Blog Tour Review: Smart Mouth (Work For It #4) by Emma Lee Jayne

Posted May 9, 2022 by Lisa Mandina in Blog Tour, Review / 4 Comments

Smart Mouth, an all-new opposites attract romantic comedy from Emma Lee Jayne, is now available in Kindle Unlimited! 

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review:  Smart Mouth (Work For It #4) by Emma Lee JayneSmart Mouth by Emma Lee Jayne
Series: Work For It #4
Published by Smartypants Romance on April 26, 2022
Genres: Adult Contemporary Romance, Adult Rock Star Romance, Adult Romantic Comedy
Pages: 336
Source: the publisher
Format: E-galley
My Rating: five-stars


The rockstar

There are lots of assumptions people make about rockstars. Shallow. Player. Addict. The truth? I’m none of those. 

The even bigger truth…the only opinion I care about is her’s and she hates me. Her as in Gwen Matthews, my twin brother’s best friend, the unrequited love of my life. She thinks I’m a liar and a jerk which is why I pretend to be my brother when she needs help one night. 

Except Gwen is a genius. Literally. So it doesn’t take her long to figure out it’s me and not my brother, but maybe, just maybe, she’s willing to give me a second chance. Because maybe when she looks at me, she only sees a rockstar with her best friend’s face, but when I look at her, I see my other half. She centers me in a way that no rhythm or line of lyric ever could. 

The scientist

I have three priorities in life at the moment: finish my research, defend my dissertation, and get my Ph.D., so that I can actually figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. Tom Mendoza won’t help me achieve any of those things. Yet I can’t help the sudden feeling that I’ve been completely wrong about him all this time. 

The day we first met when we were both teenagers, I saw a glimpse of a sweet, funny boy that felt very much like a kindred spirit; awkward and full of energy and dreams. But that guy seemed to disappear and in his place was this stereotypical stupidly hot rock star that did not make sense in my world. 

Being a scientist means being willing to admit when you’re wrong and reevaluating everything. I might not understand much about human behavior, but I can clearly see the tender underbelly that Tom protects. The subtle rituals he uses to stave off his anxiety. Yes, he’s ridiculously hot, but his soul just might be more beautiful than his face and I’m not sure what to do with that. 

Especially when I find out that he’s in love with me. 

‘Smart Mouth’ is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #4 in the Work For It series, Educated Romance World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but kissing Gwen is the best stupid thing I’ve ever done.

I know it’s a mistake. I know James will probably kill me if he ever finds out—and he will find out.

Hell, Gwen will kill me herself, if she ever finds out. Plus, she’s smart enough to get away with it—and to make it painful.

Despite all of that, I can’t sit here and let her think that I don’t want her. I can’t let her believe she’s repulsive or any other ridiculous idea. I can’t fucking watch her cry over it.

I’ve never really understood James and Gwen’s relationship. I’ve never understood how he’s been friends with this gorgeous, smart, awkward, frustrating woman without hitting on her. I don’t know how he made it through high school and college without kissing her, because, fuck it, I couldn’t make it through a thirty-minute car ride without wanting to kiss her.

I sure as fuck am not going to let her climb out of this car thinking she repulses men.

I don’t have a plan when I lean across the console and pull her to me. At least not beyond ridding her of this notion that I don’t want her.

But the second my mouth touches hers, I’m a goner.

My Review

Okay, so I loved the first book in this series from this author, Heart Smart, and I might have loved this one even more! While it wasn’t Max’s sister like I’d hoped from the last book, this one was still a perfect addition to the series! I adored Gwen. In so many ways she reminded me of myself. I’m not as smart as her, but I am a science nerd. I was a science teacher for 17 years. She was so nerdy/smart that when she had to come up with a badass example, it was Marie Curie. She would just blurt things out and that too is me. I loved her snarky/funny banter even when she was just doing it because she was nervous. There was a moment at the end of the book when one of the characters from the first book, Holly, handed her one of their babies. And Gwen’s reaction to it was sooooooo me!

I look from the baby to Holly and ask, “What is a socially acceptable amount of time to hold a baby and will it offend you if I hand her back?”

Yes, that is me. I am nervous holding babies and am not the type of person that needs to hold a baby when I see it. In fact I prefer not to.

Of course then there was our rock star, scratch that, former boy band pop star hero, Tom. I adored Tom. First of all, you need to know that I have always been a boy band lover. I’m going to my umpteenth New Kids on the Block concert this coming weekend in fact. So you got me with that right there. Then him being a twin, and yeah, I was sold. But it was his feeling of unrequited love for Gwen, the things he’d done over the year to try to get over her, to try to get close to her, etc. Things she knew, things she didn’t know.

But what I loved is how the author made us think about how his love may not be real, it may be like confirmation bias, a scientific thing so many people these days need to learn about. However even when Gwen tried to dissect it and take it down to that logical non-emotional level, she got called out by Max, and I loved it.

This book had me speeding through, not wanting to put down for anything, and smiling all the way through. Loved this so much!

About the Author

I write the kinds of books I want to read. Fast-paced books with lots of world-building, snarky heroines, and swoony heroes. I love story, pop culture, gossip, and baked goods. I’m a modern-day hippy and certified LEGO nerd.

I live in the Austin, Texas hill country, with my geeky husband and two extremely geeky kids. We have dogs, chickens, cats, and more LEGOs than should be allowed by law. Oh, and I stress bake. So if my characters talk about food a lot, that’s why.

Emma also writes as Rita award winning author Emily McKay.

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4 responses to “Blog Tour Review: Smart Mouth (Work For It #4) by Emma Lee Jayne

  1. Danielle Hammelef

    I love nerdy characters and smart women as POV characters. And witty banter is my favorite in rom coms. I didn’t know you used to be a science teacher, Lisa. That is so awesome. And as far as babies, I used to be the person who wanted to hold a baby, and now with COVID concerns still looming, I think it will be a long time before I get the chance.

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yes, this author writes these types of characters and banter so well! I can’t wait to meet her this summer!

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