Weekly Wrap-Up #84 – September 11th, 2022

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Once again I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer).

Of course today is one that American will be reflecting on the tragedy that took place in 2001. It’s weird as I get older to realize that all the students in my school have no memory of the actual date as they were all not even born yet. I guess that is how things go as we get older.

Last Sunday was a relaxing day for sure. I got to go play with puppies again, which was fun! I didn’t take as many pics this time since I did more playing now that they’re older and more actively into playing. One of them got picked up to go to their new home while I was there. Here are a few of the pics:

Sunday night though, I ended up DNFing the ARC I was reading. I’ll explain why whenever I do my next DNF post. Then that night I noticed my toilet was leaking right around the flush handle. Turns out there was a part inside that wasn’t stopping the water like it was supposed to. I thought I’d fixed it. But then when I got up in the middle of the night to take the dogs out, I noticed it had started leaking again.

My stepdad came over Monday morning and looked at it. It was an easy fix, but we did have to go to Lowe’s to buy the part. He also bought me a battery powered drill to keep at my house for when he came over to help. I had one at one time at my last house, but someone had unplugged it and I didn’t realize it, so then it was dead and the battery wouldn’t recharge again. Spent most of the rest of the day relaxing around the house, but doing laundry and dishes and dreading going to school on Tuesday. Monday night was a cook-out at my brother’s house.

Tuesday was of course a crazy day, especially the morning when I was alone. But the library orientations went okay. The teacher just wanted a quick run down of where things were and the library rules, and then they checked out a book. Things are somewhat slowing down on the laptop front. Partly because we have most students covered, but also because we are still missing laptops for some of the of the older students. I probably should have mowed when I got home from school. But I was just too tired and decided to wait till Wednesday.

Wednesday was another busy day at school. Even though it was our early release day for students. This year the new STUCO sponsor has decided to have those meetings during that early release time in the library. Which means my library isn’t the quiet place where I can get work done. I was able to get some more boxes of books out, but not as many as I’d have liked. Plus the noise. Ugh. I’m so tired of loud in the library. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind students working and talking with their partners or groups. But these kids are being loud and just not treating it like a library at all. I did have a Zoom meeting with the other district librarians to discuss the Missouri Senate Bill 775 just passed that makes it possible for librarians to get fined or in trouble for things that are considered explicit sexual material. We’ve already had one parent in our district send a list of books. According to the language of this bill it is only visuals not words. HERE is my state library association’s stance on this.

I did go ahead and mow my yard Wednesday night even though it was almost 90 degrees again.

Thursday was calmer. Mostly because we don’t really have any more laptops to hand out. I was able to get probably 15-20 boxes of books put out on shelves. But I’m only to the E’s in Fiction and the 300s in the Deweys.

Friday mostly calmer. I got another maybe 10 or so boxes unpacked. My 10 year old niece was performing with her dance group at the high school football game near them, but I was just too tired to do much more than hang out at home.

Saturday started with my stepdad coming over to help me figure out how to cover up the hole that was left behind my vanity that goes into the walls of the house when they did my bathroom remodel. He put some kind of caulk stuff around the pipe. I had found Friday morning what looked like a mouse had been in the vanity because they chewed up part of a roll of toilet paper and the heads of some q-tips I had. It was a cloudy day, which was nice for relaxing the rest of the day. Then I had a concert Saturday night, Michael Buble. I’ll try to share some pictures next weekend!

Books Finished

First was an ARC I got from the publisher. My review was posted on Wednesday. Second was an audiobook I finished Monday. Third, well I posted the review of Smartasses already for a tour, but I just finished the last story Tuesday night. The fourth book was an e-galley for a blog tour I posted on Friday.

New Additions to My Library


Got this through a trade on Twitter.



Bookish Stuff:

The first picture isn’t bookish I guess, but I’m in the mood for Halloween decorating and I saw this adorable dachshund statue. I also got some fun solar spider lights to hang up in my back yard, or maybe on the tree in front of my house! The second picture is some merchandise I ordered from the Jennifer Lynn Armentrout store. All the OG book boyfriends from her series on a tshirt, and the tumbler was on sale! The third picture is more stickers I ordered. I saw someone put stickers on their e-reader case and I decided to do that too! And then I also ordered some SmartyPants Romance themed stickers that arrived on Friday.


I think this is the first e-galley for the next round of SmartyPants Romance! It comes out at the end of this month, but my blog review won’t be till October. The second I got from the author because I’m part of her review team and pretty much get all of them even without signing up. I just hope I can get to it!

Free E-books:

The first three were for signing up for newsletters. I mean isn’t the cover of Star Date so cool? I couldn’t help grabbing it! The rest were free on Amazon, except the last one, which was 99 cents, but it’s only 16 pages.

Library books:

Downloaded this audiobook from the library as one of the books I need to read for the Gateway reader committee I’m on. It’s not my normal type of audiobook, but I’ve got to get through these books soon!

