Weekly Wrap-Up #50 – January 16th, 2022

Posted January 16, 2022 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 30 Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up #50 – January 16th, 2022

Once again I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer) and with Stacking the Shelves (hosted by Reading Reality).

The week started off with a pretty normal Monday, both myself and my library assistant got to work in the library all day. But now things are getting crazy with the end of the first semester and then the beginning of the second semester for virtual students. Ugh is about all I can say to that.

Tuesday, oh my gosh! My assistant was gone and of course it was crazy busy in the library! Every hour I had a class or two in the library either working or turning in books and checking out new ones. And of course there were the technology issues to deal with. But I was able to deal with it remembering that I had Wednesday off. I did get a phone call on Tuesday reminding me of my yearly female exam I scheduled last year about this time for Thursday. Of course I had forgotten and since I already took Wednesday off, I had to cancel my appointment. They told me it was going to be a while before I could reschedule, I figured that meant summer, which is always better since school is out. But nope, they couldn’t reschedule me until December!!! Crazy! They said I could always call and try to find another day if one popped up. But since I’m not having any issues, I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll just make sure next year to not forget and ask for the day off.

Then Tuesday night I went with my mom to see the musical Wicked. I’ve wanted to see it forever! My mom got the tickets for us back when it was my birthday in October. It was really good, I enjoyed it! Of course you can’t take pictures during the show, but here are some shots of the stage before it started:

I had taken Wednesday off of school, for one because I knew I wouldn’t get out of the musical till late, didn’t get home till about 11 pm. But also because I had an appointment with a local Heating and Cooling company that I have a warranty/service contract with, to come out and do an electrical check up on my house. Then they called me and said they had too many emergency calls to come out. I told them I had taken a day off work so they said they’d find someone to come out. Also, I had planned before that to take my dogs to the local Go Pet Go store where I get their nails taken care of, it’s way past time, and as I got to the store, found out they are now closed on Wednesdays. So Wednesday ended up not being the best for getting a lot of things done.

Thursday and Friday at school were insane. Because we had 4 secretaries gone, my assistant was pulled all day both days to cover one of them. Now, to be fair, it was the end of our first semester, so mostly I only had the special ed teachers bringing in a few students every hour as they gave them different test taking settings or read the test for them as required. But then the end of the day Friday they scheduled the advisory class to be the last period. Which meant we had TONS of parents decide to check their kids out of school early, which was a mess. Also, teachers let students come to the library and the ones they let come only came because they wanted to sit and talk and goof off with their friend from another class. Now, because we don’t have enough classrooms for all teachers to have a class at the same time, usually there are planning periods and then there are enough classrooms, but because almost every teacher does have an advisory, we have three classes located in the library during that time. So I was not in the mood for loud students with really no supervision other than me. And the kids at this school have a LOT of attitude. Plus I now have to start enrolling the virtual students for second semester. Let’s just say Friday was not fun. I left with a headache. I’d planned to go see the new Scream but cancelled my ticket through the AMC theater app and just stayed home and relaxed.

We got several inches of snow over Friday night into Saturday. Much more than the last little bit that was predicted to be a big storm. So Saturday was a fun day to sleep in and just lounge around the house most of the day with the dogs. Here’s a picture of a view of my back yard from the tiny deck when you first go out the back door:

Books Finished:

The first three were for blog tour reviews or author requested reviews this past week. The last one was the audiobook I finished. I will hopefully be reviewing a couple audiobooks next weekend.

New Books:

Physical books:

None! Yay for me!




The middle one was postponed pub date a little. But both of the first two should be for reviews this coming week. The last one is for an author review team I am on and will be a review in March!

Free E-books:

The last one isn’t my usual type, but I’m bad and kind liked the cover and thought it sounded maybe cute. But it shows as being like 400 pages, so who knows if I’ll ever get to it.

What I’m Watching:

Same as last week. I continued watching The Man in the High Castle, but had a friend tell me that it was going to have very little pay off and now I’m thinking maybe I’ll just either go and do a rewatch of the whole Outlander for the umpteenth time to get ready for when the next season starts at the beginning of March, or maybe rewatch the Stranger Things seasons, because when does that start again?

I have Google Fiber, but unfortunately they are ending their tv service over the next year or so. Different areas at different times. But they offered new faster internet and also ChromeCast devices free so I went ahead and got that set up. I decided to go with YouTube TV to get the live tv I still want. I spent Saturday setting that up on both my tvs. Hoping the new faster internet really is better! So now I’m watching using my YouTube TV. Friday night I did use my Netflix to continue my Outlander rewatch.

Saturday night I did give in and watch a movie a lot of people were talking about. While I know what a lot of people are saying that it is comparing itself to some of the world today, or with past presidents, there was still stuff that isn’t really being done even with new presidents, etc. But it was still interesting to watch! I’m glad that it ended the way it did. Although there was an extra part at the end I didn’t see coming, and I did actually enjoy that as well!

Giveaways to Check Out:

How was your 2nd week of 2022? Did you get any good books? Are you binging any tv series you’d recommend? What are you looking forward to this upcoming week?

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30 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #50 – January 16th, 2022

  1. Wicked is my absolute most favorite musical of all time…well, actually it is tied with American Idiot, but they’re both phenomenal for many reasons. So glad you were able to see it!

    Work seems so hectic, even worse than here! We had all kinds of technology issues this week with the various programs we use. And it is insane to me that the district expects first graders to use the iPads as much as they do. It makes me pretty angry – these little ones need to be off the iPads and in the real world with their peers. I kind of hate it. A lot.

