores easily out of the way.

Monday my mom had a forum the campground that is part of where her cabin is, that she is a part owner of. She was running for a seat on the board, so had to go answer questions, talk to people, etc. After she was finished we headed back home to Kansas City. Traffic between Branson and Kansas City had some big lineups at several different spots along the way, so we didn’t end up getting home till after 5 pm. I went to pick my dogs up then had a few hours at home before bed and getting ready for work the next day. It was a hot day both in Branson and KC, some cloudy thunderstorms behind us as we headed north to KC.

Tuesday back at school. Another hot day outside. The technology issues at school were a lot fewer. However the admin at school seemed to have more things for us to do now that again, not library related, but tech related. I did get to do a couple library orientations, and had one teacher use the library so her kids could spread out to do an activity.

Wednesday it was a little cooler outside, but still in the 80s. Technology issues slowed down a ton. I got home and put some chicken in the crockpot so I’d have that for the next few days to make meals with. I did some more rearranging in my library and instead of having a table for displays, I now have a shelf again. I wanted one of the taller ones, but they’d attached them to the walls since last year, and I hated to ask them to take that down. I also wish there was a bulletin board behind where it is, but I made-do with border and paper. Here is what my display looks like now, although looking at the picture I realize I need to move my “bulletin board sign” up so you can see it over anything I put on top.

Thursday things had slowed down technology-wise, but we still did a pretty consistent number of tech issues, at least 20 students if not twice that, I didn’t do a good job of keeping count. My clerk spent a lot of the day on the phone again. We had the first official season game for my Kansas City Chiefs, and sadly they lost. One of our star players, Travis Kelce, was out with an injury, and at the end, there was one player that missed like three times, catches that Kelce would have got. And to be fair, the team we played was playing very well!

Friday the number of technology issues was about the same as Thursday, so a more reasonable number, but still things that I don’t feel are a librarian’s job. Came home to relax and just spend time with the dogs. Later in the evening my neighbors were setting a tent up in their back yard. Which is kind of weird? Don’t know if someone was staying in it or what, but they do have a camper, so I wonder why someone wouldn’t stay in that? I was so tired though that I was in bed and going to sleep by 9:30 pm.

Saturday I slept till about 9 am, with some getting up and letting the dogs out a couple times, and them, well one of them, not wanting me to sleep all morning. I went and met my dad and stepmom for our coffee date around 11 am. Then I went home and spent some more time with the dogs and doing a little blogging. In the evening we had my sister-in-law’s birthday party.

Books Finished

First one was an e-galley for a blog tour last Thursday. Second was a finished copy I got from Bookish First and I read it and should have posted the review yesterday. Third was the audiobook I was listening to. I finished it on Saturday. Fourth was a book from my TBR I’d been working on a little at a time at bedtime. Probably won’t post either of the last two’s reviews till the end of the month with my September L-L-L-Little Reviews post.

New Additions to My Library





Bookish Stuff:

I went to Barnes & Noble to get a birthday gift for my sister-in-law and saw this book journal that I think I’m going to use next year as I read and to help with reviews and such. I also saw these cute sticker tags. Not sure what I’ll use them for exactly, but they were bookish and had wiener dogs on them, so I couldn’t pass them up. Third is another thing a Facebook ad made me buy, lol. A librarian t-shirt that looks like Barbie style. Because of course I need another t-shirt.


First is for a blog tour in a couple weeks, the second is another for the next SmartyPants Romance books. I’ll post my review on other sites on it’s pub date at the end of this month, but my blog review won’t be posted till the beginning of next month. The third one was from a publisher and I’m hoping to fit in at the end of October. The fourth one was also from a publisher and comes out in December. The last one is for an author review team, should be posting the review this week!

Free E-books:

All but the last one were free on Amazon, a few from some authors I already know and enjoy! The last is a bonus scene from the author that she sent out in her Facebook group on Bookfunnel.

Physical books:

I did buy some books at a store in Branson, but they were for my school library, so I’m not going to add them to this.

What I’m Watching

Well, they do always have a Harry Potter marathon on Labor Day weekend, unfortunately hanging out with my mom most of the weekend meant I didn’t get to watch it, as my family isn’t fans of anything like that. I did catch a few moments when she was at the forum on Monday. I did watch another movie with her Sunday night too. It was a weird German horror movie, with the dialogue dubbed, mostly good, but some kind of fake or weird sounding.

I finally finished watching season 2 of Heartstopper, and am continuing my millionth rewatch of Outlander. And kept going on Black Mirror, starting season 3. Also as I mentioned above, sadly watching my KC Chiefs have their first game of the official season and having it be a loss, a close one, but still.

Coming Up Next Week on My Blog

First one is an ARC I got from the publisher, although I don’t know if I’ll finish it, I might be DNFing it today. Second is an e-galley for a blog tour review on Thursday I believe, and last is another ARC I think I won on Goodreads, but I could have sworn it didn’t come out till later this month, and I now see it was published in August, so need to get it read and reviewed!

I’ve also got a couple promo posts coming up this week.


Don’t forget that I do now have the nice little box on the right hand sidebar so you can check out giveaways all the time!

My current monthly giveaway is HERE! Remember if I get over 100 entries in that monthly giveaway I add more winners, and so far this year I’ve had over 100 entries every month. And for August I had over 400 entries, so I will be picking 4 winners!

