Weekly Wrap-Up #40

Posted November 7, 2021 by Lisa Mandina in Weekly Wrap Up / 14 Comments

Once again I’ll be linking this up with the Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer) and with Stacking the Shelves (hosted by Reading Reality).

Well, let’s just say there has been no writing done this week. And it has just been a crazy busy week anyway! Not that I can remember half of what happened at this point. Lol. I did have a lot of books to get read for reviews, that was one thing I spent a lot of time doing.

Friday night I went to the movies. Saturday we got to have our annual Gem & Mineral Show for the first time since before the pandemic, and it had been a year or two before that since I’d been. It was nice to go and there were a LOT of vendors there, probably they were glad to be back doing shows again. I went with one of my friends and her mom and another of their friends. The same people I went to the RenFest with a couple weeks ago. Her mom gets to go into the back area where they do the wholesale stuff. While it wasn’t that full, my friend said there wasn’t half of the people that are usually in that section, I did end up buying a ring in the wholesale area. It has three different colors of amber in it. Out in the main section I found a cool ring that was made from the shell of an orange spiny oyster and laced with lab created orange opal. Now anyone who knows me, knows that orange is my favorite color. So even though the opal was lab created, I had to get it. I also had to take a picture of the orange spiny oyster they had to prove it was a real thing!

Oh yeah, I mentioned last week that I’d bought a new vacuum, but that it was back-ordered till December? Well I got a text this week and I should be able to pick it up this Sunday. Then this coming Thursday will get my new washing machine delivered. And I think I’ll mow now hopefully for the last time on Sunday as well. It is supposed to be about 70 degrees this afternoon, so warm enough to mow and not have to bundle up to do it. But my front yard does need it.

And I think I’m going to work on decorating for Christmas this week. Not much inside until after the washer is delivered though.

Books finished:

So as you can see, I had to read/finish all of the first 5 this week for blog tours! That’s why I was so busy this week. Finishing books! The audiobook, was one that I’d thought I was on the author’s blog team, but turned out I wasn’t. I had been on an audiobook review team for her, but they had quit doing that about a year ago and I didn’t realize it. Oh well. I spent an Audible credit on it. You can read my reviews of the first 5 books from any post this past week. The audiobook review might be a little while before I get it posted. The last book was also for a blog tour review, but that one will be later this week.

New Books:

Physical books:

I had to order this anthology from The Bookworm Box. For one thing the proceeds go to charity. For another it has a lot of stories from a lot of authors I like it in! It was a big surprise to open the box and see all the cool goodies that had been packed in with it! A couple free book downloads, some bookmarks, a sticker and even an earring and necklace set!

The first one is my Book of the Month choice. I’m thinking I need to cancel that subscription, because I’ve actually only read one of the books I’ve ordered in the year and a half that I’ve subscribed. The second one is one I read and loved, and I must own all of the Green Valley Public Library series in physical copies for my bookshelves.

This was a surprise from the publisher that arrived on Saturday. I haven’t read it yet, but I did want to, so now I’ll have to see if I can fit it in!


This was another book that I thought I was on the author’s review team and found out I wasn’t. So I waited for the audiobook and used my November Audible credit to get it. I’ll probably be starting it this week!


Only two this week.

Free e-books:

Lots of free books. I think most of them were either for signing up for authors’ newsletters through other authors’ newsletters. One or two were maybe ads I saw on Facebook. Oh, A Year of Love was from one of the authors in the anthology, because I’m on their review team, but it is now available to anyone for free!

What I’m Watching:

I did go to the movies Friday night. Wasn’t sure if I’d go see Dune, which I’ve never read, Antlers, which was more what I’d want to watch in October before Halloween, or what I finally decided to go see, and I enjoyed, The Eternals.

Giveaways to checkout:

How was your week? Did you get any good books? Are you binging any tv series you’d recommend?

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14 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #40

  1. The rings are beautiful! Sounds like a fun event. I know I would ignore BOTM if I subscribed, that’s why I don’t. I loved Cuban Girl’s Guide. I hope you enjoy it too!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Yeah, I have got to cancel it. Now that I got what I paid for this month. Hope I can read that one soon! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      LOL! Day reading. It’s kind of like day drinking because it can take you out of this world. lol I got a Nintendo Switch back when the pandemic started in 2020 and for a while my reading was being slowed down thanks to Animal Crossing. I haven’t played in a while though. Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I thought he was adorable! I kind of wish I’d bought the other one they had for my friend, and thought about going back today to do that, but I just had too many other things to do. Yeah, my neighbors need to mow, they haven’t mowed since September I think. I was going to just not do it, but am hoping this is the last time. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. SJ

    That dinosaur is too cute. The rings are lovely and the spiny orange oyster thing is really cool looking. I would have gotten it just for that too. Hope you have a great week.

    • Lisa Mandina

      The orange being my favorite color is what grabbed my attention, but then the oyster thing really got my attention. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      Oh no! That’s too bad about the Keanu Reeves book. The sad thing is I don’t even know when I’m going to get to it. Which reminds me I need to hurry up and cancel my Book of the Month Club subscription. They make it so you have to call to do it, can’t just do it online, so that is why I keep forgetting.

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