    • Lisa Mandina

      I really enjoyed Wicked! Yeah, it is crazy all the things they expect kids to do with technology today, yet the younger ones really need more of the hands on, devices off time, I agree! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I saw a production of Wicked years ago and it’s such a brilliant show! Love the music too.

    I’ve enjoyed Don’t look up, quite satirical I’d say. As a South African, I can tweet from the peanut gallery I guess!

    My Library classes are starting tomorrow. I have back to back classes between 08:00 – 13:00 – all between Gr R and Gr 3. Yea! I hope…

    Have a good week Lisa!!

    Mareli Thalwitzer recently posted: The Sunday Post #59
    • Lisa Mandina

      I did love the music. Of course I only knew like one song, but now I kind of want to get the soundtrack! I agree that Don’t Look Up was very satirical, and I feel like it did a good job of kind of being satirical of both sides in our country right now, and that’s what I like. Have fun with your library classes back! I wish I got to be a librarian. Although I am actually going to be doing database instruction with students in a week, so that is something normal! Have a good week and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, lots going on at school. Love your snow picture, we have only ice. We’ve not had snow since 2018 so I am really wanting some. We have a chance next weekend, so we’ll see. I like the title Her Quarantined Cowboy and Dating the Duke looks fun! I hope you enjoy all of these. I hope this next week is much better at school. Happy reading!

    Cindy Davis recently posted: Unstuffed
    • Lisa Mandina

      Wow, no snow since 2018? That’s crazy! We don’t get a lot, but usually get a few snow storms a year. It seems like this year it won’t occur when we could have a nice snow day and get a day off school, but I guess that’s okay. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I was thinking of re-watching Stranger Things too. I wish I could get my husband to watch with me. I really think he would like it. I haven’t yet watched Don’t Look Up, but I would like to. I hope the crazy at school eases soon. Transition time always time always does seem to be a busier one than usual, doesn’t it? I am so glad you got to see Wicked! I saw it performed on stage years ago and loved it. Your new books look good! I want to step into the cover of Love on the Lake. So pretty!

    You mentioned in your comment on my blog that you wished you could buy Girl Scout cookies from specific girls from your old school. If you have access to them through their parents or e-mail, they might have a way for you to order online from them directly. Or you can check with your local Girl Scout Council to find out how to order from a specific girl or troop. A bit more work on your part to get them, but it’s possible if you are interested. 🙂

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I have been wanting to see Wicked since it first came out. I had read the book, and of course the musical is so much better as the book is kind of slow. I loved Stranger Things, but rewatching it I’m reminded of a lot of things I forgot about. So I’m glad I restarted it. I hope school slows down as well, but I’m doubting it will. They are also doing major construction in my library over the summer, so at some point I’ve got to start packing all my books up. That will be crazy! I’ll have to reach out to my friends who have kids that sell cookies and see about that! Great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      They actually were right about how much snow for a change. I’m glad it was mostly snow and not a lot of ice. Planning to enjoy my extra long weekend! Thanks for visiting!

  5. I was shocked by how much I loved Wicked! I didn’t think I could ever love a musical as much as I love Les Mis but Wicked came close. It may even be a tie.

    Everyone I know loves Don’t Look Up. And then someone said it left them feeling gutted. So I don’t even know what to think.

    What a crazy work week. I hope this week is better!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I really liked Wicked, I had enjoyed the book, even as slow and kind of dry as it was, so the musical made it a lot better story in my opinion. There was some parts of Don’t Look Up that could be depressing I guess, realizing how true a lot of it is for how society is these days. But it was worth a watch for me. And I like the ending, not Hollywood or HEA perfect. Hoping this shorter week is better for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I’ve wanted to see Wicked since it came out, but had no one to go with! I have since decided I’ll just go see things by myself if I have to. But when I asked my mom to get me a ticket for my birthday, she got one for herself and we went together, which was nice! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. We are just getting the snow now here in Southern Pennsylvania. We’re supposed to get 8-12 inches so we’ll see. I made sure my kindle is charged and that I have a few paperbacks lined up “just in case”. Thanks for stopping by Colletta’s Kitchen Sink!


    • Lisa Mandina

      We didn’t get 8-12 inches! Only about 3-5 here. Which was enough for me. lol. Yep. make sure your Kindle is charged and plenty to read! That’s what I enjoyed this weekend. Thanks for returning the visit!

    • Lisa Mandina

      The stage and sets were all so neat! I loved it! Don’t Look Up was definitely interesting and entertaining to watch! Here’s hoping a three day week with students is less hectic! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Hope you get the snow! Yeah, we were really disappointed last time too. I wanted to see Wicked when it first came out, but just hadn’t ever had the chance. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Wow it’s wild now how out there appts can be. We had our dryer go out and that took forever to get fixed.

    Kids plus attitude sounds like no fun 🙁

    I had youtube TV and there was a really good show on there a bit ago- Impulse (I had to just look it up ha, couldn’t remember).

    Greg recently posted: Song of the Week #118
    • Lisa Mandina

      I know, that’s almost a full year! It’s crazy! Oh well. It’s not for anything urgent, just a yearly check up, so I’m not worried. So far I like the YouTube TV. What I hate is just that when I turn my tv back on it isn’t automatically at where I left it. Oh well, technology these days. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I really enjoyed Wicked! So glad I finally got to see it. At least the dr appt is only a yearly checkup, nothing urgent, so that is good! Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      There was a lot of interesting things in Don’t Look Up. I actually like how it ended! Hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to watch. I’ve also got my fingers crossed for a less hectic week with only 3 days for students. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      If only it was busy with library stuff and not just everyone using it for a big space. Unfortunately there aren’t any books being checked out, so can’t say if there’s any reading. Thanks for stopping by!

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