Lisa’s Looking Forward To #77 – September 8th, 2020

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Once again I’ll be joining up with the Can’t Wait Wednesday posts hosted by Wishful Endings.  And the week of this month has a TON of new titles just like last week, so hold onto your hats, because here we go!

From my ARC list for September 8th, 2020:

Sounds like a really cute contemporary, just perfect for the climate these days, and I’m also very intrigued about what his dog walking scheme is.

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Henri “Halti” Haltiwanger can charm just about anyone. He is a star debater and popular student at the prestigious FATE academy, the dutiful first-generation Haitian son, and the trusted dog walker for his wealthy New York City neighbors. But his easy smiles mask a burning ambition to attend his dream college, Columbia University.

There is only one person who seems immune to Henri’s charms: his “intense” classmate and neighbor Corinne Troy. When she uncovers Henri’s less-than-honest dog-walking scheme, she blackmails him into helping her change her image at school. Henri agrees, seeing a potential upside for himself.

Soon what started as a mutual hustle turns into something more surprising than either of them ever bargained for. . . .

This is a sharply funny and insightful novel about the countless hustles we have to keep from doing the hardest thing: being ourselves.

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

I really think this one sounds like there is a lot going on in the story. And an election read during an election year is perfect!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Two exes. One election. All the drama.

For fans of Becky Albertalli and Morgan Matson comes a funny, hearfelt novel about fueding exes running for class president and the scandal that makes the previously boring school election the newest trending hashtag.

At Acedia High School outside of Boston, student council has always been nothing more than a popularity contest. Nobody pays attention. Nobody cares.

But all that changes when the Frankengirls show up. During the very first week of school, someone plasters the halls with Photoshopped images of three “perfect tens”–images of scantily clad girls made from real photos of girls at school. The student body is livid. And the two presidential candidates, Angeline Quinn and Leo Torres, jump on the opportunity to propose their solutions and secure votes. After their messy break up, Leo and Angie are fighting tooth and nail to win this thing and their constituents are mesmerized as they duke it out.

As if things couldn’t be more dramatic, the school’s two newspapers get involved. The Red & Blue is run by Angie’s sister Cat and she prides herself on only reporting the facts. But her morals are tested when The Shrieking Violet–written by an anonymous source and based less on facts and more on fiction–blatantly endorses Leo. Rumors fly, secrets are leaked, and the previously mundane student election becomes anything but boring.

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

Even though I personally am not much for cooking myself, I do enjoy a good chef romance, and this one is going to be in Scotland, and as an Outlander fan and with one of my sisters living there now, I just couldn’t help myself at wanting to read this one.

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Susan Napier’s family once lived on the success of the high-end restaurants founded by her late grandfather. But bad luck and worse management has brought the business to the edge of financial ruin. Now it’s up to Susan to save the last remaining restaurant: Elliot’s, the flagship in Edinburgh.

But what awaits Susan in the charming city of Auld Reekie is more than she bargained for. Chris Baker, her grandfather’s former protégé–and her ex-boyfriend–is also heading to the Scottish capital. After finding fame in New York as a chef and judge of a popular TV cooking competition, Chris is returning to his native Scotland to open his own restaurant. Although the storms have cleared after their intense and rocky breakup, Susan and Chris are re-drawn into each other’s orbit–and their simmering attraction inevitably boils over.

As Chris’s restaurant opens to great acclaim and Susan tries to haul Elliot’s back from the brink, the future brims with new promise. But darkness looms as they find themselves in the crosshairs of a gossip blogger eager for a juicy story–and willing to do anything to get it. Can Susan and Chris reclaim their lost love, or will the tangled past ruin their last hope for happiness?

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

Okay, so the author is the first thing that drew me in. I normally want/need anything by Tessa Gratton. But I knew with my current lack of attention for fantasy types of books, I probably wouldn’t be able to get into this one and so I didn’t request it. I know I’ll have to read it some day though!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

An orphan girl must face untold danger and an ancient evil to save her kingdom’s prince in this lush, romantic fantasy perfect for fans of Girls of Paper and Fire and Tess of the Road.

How can you live without your heart?

In the vast palace of the empress lives an orphan girl called Nothing. She slips within the shadows of the Court, unseen except by the Great Demon of the palace and her true friend, Prince Kirin, heir to the throne. When Kirin is kidnapped, only Nothing and the prince’s bodyguard suspect that Kirin may have been taken by the Sorceress Who Eats Girls, a powerful woman who has plagued the land for decades. The sorceress has never bothered with boys before, but Nothing has uncovered many secrets in her sixteen years in the palace, including a few about the prince.

As the empress’s army searches fruitlessly, Nothing and the bodyguard set out on a rescue mission, through demon-filled rain forests and past crossroads guarded by spirits. Their journey takes them to the gates of the Fifth Mountain, where the sorceress wields her power. There, Nothing will discover that all magic is a bargain, and she may be more powerful than she ever imagined. But the price the Sorceress demands for Kirin may very well cost Nothing her heart.

