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The author reached out to me about this, and while I didn’t have time to fit it into my reading schedule, it was one that sounded interesting enough that I wanted to share it! If you are interested, make sure to enter the giveaway for a digital copy below!

Promo Post with Giveaway:  Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again by Roni RosenthalWhere the Lilacs Bloom Once Again by Roni Rosenthal-Gazit, Roni Rosenthal
Published by StoryTime World on August 27, 2022
Genres: Adult Historical Fiction
Pages: 203
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Friddie, 18, is an ordinary yet rebellious young Jewish woman, living in Bucharest in the 1930s. Born and raised in Romania’s capital, she dreams of living as a “free Romanian woman.”
After calling off her wedding to a young, parentally-approved accountant, she escapes to a city on the coast, where she meets a scientist-perfumer named Freddy. He is the true love she has been looking for—and a ticket to her dream.
Soon, though, that dream turns into a nightmare she never could have predicted.

Friddie’s story of incredible hardship is interwoven with the stories of her family. We follow her Aunt Rosa’s life as the glue of her household, even though she loses her husband in mysterious circumstances; her Uncle David, who dreams of becoming a schoolteacher and starting a family in Iași, and her cousins, who uproot their lives in Bucharest to start again in Israel.
In this tragic-heroic novel, the true stories, the victims, and the small moments of happiness are revealed in the Danube’s labor camps, under the fascist-dictatorial and communist rule that has been a part of Romania for so many years.
Based on the true experiences of a Jewish Romanian family, Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again unearths stories that could so easily be lost to the passage of time. This family’s tale has emerged at a critical time, to show the need for compassion and kindness, even in the hardest moments.

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The background story that led to the book Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again

In December 2009 my father passed away. I went home for the funeral and found an old family photo album, a handwritten family tree, and a note that read “Write their stories, tell the world what really happened to them.”

And so, I did.

The book is a culmination of 12 years of family research. I was able to find a lot of supporting and personal documents, but there are still many questions that remain open.

The book is based on two women, role models in my life: My great-grandmother Rosa Isopovichi and her niece (my grandmother’s cousin) Friddie Stoleru.

Friddie married the love of her life at the age of 20. The dream soon turned into a nightmare when her husband disappeared, and she was arrested and charged with espionage. She was sent to Poarta Albă labor camp where she later met Mircea, a political prisoner, who joined the anti-communist resistance and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Mircea was the “adopted” brother of King Mihai.

Rosa was a widower, who raised her two children by herself. When she moved to Bucharest to be closer to her family, she realized that the aroma coming from her kitchen brought in not only some stray cats and nosy neighbors, but also potential customers. She opened the first catering business in Bucharest.

I wrote this book to tell their stories. I wrote this book to give the silenced stories a voice. We must keep telling, otherwise, the truth may be lost.

I chose to write this book and uncover my family story, to let future generations learn from our ancestors’ pain.

“Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again”  is a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about the journey of my Jewish family in Romania throughout WW2 and the 20th century. A Powerful, Tragic-Heroic story of unsung heroes and an Everlasting memoir, based on a true story.

About the Author

Roni Rosenthal is the CEO and Founder of “The Pencil Pro.” She is the innovator of the Brain-Empowered with Creativity model, an adjunct-Professor and an Education Director.
Roni is known for challenging and motivating people in becoming creative thinkers.
She is a frequent speaker at workshops, universities, and schools. 
Roni believes that creative thinking is a virtue and a must have skill in the 21st century. Her goal is to promote original thinking worldwide, and she has developed the tools to do so. 

Roni can be reached at

Follow her on Twitter @RoniRosenthal




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