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I had some time this week and was able to go around and do some commenting on blogs when I saw this challenge linked on one, I can’t remember who it was now, but I decided this is a great challenge that I definitely need to take part in! There aren’t a lot of rules or guidelines for this one, but it is being hosted by Pages Unbound, and you can see their intro post HERE.

Since I’m kind of starting a month behind and there are 12 suggestions of things to do, I’m going to make my sign up post the first task as well:


The shout out can be as a blog post on your blog, a list on Twitter, or any other ways you want to show them support. Okay, here are the 10 blogs I know I comment on the most, and that I follow by email:

  1. Feed Your Fiction Addiction – I’ve been following Nicole for a while, and I started interacting even more one year when we both participated in, I can’t remember if it was the TBBT Santa, or it was a summer giveaway maybe? It was a pen pal type of thing. But I love her reviews, I love how she collects other people’s posts like discussions and giveaways to share with everyone. And it’s exciting hearing about her own writing journey as I try to get more into my own writing. If you haven’t visited her, you need to do that soon!
  2. Books, Bones, & Buffy – I’ve been following Tammy for quite a while as well. It was probably the whole Buffy bit that grabbed me at first since I’ve been a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan since the movie and then the when the show started as well. She reads a lot of science fiction, which I used to read tons of, even if I don’t read a lot anymore. It is great following her and getting reviews of the books I would probably be reading these days if I didn’t read as much romance as I do right now. Again, if you haven’t been following or reading her blog, you should check it out!
  3. Books of My Heart – Now I started following Anne and her co-bloggers a year or two ago I think. But since I started I’ve been really enjoying all her posts and keeping up with what is going on over there. With more than one blogger there are lots of different types of books being discussed and I love that! Be sure to check out this blog when you get a chance!
  4. We Live and Breathe Books – I’ve been following Sam for quite a while as well! I love that we read a lot of the same books, a lot of the same YA books. In fact as I was getting the link to her blog for this post I noticed a book that I’ll be reading soon in one of her posts. She’s got a great blog that you should check out as well!
  5. A Great Read – I’ve been following Jessica at A Great Read for a long time as well! I got to meet her at an Apollycon one year and that was so cool! Now it is fun to look at all the collectible book things she gets and again we share a lot of the same YA books that we read. Check her blog out!
  6. It Starts at Midnight – Shannon is another blogger I’ve been following awhile. Again we read a lot of the same books, but it is nice when I can’t get to certain books, I know that I can probably find a review of it on her blog and then know if I want to keep it on my TBR for some day if I get a chance to read it. Go see her blog too!
  7. Shooting Stars Mag – I used to follow Lauren on another blog, but she pretty much is just on Shooting Stars Mag these days. I enjoy not only her book reviews, but also all the fun little extra things she does, like talking about her “local tourist” excursions, or the fun gift guides she shares. If you want some great ideas for all kinds of bookish or just plain fun gifts, checking out Shooting Stars Mag blog!
  8. Du Livre – I also adore Amber over at Du Livre’s reviews and blogging fun. Again we read a lot of the same books so it is fun to hear about those I need to get to. She keeps it real on her blog, and it’s just a great place to stop by and check out!
  9. Book Haven – I love how Greg does his posts. He does reviews, but also shares a lot of art and different type of videos. He searches out covers of older books and it is so much fun. You never know what kind of fun things he will share in his weekly wrap-up posts. If you haven’t, make sure to stop by his blog this week!
  10. KimberlyFaye Reads – Another blog I’ve been reading for awhile. Like me, Kimberly reads a lot of romance, so it is fun to see what we have both read and loved! Check out her blog when you get a chance!

Final Thoughts

So, do you follow any of these bloggers? Do you have any of your favorite bloggers you think I need to add to my list? And honestly, there were so many that I follow and comment on that I had to leave some out here. I tried to pick the ones that I subscribe to through email and read on a weekly basis. Please share your own blog below if you are new to me, or other blogs you suggest. Feel free to join into this awesome challenge supporting bloggers yourself by clicking the link to the host’s post above to see how it all works. You don’t even have to have a blog yourself, you could do the support through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The second task is to find 10 new to you blogs to share and write about. That’s where you guys commenting below can help me out! I’ll be doing a post with this task later this month.

And if you’re new to my blog, I have a few giveaways going on that you should check out.

  • The Looooong and the Short of It with a Giveaway: January 2022 Wrap-Up Post and What to Expect in February – My monthly giveaway!
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