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Design by Samantha Young

 The sexy and
emotional companion novella to the
York Times 
romance HERO.

 Nadia Ray is not just a broadcast meteorologist. She’s Boston’s
morning television It Girl. Successful and independent, she’s put a past she’s
ashamed of behind her and is forging a future she can be proud of. However,
when her new boss discovers her secret he blackmails her, intent on using
Nadia’s popularity to make them the number one morning show in Massachusetts.
He wants her to be part of uncovering the city’s biggest scandal – a secret
billionaire Caine Carraway is hiding.

Nadia is thrown into the path of Caine’s best friend: sexy, wealthy bachelor
Henry Lexington. But she doesn’t encounter the dashing high society gentleman
Henry is purported to be. Instead she’s faced with an insulting and defensive
villain who misjudges her at every turn.

Henry finally realizes the truth, and decides to make amends, Nadia wants
nothing to do with him. But she underestimates his determination and charm and
soon they find themselves embroiled in an intense, passionate affair.

affair Nadia knows must come to an end before their feelings grow any deeper
and he discovers her secrets.

all, Henry Lexington isn’t the only one who played the part of a villain once…

Out December 5th in digital edition.


AMAZON US – http://amzn.to/2giFLfF 
AMAZON UK – http://amzn.to/2yxhpZz

KOBO US – http://bit.ly/2i1siJr

KOBO UK – http://bit.ly/2yQpdGp

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Maybe he really did feel bad for the way he’d treated me.
Yeah, maybe he did.
But did that change anything?
He’d still treated me poorly and who was to say he wouldn’t again?
Just because people felt awful for doing something didn’t mean they
wouldn’t repeat the crime.
The real problem was my attraction to him.
I could admit it.
I was attracted to the son of a bitch.
There was something deeply wrong with me that I could be attracted to a
man I didn’t even like.
Turned out that lunch with my colleagues was a terrible distraction
idea. Because Henry was dining at The Bristol Lounge with none other than Caine
“Maybe we should go somewhere else,” I said as we stood in the lobby
outside the restaurant. Henry hadn’t spotted us yet.
Barbara frowned. “This is your favorite place. You love the Bristol
I did love the Bristol Burger.
And for the first time in weeks, I was hungry.
No man was chasing me away from my goddamn burger.
“You’re right.” I nodded, sounding more assured than I actually felt.
“But I’ll walk on your left side.”
My friend eyed me in confusion as I huddled at her side, trying to hide
behind her as the host led us up the few stairs onto the main floor of the
restaurant and right past Henry and Carraway’s table near the bar area, to a
larger table at the back of the restaurant. As far as I could tell, he hadn’t
spotted me and there were now pillars between us that I could hide behind.
Relieved, I slid into my chair beside Barbara.
“Drinks?” the waiter asked.
We’d finished giving him our orders when the sight of Henry Lexington
walking into view around one of those aforementioned pillars and toward our
table made my pulse skitter.
He gave me a soft smile as if we hadn’t been enemies up until
twenty-four hours ago. “Miss Ray, what a pleasant surprise.” That soft smile
grew into a roguish grin. “Are you stalking me?”
I arched an eyebrow, wondering what the hell kind of game he was playing
now. “A burger. I’m stalking a burger.”
“The burgers are very good here.”
“Mr. Lexington,” Barbara said beside me, sounding delighted to see him,
and awfully familiar. “What a pleasure to see you.”
“You too, Barbara. And please, I’ve told you before—smart, beautiful
women should call me Henry.”
I didn’t know what to do first: be surprised they knew each other or gag
at his flirting with her.
“You know each other?”
“I know everyone worth knowing.” He winked at Barbara and she tittered
like a schoolgirl.
Dear God.
And then I was the focus of his attention. He leaned against Andrew’s
chair who was, as always, oblivious to anything but himself. “So this burger …
will it put you in a good mood?”
“Excuse me?”
Those blue eyes were too intense, much too intense. “A good enough mood
to agree to have lunch with me tomorrow?”
I was going to kill him.
How dare he put me on the spot in front of my colleagues, in front of
Barbara! What? Did he think I’d be civil to him because we had an audience? I
scowled. “No.”
“Are you seeing someone?” he persisted.
“No, she’s not,” Barbara interjected, giving me an “Are you crazy?”
look. “And yes, she’s free for lunch tomorrow. You can pick her up from the
station at one.”
“Fantastic.” Henry gave her a grateful, gorgeous smile before turning it
on me. “See you tomorrow.”
He was gone before I could even get past the shock that had
sealed my lips.
About the Author:

Samantha Young is the New York Times,  USA
 and Wall Street
 bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including
the On Dublin Street series
and Hero, as well as the New
Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows.  Every Little Thing, the second book in
her new Hart’s Boardwalk series,
will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary
fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including
the amazon bestselling Tale of
 trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us was
published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook & hardback June 2017. Play On is an adult contemporary
romance and the first in a brand new series set in Scotland. Villain is a
companion novella to
the New York Times bestselling romance HERO.
has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and
Best Romance for On Dublin Street,
Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica
, and Best Romance 2015 for HeroOn Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller
in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers
Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before
Jamaica Lane
 the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers
Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the
LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015.
Samantha is
currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling

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