Blog Tour Review: Well Acquainted (London Ladies Embroidery #2) by Laney Hatcher

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Well Acquainted, an all-new swoony second chance historical romance from Laney Hatcher, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review:  Well Acquainted (London Ladies Embroidery #2) by Laney HatcherWell Acquainted by Laney Hatcher
Series: London Ladies Embroidery #2
Published by Smartypants Romance on October 27, 2022
Genres: Adult Historical Romance
Pages: 334
Source: the publisher
Format: eBook
My Rating: four-stars


There are three things you need to know about Lady Eliza Morgan:

1. In addition to being a busy physician, she’s an accomplished seamstress.

2. She’s the victim of a broken heart.

3. The man who shattered it is the one man she can never have.

Some things are better left in the past, but Eliza has spent years running from hers. When the man who upended her life re-enters it in the most unexpected way, Eliza must decide if reacquainting herself with Nicolas is worth the heartache. He’s charming and irritating and makes her realize there is so much more than the life she’s been living. But first she must confront her painful past if she and Nicolas have any hope for a future.

‘Well Acquainted’, a Penny Reid Universe Reimagining, is a full-length historical romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #2 in the London Ladies Embroidery series, Smartypants Romance Out of this World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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Audiobook: Coming this winter!


Awareness came slowly. I didn’t open my eyes just yet. I could feel the sunlight brightly warming my face though. Our limbs were tangled beneath the covers. Nicolas’s body heated my skin where we were anchored to one another. He was awake. I could just tell.

“I can feel you staring at me,” I accused, lids still shut against the morning.

“It’s called gazing. And it’s romantic.”

I smiled before opening my eyes and bringing him into focus. Nicolas was facing me on his side, elbow bent, head propped on his hand. His jade green eyes sparkled with amusement, a brilliant grin gracing his full lips.

“Is it romantic to stare at an unconscious woman? Is it really?” I teased.

And in a rare moment, he abandoned the easy banter he typically favored for honest solemnity. “I just can’t believe you’re really here. I fear that if I take my eyes off of you for even a moment that you’ll disappear like a dream upon waking.”

I swallowed. His admission made guilt rise uncomfortably. I hadn’t stayed the night in his bed after the first time we’d made love. I’d been nervous and worried, so I’d returned home despite Nicolas’s obvious disappointment. Waking up together now and spending the remainder of our busy night in each other’s arms was a revelation. I wanted to sleep with Nicolas every night.

Nicolas leaned forward and dropped a lazy kiss on my shoulder. “Can I kiss you?”

“You already have,” I said, both relishing the sensation of his warm lips and the rough scrape of his morning stubble.

After another sensual kiss to my collarbone, he replied, “Can I kiss you more?”

I nodded my agreement.

Nicolas brought his free arm to my waist and rubbed his thumb against the soft skin there. His mouth descended once more to my neck, my shoulder, my chest. He murmured words of praise between kisses, telling me how soft I was, how sweet. He breathed the compliments into my skin where they heated and ached. I squirmed beneath the bedlinens before bringing my hand to his back, nails scoring and encouraging his attentions.

My Review

I enjoyed the first historical retelling of Penny Reid’s Knitting in the City series more than I expected and was excited to read this one too! I don’t read a ton of historical romance books, but the first one in this series as well as of course Bridgerton have made me think I need to do more of that. What I love the most about this is comparing it to the second book in the KITC series to see what was kept kind of the same, and what was changed to fit the time period and just to make it into its own story. Since it had been a while since I’d read the one this was based off of, I kept guessing as I went through on what would be the same and what would be changed to fit the time period or just to make it into its own story.

This had so many great things about it. I wondered for a bit if we might be getting a different type of illness for Angelica, one that maybe was being caused on purpose, so I liked the way the author fed us the info to find out what was causing her breathing problems. Although I kind of wondered earlier in the story if it was what it was and was surprised it ended up being that! One thing I noticed that I’m also assuming was changed in the finished copy is that they kept alternating between the spelling of Nicolas and Nicholas towards the end of the book.

But now I’m just eager for the third book and to see where the author will take the next character from KITC books and make her story “new”.

About the Author

Laney Hatcher is a firm believer that there is a spreadsheet for every occasion and pie is always the answer. She is an author of stories that have a past, in a language of love that’s universal. Often too practical for her own good, Laney enjoys her life in the southern United States with her husband, children, and incredibly entitled cat.

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    • Lisa Mandina

      Yes! You have to check these out! They’re basically retelling the Knitting in the City stories, but of course things aren’t exactly the same because of the time period they are in!

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