I also started a Summer Seasons of Books Giveaway last month, so be sure to go enter that HERE. This giveaway goes until mid-September I think, so lots of chances to still get entered.

Final Thoughts

How has September been for you so far? Did you read or watch anything good this past week? Get any good books?

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26 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #134 – September 10th, 2023

  1. danielle hammelef

    I thought about you during the Lions/Chiefs game. I made it through some of the third quarter before I just had to sleep. But the next morning I saw the score and I think my jaw dropped. Anyway, football is back and it’s my favorite sport to watch right now. Hope you have a great week!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I probably should have gone to bed at my normal time and just been disappointed in the morning, lol. But I was actually trying to finish a review book before bed, so they kind of ended up taking the same amount of time.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I have a somewhat similar dining room table to that, but mine is actually a small table when the sides are flipped down, whereas that one isn’t really usable if you don’t flip at least one side up. My mom got it on Amazon I guess, mine came from IKEA.

  2. Sorry you are still having to handle all the tech issues. At a school I was working at years ago, they got rid of the library and gave it to the tech people and called it a media center. There were no physical books (class set books were kept in a book room). It was really weird. However, they had the data that showed almost no one was checking out physical books. It also meant that when a tech problem for a kiddo arose, I could say “go see X in the media center and get it fixed right now” because we always knew where they were!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: September 10th
    • Lisa Mandina

      Ugh, the data showing that might have kind of been true, but there is so much to do to get kids in checking out books. If it’s high school, yeah, but I know our middle school and elementary libraries have students in checking books out every week. And it sucks because at my last school we even asked students and they all said they prefer physical books to read because it if is on technology they might just go play a game or get on social media instead of reading.

  3. What a busy week. We are getting ready to watch our team, the Steelers, here shortly. At least our 3 favorite college teams won yesterday. I like your bulletin board display and hope the tech issues continue to be at a minimum. Have a wonderful week and I can’t beat for a couple of those reviews.

    Barb @ Booker T's Farm recently posted: Farm News - September 9, 2023
    • Lisa Mandina

      Good luck to your team today! I’m hoping as well that tech is slowing down, especially since I know my clerk will be gone on Monday.

  4. Glad to hear the tech stuff is slowly reducing for you. It was a warm week for us and our schools don’t have A/C. Some schools only did half days and kids were excused if parents kept them home. Mine “suffered” through the heat. It’s over now and back to our usual weather and rain.

    I’m excited that football season is back. My college team is doing well so far. Our pro team (Patriots) start today. I’m not expecting too much from them this season. I did grow up in Michigan, so even though I like Mahomes, I was happy for the Lions. I’m sure KC will have another stellar year.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Ugh, no ac, I would not last! Although I’ve both gone to schools when I was a kid, as well as one of my first teaching jobs was in a school with no ac. The Lions played a really good game, so I can’t be upset with them for winning, it’s all on a couple of our own players I think.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, hope I’ll get to them at some point, lol. School seems to be a little slower with tech, so we’ll see!

  5. Sounds like a nice Labor Day weekend getaway for you at your parents cabin! Holiday weekend traffic is no fun though. Glad to hear the issues with tech are slowing down. Hope you get some cooler weather. Happy reading, Lisa!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Black Mirror definitely has episodes you’d enjoy! They’re all different like the Twilight Zone, so you can just watch one and not worry about watching the ones before.

  6. That stinks that they keep sticking you librarians with the tech stuff. I mean, that sounds like a computer lab problem! Lol. Although I think even that might be outdated. Do they still have computer labs or do they just have them in the libraries? But yeah, I feel like they need actual techies to be doing that stuff. Librarians do books.

    I love your t-shirt. I am not a librarian but I still love anything that’s book related on shirts! Lol. I still need to see the Barbie movie. At this rate I’ll be waiting to rent or stream it.

    Nice new reads! Lots of new to me ones but I hope you end up enjoying each and every one of them!

    Thanks for visiting my StS!

    • Lisa Mandina

      No computer labs anymore! All the students, at least at the high school level, have their own laptops. Our middle school students have chromebook carts in each classroom, and I know a lot of elementary might be the same with carts of chromebooks, or some districts I know have ipads. It’s a whole new world, lol.

  7. I have my mom’s old gateleg table that’s similar in style to the one you built for your mom and it gets a lot of use by the whole family. It’s very practical. The one we have has four folding chairs that fit inside. But I like the shelving space inside the one you built. Good luck to your mom on getting that board seat! I was sorry to read about the tech issues but am glad things seem to be improving. Those sticker tags really are cute! I hope you have a great week and enjoy reading, Lisa!

    Literary Feline recently posted: Weekly Mews: Another Busy Week
    • Lisa Mandina

      That’s cool with the chairs inside it!!! It’s not a ton of storage space inside, but it works for what she needs!

  8. I was so surprised to see the Chiefs lose to the Lions! That was a shocker. I hope Kelce is okay. We (Jaguars) play the Chiefs next Sunday here at home. I think Mahomes is great, but obviously I’ll be pulling for the Jags. 🙂 Hopefully the home advantage will be a big boost. I loved season 2 of Heartstopper. I just adore every character. Except Ben. And Harry. LOL

    • Lisa Mandina

      It was a crazy loss! But with the way at least one of our players was playing at the end, it was expected. I definitely get why you’d be cheering for your team! I know there was a QB for Denver at one time that I liked, he was from the KC area or Missouri or something, but I always have to root for my Chiefs.

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