Blog Tour: It Started With A Kiss by Lisa Hobman

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I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour:  It Started With A Kiss by Lisa HobmanIt Started with a Kiss by Lisa Hobman
Published by Boldwood Books on April 21, 2022
Genres: Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages: 346
Source: the publisher
Format: E-galley


Can two strangers dreams lead to their destiny?

American Star Mendoza is living in her dream location, Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up.

Employed at a trendy city centre coffee shop, quirky, pink-haired Star spends her days fantasising about a handsome businessman she serves daily.

He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream, right?

Fin Hunter is exhausted from striving for his father’s elusive love and approval, and of following a life path of his family’s making.

When things go drastically wrong Fin decides it’s time to stand on his own two feet and follow his own dream.

Star is bereft when her handsome stranger stops coming to her coffee shop, but a chance encounter in the most unlikely of places leaves her wondering if her fantasy could now become a reality?

Can opposites attract over their love of a city and music or is their story simply doomed to fail?

Previously Published as ‘Star Attraction’

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Until recently, in all my twenty-seven years, I’ve always done the right thing. At least I’ve tried to. Finlay Hunter—the blue-eyed boy—both literally and figuratively speaking. Never putting a foot out of line but somehow, when it comes to my father, still never good enough. 

Having grown up in a very wealthy family, the younger of two sons, I’ve strived to be the perfect prodigy. My brother was an overachiever and had already made my parents proud by qualifying as a GP and becoming a partner in his own surgery. It wasn’t exactly what my parents wanted for him initially but as he saved people’s lives they forgave him for not going into law. So, it was down to me to follow in my father’s footsteps and continue the family business. Therefore, taking my degree in law had been part of the plan. Notice how I didn’t say my plan? My degree had afforded me a great education and good friends, but not a choice of career. I would’ve been working for the family business in some capacity regardless. A serious case of nepotism. 

A St Andrews University degree was seen by my family as a status symbol. ‘The Royals study there, don’t you know? If it’s good enough for them…’ A famous phrase often repeated at me by my dad. 

I worked my arse off for my qualifications, and it was no bloody picnic, but at the end of the day, to my father, it was simply a necessary piece of paper he could wave under the noses of his corporate cronies. Like I said, a status symbol. 

My father, Campbell Hunter, is a senior partner in Hunter Drummond Law, based in the magnificent city of Edinburgh. A high-flyer, you might say, and since a very young age, I too was encouraged to do well, to prosper. My father doesn’t suffer fools and ours was never really a relationship based on what you could call out and out love. I know he loves me. Or at least I think he does. He just never shows it, not really. Never has. Dad is a great believer in keeping emotions in check. ‘No one likes a cry-baby, Finlay,’ was another of his favourite phrases, and so I learned to keep my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to myself. It explains a lot. 

Dad wasn’t the kind of guy to play footy on a Sunday with my brother and me. We were both sent to boarding school, and when we were home for holidays, he was always working, so we spent our time with the housekeeper, Henrietta—or Hetty—as Callum and I called her. We didn’t mind at the time because she was great fun. She had awesome taste in music and would smuggle CDs in for me of bands she thought I’d like. I can categorically say that my fantasies of being a rock star stemmed from Hetty. 

You may be wondering what of my mother? Where do I start? Isobel Hunter was like a WAG; a footballer’s wife of her day. In her teens, she’d been a fashion model with high society aspirations. She too was from a wealthy family, but it was her looks that propelled her forward. She’s beautiful. Tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, like my brother and me. 

Once she married Dad, she gave up her modelling career and spent her time hosting dinner parties and adding to her ridiculous shoe collection. In all honesty, she was never cut out to be a mother, and regardless of how I tried to get her attention, I usually ended up feeling like an inconvenience. It’s my guess that she would have remained childless if she had met anyone but my father. You see, he’s of the old ‘keep the family line going’ generation, and I’m pretty sure the fact that he had male children was a bonus for him. Shame he never showed it. So in stepped Hetty. And I, for one, will be eternally grateful for her compassion and care. 

My older brother, Callum, was the opinionated one. From an early age he rebelled, insisting he would choose his own path in life. He said that law looked boring and he couldn’t imagine being a stuffed suit, shouting at other stuffed suits in a courtroom until the loudest suit won. Mind you, he’d argue black was white and up was down if he thought it would get a rise out of Dad, and there was always some feud going on between them. They were far too alike; two strong-willed alpha male characters vying for dominance over each other and neither willing to back down. It was due to this reason that I took it upon myself to be the better son. The compliant one. All I wanted was for Dad to be proud of me. But looking back, even when I graduated with a first, he didn’t tell me he was proud of me. Instead, he bought me a new sports car and told me I was expected at the firm the following week to begin work. 

That was over four years ago. 

About the Author

Lisa Hobman has written many brilliantly reviewed women’s fiction titles – the first of which was shortlisted by the RNA for their debut novel award. In 2012 Lisa relocated her family from Yorkshire to a village in Scotland and this beautiful backdrop now inspires her uplifting and romantic stories. Her first title for Boldwood Dreaming Under an Island Skye was published in February 2021.

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