Weekly Wrap-Up #108 – February 26th, 2023

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As usual I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer).

And we’re almost to March!

Sunday was a quiet day around the house. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that about a week ago my mom got laid off. Now she had decided about a month or so ago to make a 12 month plan to retire. Her company ended up changing that in that now she is working on figuring out how to go ahead and do all that now. The hardest part for her is that my stepdad is still getting treated for his cancer, which is going really great, and the doctor is really surprised at well he is doing. So she’s got to figure out how to make sure he can continue to get the medication and treatment he needs now that she won’t have her insurance. But we did have our usual Sunday night family dinner for what seemed like the first time in weeks.

Monday another quiet day around the house. Got a lot of blogging done. Did my taxes. Had hoped maybe I’d get some money back this year since I’m only working one job and it’s in the same state where I live, but no such luck.

Tuesday was the first day back to school after the long weekend and it was a pretty easy day. I had my evaluation meeting with the assistant principal. It was good. He knows the things I need to work on, which are the things I want to work on, which also are the things most high school librarians struggle with. Getting teachers to actually come into the library and use it more. My doctor visit after school ended up with me having to come back the next morning after fasting for the bloodwork I needed. It was really nice, almost spring like temperatures.

Wednesday morning I went into work late so I could stop by my doctor’s office to get blood drawn. It was a usual Wednesday for the most part. But it was rainy most of the day, which meant I just wanted to go home and take a nap.

Thursday was another mostly quiet day at work. I am trying to figure out how to do some rearranging in my library so I can put my main display in a different spot, and I think I figured out how I can move a few things. Hoping to do that tomorrow, especially if I can get a custodian to come help move a few shelves. We had cold winter temperatures again.

So early Friday morning, about 1 am when my dogs always wake me up to go out, I had a bit of a crazy adventure. As I opened the back door to take the dogs out, I heard a rustling noise to the side and the next thing I knew a blue jay flew into my house. So I hurried up and had the dogs do their business and then took them back inside. At first I let the dogs stay out. Argyle, the little coward, went to the bedroom and was scared. Dora tried to get the bird. Of course it was flying along my ceilings, knocked some things over on the top of my bookshelves. I ended up sticking Dora in the bedroom with Argyle and shutting that door. Then I went and opened both doors, not the screen doors, it was cold, and headed to find the bird and shoo it toward one of them. Well as I opened the back screen door, it flew out over my head and that was that. I felt like Sheldon in that one episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Needless to say, it took both me and the dogs a while to get back to bed instead of our normal crawling back under the blankets and going right back to sleep. Then Friday morning my clerk had taken the first half of the day off. Fortunately it wasn’t horribly busy in the library for a change.

Saturday morning I met my friend for breakfast and then got to hold the latest two litters of puppies. It was too cold out to sit outside with them, so I just stayed for a little bit. I’ll share the few pictures of puppies that I took at the end of today’s post.

Books Finished

First was for a blot tour review on Monday. Second was a blog tour review on Thursday. Third was an audiobook I listened to for the library reader award committee. Fourth was for the author’s review team.

New Additions to My Library




Checked this one out from the library to listen to for my reader award committee.

Bookish Stuff:



I had requested the first one through a galley giveaway, really hoping for a physical copy, but the publisher sent me a widget to get this on Netgalley. This is a favorite author of mine, so I went ahead and accepted it! The second one is for an author review team, review will be on pub day, March 7th. The third one is for a blog tour review, also in March. Fourth one is also for an author review team I guess I’m on. I had signed up for a blitz for this one and had the opportunity to read it from them, but I also got a copy from the author.

Free E-books:

The two were free from Amazon. The third was free from the author when I met her at the Flirty in Kansas City convention last week. And the rest were free for signing up for the authors’ newsletter.

Physical Books:


What I’m Watching

Still continuing my rewatch of The Walking Dead. It’s been kind of fun seeing things I don’t remember from the first time through. I tried watching a few movies Friday night on streaming, but couldn’t get into them, so again watched more of The Walking Dead. I’m excited that Survivor starts again this week though!

Coming Up Next Week on My Blog

The first one is an ARC the publisher sent me. I love the author and can’t wait to finish reading this one for a review this week. Second is the e-galley I mentioned that I got from the author above. Third is an e-galley I got on Netgalley, and I’ll be posting my review on this during this week mostly likely, although it doesn’t come out for another week. And the

Of course I’ll have an end of the month post which means my January wrap-up giveaway will be ending on Wednesday and a new February wrap-up giveaway will start that same day I think! I’ve got several blitzes and promo posts this week too.


Don’t forget that I do now have the nice little box on the right hand sidebar so you can check out giveaways all the time! And like I mentioned above, one giveaway ending this week and a new one starting! Remember if I get over 100 entries in that monthly giveaway I add more winners, and right now it is under 100! Go enter HERE to help get the entries over 100 so I’ll pick two winners!

Scotland Tour Tidbits

Clava Cairns is the next spot on the tour. While the location is called Craigh na Dun in the series, there isn’t an actual place with those stones. The ones closest to what they look like in the show aren’t nearby our tour spots, but instead there are other stone circles like that throughout Scotland, so the tour will go to Clava Cairns. The first two pictures are the actual place we will visit, second two pictures are from the show.