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

Now this is a beautiful cover, of course it grabbed me right away!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

Anyone can ask the Red Court for a favor…but every request comes at a cost. And once the deed is done, you’re forever in their debt.

Whenever something scandalous happens at Heller High, the Red Court is the name on everyone’s lips. Its members–the most elite female students in the school–deal out social ruin and favors in equal measure, their true identities a secret known only to their ruthless leader: the Queen of Hearts.

Sixteen-year-old Ember Williams has seen firsthand the damage the Red Court can do. Two years ago, they caused the accident that left her older sister paralyzed. Now, Ember is determined to hold them accountable…by taking the Red Court down from the inside.

But crossing enemy lines will mean crossing moral boundaries, too–ones Ember may never be able to come back from. She always knew taking on the Red Court would come at a price, but will the cost of revenge be more than she’s willing to sacrifice?

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

I guess this is an author who has done other books about famous people like this, but Marilyn Monroe seems like a different type of person and I want to read it!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

In a novel in verse, an award-winning author offers an eye-opening look at the life of Marilyn Monroe.

From the day she was born into a troubled home to her reigning days as a Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe (née Norma Jeane Mortenson) lived a life that was often defined by others. Revisiting Marilyn’s often traumatic early life–foster homes, loneliness, sexual abuse, teen marriage–through a hard-won, meteoric rise to stardom that brought with it exploitation, pill dependency, and depression, the narrative continues through Marilyn’s famous performance at JFK’s birthday party, three months before her death.

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

This fictional in verse story about the Donner Party definitely caught my attention!

Here is the blurb from Goodreads:

In powerful, vivid verse, the master behind The Watch That Ends the Night recounts one of history’s most harrowing–and chilling–tales of survival.

In 1846, a group of emigrants bound for California face a choice: continue on their planned route or take a shortcut into the wilderness. Eighty-nine of them opt for the untested trail, a decision that plunges them into danger and desperation and, finally, the unthinkable. From extraordinary poet and novelist Allan Wolf comes a riveting retelling of the ill-fated journey of the Donner party across the Sierra Nevadas during the winter of 1846-1847. Brilliantly narrated by multiple voices, including world-weary, taunting, and all-knowing Hunger itself, this novel-in-verse examines a notorious chapter in history from various perspectives, among them caravan leaders George Donner and James Reed, Donner’s scholarly wife, two Miwok Indian guides, the Reed children, a sixteen-year-old orphan, and even a pair of oxen. Comprehensive back matter includes an author’s note, select character biographies, statistics, a time line of events, and more. Unprecedented in its detail and sweep, this haunting epic raises stirring questions about moral ambiguity, hope and resilience, and hunger of all kinds. 

Sound good? Add to Goodreads HERE.

Final Thoughts:

So I thought I had 11 like last week, but when I went to post some of them, three had already come out, and one had been postponed till January. So I ended up only have 7 to share this week. Are any of these on your TBR, or have you already read them? If so, which do you recommend? Leave me a link to your post in your comment and I’ll be sure to return the visit!

I’m continuing celebrating my 11th blogoversary a little bit longer this month with a giveaway HERE.

Also, while you’re here, make sure to go enter my monthly giveaway HERE.

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20 responses to “Lisa’s Looking Forward To #77 – September 8th, 2020

  1. These are all new to me. I love the sound of Charming As a Verb! I am not much for cooking either, but, I agree, All Stirred Up sounds fun. And like you, I like that Scotland setting. I am definitely adding These Vengeful Hearts to my wish list as well. I hope you get a chance to read some, if not all, of these, Lisa. Have a great week. Happy Reading!

  2. I loved Charming as a Verb so much. Philippe creates some fantastic characters, and I enjoyed being on this journey with Henri. I thought All Stirred Up was cute and fun and I liked the family angle. Seems I am in the minority opinion on that book, though. I want to read that Goldstein book. It sounds so fun! Hope they are all hits.

    • Lisa Mandina

      So glad to hear Charming as a Verb is good. Hmm, I’ll still probably give All Stirred Up a try if I ever get my hands on it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It does, doesn’t it! I can’t wait for that one. Definitely buying for my school library, and then I’ll be reading it! Thanks for visiting!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I haven’t really read much about the Donner Party, so I’m intrigued with this one, hopefully the poetry part doesn’t make it harder for me, because I don’t always enjoy those. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Charming as a Verb has the cutest cover. I’m not a big fan of contemporary romance books these days, but it does sound super cute. Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for visiting Shell’s Stories!

    • Lisa Mandina

      It’s so funny how our tastes change! I actually am having more success reading contemporary romance in these crazy times than reading the fantasy and dystopian I used to devour. Thanks so much for returning the visit!

    • Lisa Mandina

      I read Outlander and enjoyed it, and am in the middle of the second one, but I’ve watched all the seasons, so having trouble continuing to read I guess. The books are definitely worth it, and once I pick it up I get sucked in. Although this second book in the Outlander series isn’t as fast as the first one. But probably because the second season was like that?

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