Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks

Posted November 12, 2019 by Lisa Mandina in / 32 Comments

Top 10 Tuesday is now sponsored by The Artsy Reader Girl.  It’s been over a year I think since I’ve done one, but once again this will tie in perfectly to my Blog Ahead Challenge that I did in October to get my November posts done ahead if I can so I can have lots of time to write for NaNoWriMo this year. 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably have seen me mention that I am one of those people who does what makes some of you cringe, I dog-ear pages.  But the weird thing is that I love bookmarks, so I guess I am just a collector really.  It’s hard not to collect them working at a bookstore and seeing all the cool ones out there.  Since I have so many, I’ve chosen to gather some together for a few of the choices.  Honestly, other than the first one below, these aren’t necessarily in any order.


This is probably my favorite bookmark, and it has actually been used. I don’t remember who I got it from, but it was a librarian who mailed it to me shortly after I went back to school to work on my Master’s Degree in Library Science.  I love the tv show BTVS, and so of course loved these bookmarks.  Now, I know this is an ALA bookmark, and at one time there was a poster that went with this.  If I could find the poster I’d be in hog heaven.


This one I received one of the two times I did Weight Watchers and was really successful after I lost my first 5 pounds.  I have actually used it as well.


Some of the first bookmarks I bought while working at the bookstore, these Twilight bookmarks have been used by me.


I also love bookmarks as souvenirs.  The Egyptian one was actually brought home to me from Egypt by my stepdad when he used to travel there for work.  The one on the bottom my friend brought me back from Hawaii.  The metal one I bought for myself a couple summers ago in Albuquerque.


I adore these Harry Potter bookmarks we sell at my store, and I keep buying them even though I don’t use them.


I like these clip bookmarks, but again, don’t use them.  I don’t own all of them, have to keep stopping myself from buying every new set that comes out.  I mean especially since it seems there is one for Harry in every set.


I adore bookmarks that are funny reading quotes or jokes like these.  I know I have more somewhere, but this is all I could find in time to take this picture.


Of course I had to buy all the bookmarks that were for The Big Bang Theory.


I love bookmarks from bookish events I’ve been to.


I also love to get signed bookmarks by authors that I meet.  Again, I know I have more, I just can’t seem to find them for this picture. 

What are your favorite types of bookmarks?

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32 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks

  1. Jen

    So my favorite book mark is from the Exploratorium and I got it on my 6th grade field trip. It's like a 3d hologram of white and silver and I just love it so much lol. The "that's my spot" bookmark you have is AMAZING! I love it so much!
    Jen @ Star-Crossed Book Blog

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