Final Thoughts

How was your week? Did you read or watch anything good? Get any good books? Can you believe it will be March this week? Where is 2023 going? Enjoy these puppy pictures I got Saturday!

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32 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #108 – February 26th, 2023

  1. Sorry to hear about your mom’s job! Hopefully she can find something else soon and still get back on her retiring track! Wishing her the best of luck! Wow! That’s pretty freaky with the blue jay! We’ve had a tinier kind of bird fly into our house once when in the same situation with letting dogs out! Fortunately for us that happened during daylight hours! I guess the bird expected to hit the door when he flew towards it! We had that happened a few times too! I’ve seen imprint of bird faces on our windows from the outside and one time a HUGE crow flew into it and the poor thing died as I saw he landed on the ground. I kept our dogs in and waited a few hours, hoping he’d shake it off and fly away…he didn’t. Luckily my grandpa was home and didn’t mind doing that kind of thing to take care of it!

    Nice new reads! I’m excited for Gretchen’s next thriller! I signed up for a blog tour for it and will hopefully hear something in the next few days if I made it or not! If not, I’ll just buy it sometime next month! Fingers crossed! Lol!

    Hope you enjoy each and every one of your new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yes! I’m excited for Gretchen’s latest too. I’m such a big fan of her books! My mom has decided to just go ahead and do the retiring early and figure all the stuff out now. So now it’s just about helping her figure things out. Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I love Sheldon too! The Big Bang Theory is a show I can watch over and over and never get tired of. Sounds like a warmer week, but possibly some thunderstorms tonight, weird weather!

  2. Well I am really sorry for your mom and what it means for your stepdad’s treatment! And when I saw your picture with Sheldon I could only think of the coincidence as I used Sheldon’s voice in one of my reels this week! Also the puppies are SO CUTE!

    • Lisa Mandina

      So far my mom seems to think they’ll be able to keep my stepdad’s treatment going, just how much it’s going to cost and all the new paperwork they’ll have to figure out. Oh how fun! I love Sheldon. The puppies were adorable. I’m just hoping there are some nice days soon so that I can go play with them outside before they go to their homes.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Oh my goodness! How did you get the squirrel out? Yeah, I was so happy it just left as quickly as it did. I don’t have very high ceilings since my house is older, so I wonder if it felt cramped in my house, lol.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, me too! Which reminds me I still haven’t fixed the things it knocked over on top of the shelves, lol. When you’re short like I am, I don’t notice things that high if they’re not important.

    • Lisa Mandina

      My mom had a bat in their house once. And a hummingbird in their garage! So far she’s kind of figuring things out. So that’s good! Yeah, my taxes were a lot easier to do this year, but it didn’t matter, still have to pay sadly. I don’t need to get money back, I’d just like to not have to pay more.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mom’s job. It’s so challenging especially when you’re not quite ready to retire. Loved all the photos! Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • Lisa Mandina

      She’s dealing with it as she can. I know mostly she’s probably going to be irritated being home all the time with my stepdad without anything to do, but she does sew a lot and has a booth at a local antique/flea market type of place where she sells that stuff, so she’ll have that to do. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s job. I hope that things will work out well nevertheless for her and your stepdad. Sometimes surprising things happen out of difficult situations.

    I always wondered what it would be like to be in a high school library. You can’t keep the teachers away from the elementary library—they would live in the library, if they could, I think! But, goodness, there are a lot of other things kids and teachers are doing in high school.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I really want to be a middle school librarian, because that is the age I taught before I became a librarian and I like how you’re trying to keep them reading. At the high school level it’s pretty much just helping teachers with research if they let you, and taking care of the students who are already readers. Which I love those kids too, but I would like to be at the middle school level trying to get more of them!

  5. Glad you were abole to have your Sunday night dinner! That’s a neat tradition. And best luck to your mom. that has to be hard, having your schedule forcibly changed like that, and dealing with insurance as well for your stepdad’s treatment.

    That’s crazy about the blue jay! You don’t expect THAT when you let the dogs out lol!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #493
    • Lisa Mandina

      I guess I always assumed blue jays were not nocturnal. I would have thought maybe a bat or an owl if it was a bird, but never thought a blue jay at 1 am! lol

  6. So sorry to hear about your mom’s job. Especially since it impacts your stepdads medical treatment.

    We’ve had a bird come inside and it’s quite the project to get them back out. Can’t imagine trying in the middle of the night with two dogs. Cute puppies!

    Hope you enjoy all your new reads. Have a lovely week, Lisa!

    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted: Sunday Post #196
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I assumed I’d be up forever dealing with it, but I was back in bed and had the dogs fed and taken out by 2 am. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Your bird experience sounds like something that would happen to me. We’ve had 2 bats fly in and a hummingbird. Always a crazy experience! Hope this week goes well 💕

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’ve been worried about putting a hummingbird feeder too close to the back door, but never thought a blue jay would fly in! Especially in the middle of the night! Thanks for visiting!

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