Purchased physical books:

The first picture is a series that I listened to in audiobook, and then the author releases the paperback later. I remembered I wanted to own physical copies when the author posted about the second one coming out soon in paperback. So I went ahead and bought this one! Second picture is one I read an e-galley of a month or two ago and loved and so I decided to order a physical copy for my shelf. Third is another I’ve already read as an e-galley. But I had to own, and I love the alternate covers for this series. I bought the first at Book Bonanza so had to have the matching cover!

What I’m Watching:

Started rewatching season 4 of Cobra Kai to get ready for season 5 and then season 5 came out early this week! So I started that on Friday night!


Coming Up Next Week on My Blog:

The first and third are ARCs, one from the publisher and the second I got from the authors at Book Bonanza. The second one is part of a blog tour. The last one is an egalley I got from Netgalley, I love this author’s other two books so had to read this, wished I’d gotten an ARC of this one too! Hope to have it done in time to post next Sunday.


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Final Thoughts:

How was your week? Did you read or watch anything good? Get any good books? Have anything exciting coming up this week?

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22 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #84 – September 11th, 2022

    • Lisa Mandina

      If I hadn’t been trying to actually get the laptops done and other things that were so time sensitive, the noise might not have been such a big deal. But as it is, eh. I need to get used to the fact that the library is not exactly what I thought it would be years ago based on what my own library was when I saw it. Oh well.

  1. I think it would drive me nuts if the library was loud like that. Libraries are supposed to be QUIET lol. And the Senate bill thing just makes the job a little more tough, having to worry you’re going to get in trouble like that. We’ve had some library issues here too with some of that.

    I totally started Cobra Kai lol and am about 5 in. Love chozen!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #469
    • Lisa Mandina

      I mean the feeling these days is less about the completely silent. But I want it to feel like a library, so loud isn’t the right thing either. I think I’m on the 3rd or 4th episode now of Cobra Kai’s new season and loving it! Of course, lol.

  2. My library is never a place of peace and quite Unless there isn’t a class in there… LOL!! Primary school kids are loud, no matter what.

    Great books you have on your haul and so many Christmassy ones. Is it wrong to say I look forward to the season already?

    Have a great week Lisa and I wish you lots of peace and quiet.

    Mareli @ Elza Reads recently posted: The Sunday Post #82
    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, little kids are of course a little noisier, lol. But at the older age I want it to be more about studying and reading. As I said, I don’t mind the talking and not being silent. I just don’t care for the hooting and hollering and making TikTok videos with music in the library. I’m ready for the weather of the holidays for sure! I didn’t used to like to read holiday stuff other than right at that time, but these days I’m an equal opportunity season reader, lol. Thanks for visiting!

  3. It really is odd to think that for many under a certain age, 9/11 is just some historical event. They have no personal connection to it at all. (But I guess the same can be said for any historical event, the further back you go.) A loud library is just wrong. 🙁 How fun to see Michael Buble! I had tickets when he was here a couple years ago and ended up getting bronchitis and couldn’t go. Had to give my tickets away. Maybe I’ll get another chance to see him some day. OMG, love that JLA shirt! Daemon is my OG book boyfriend. LOL

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: The Sunday Post #302 | September 11, 2022
    • Lisa Mandina

      Oh I hope you get the chance to go see Michael Buble again sometime, he puts on a great show! While I was kind of not in the mood to go to a concert, I ended up enjoying it a lot as usual, and will probably/maybe go see him again! And yeah, Daemon was probably the first time I actually used the term book boyfriend, lol!!!

  4. Awwww! The puppies are so cute! I want to play with them, lol. Sounds like quite the week. I’m glad it started to slow down a bit. I’m also glad you got the hole taken care of in your bathroom. Mice are no joke! How fund you got to go to a Buble concert. I hope you enjoyed it!

    Jenni Elyse recently posted: Sunday Post #35
    • Lisa Mandina

      The concert was great! Michael Buble always puts on a great show. Puppy time is always so much fun! I want a puppy, but since I know there is no way I could handle 3 dogs by myself, it is great having a friend that satisfies my need for puppy time. lol Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Thanks! I am glad he can help out. But I’m going to have to find a handyman to do that stuff at some point as he is getting older!

  5. The puppies are so adorable. We’ll be going to a birthday party at a local no kill shelter next weekend and get a chance to play with some of the cats and dogs. In lieu of gifts, we’re to bring donations for the animals, which I think is a great idea. I don’t think we’ll be coming home with a new animal, but I’m sure it will be tempting. I am not sure my cats would appreciate any new additions to the family. I hope you enjoyed the concert! I am listening the rain outside–I hope it lasts awhile. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your reading!

    • Lisa Mandina

      That is an awesome idea for gifts! I know my niece has gone to birthday parties like that too! I wish we had more rainy days too. We had the two days of fallish weather, and now it is back up to 90 most of the week. Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      So far this week is slowing down in some ways. Mostly because we don’t have any laptops to give out, lol. Still dealing with other stuff, but happy to be getting more and more of my books out of boxes! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I will always have dachshunds, but they are a lot harder to deal with than bigger dogs sometimes. But I grew up with them and am a little obsessed with them if you can’t tell, lol.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’m looking forward to weeks when I get to just sit at my desk and breathe occasionally, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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